Kellogg Collection

(Cleveland Park)
Cleveland Park (Red Line)

Editorial Review

Surrounded by inviting "sitting areas" of overstuffed chairs, love seats and subtle lighting, it's tempting to make yourself at home in this warm and charming showcase of English traditional furnishings.

Decorative pieces – clocks, boxes, silk plants, pillows, etc. – are charmingly displayed. Throws are abandoned on chairs as though someone just left this pleasant nook to answer the door or get the mail. Books – including "Living With Dogs" as well as "The City Garden" and "Family House by the Sea" – are found in magazine racks, as well as on tables and chairs. (It just could be that the chairs are filled with treasures to tone down their hard-to-resist "make yourself comfortable" call.)

A wonderful selection of end table lamps, rugs and objets d' art vies for your attention. And, in every case, simplicity wins. The lesson to be learned here: Less is more if it's exquisite. A chair, a table, a lamp equal a room.

Find that modestly priced gift as well: scented candles ($15) from designer Charlotte Moss come in an attractive box suitable for saving; attractive, versatile brass floral bookends ($28); a magnifying glass ($40), with a brass "tassle" at the end of its wooden handle, is decorative, fun and practical for a getting-up-there birthday.

– Victoria Lemley