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Planning a wedding can be daunting, to say the least. Fear not: Hitched is here to help guide brides-to-be through the process.

The boutique and salon is the brainchild of Carin Rosenberg Levine and Julia Lichtman Kepniss, two 30-year-old Washington-area natives who have been friends since the seventh grade. They became business partners after recent experiences planning their own weddings.

"Today's brides are very savvy," says Kepniss. "They don't want the same things as everyone else."

Accordingly, distinctive options abound at Hitched. You can shop for your dress, veil and accessories (whether you're a simple, chiffon sheath kind of girl or have always dreamed of a Cinderella gown). You can also pick out bridesmaid dresses, order invitations, get vendor referrals and even grab a hostess gift or two on your way out.

Such convenience doesn't come cheap: The gowns, created by designers such as Ulla-Maija, Richard Glasgow and Elizabeth Fillmore, start at $2,000. Still, if personalized service is what you're after, you're likely to be pleased. "We're scrappy and creative and we love a challenge," says Levine. "We'll figure out how to make it happen for you."

Terri Sapienza (Dec. 2005)