Legendary Beast


Editorial Review

I've always had a fetish for pre-World War jewelry,"says owner Anne Fox, 54. "I wanted the stuff to be so gorgeous, so unusual, that you just had to have it. And if I had to be in here all day, it needed to be pretty."

The shop and its wares are pretty indeed. The one-room space is packed with exotic cuff links, chunky pendants and strands of vibrantly colored beads. There's a slightly mystical element, too, thanks to sphinx statues, handmade altars and a holy-water thrower used during Catholic ceremonies.

"The store definitely has a spiritual spin," Fox says. Nestled amid such trendy destinations as Shoefly and Nana, the jewelry haven stands out for more than just its vintage glitter. The name Legendary Beast, with its dramatic Dungeons & Dragons overtones, feels unusual in a city full of shops bearing chicly monosyllabic monikers.

Where did it come from? "I have a lot of repeat customers from my vintage clothing days, and they said everything I came up with sounded like a Fleetwood Mac song," Fox says. "So one day, I just shouted out, 'What about "Legendary Beast"?' And after that, they wouldn't stand for anything else."

-- Holly E. Thomas (March 2008)