Penzeys Spices


Editorial Review

Yes, it’s a national chain, and you can also find it in Rockville, but as a food lover, it’s hard not to get excited by this emporium of whole and ground spices. With jars full of vanilla-infused sugar, house blends of pork chop spice, fenugreek and dried chiles of all kinds — Penzeys goes far beyond the grocery store spice aisle. It’s also a surprising gift location. One corner of the store is filled with a large selection of gift boxes, from specialties such as grilling spices to large boxes designed to serve as the foundation for a spice cabinet.

Reader Reviews

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Wonderful place to find common and rare spices. Great from salt free to spicy items. Just to step in and sniff but then you almost have to buy. Parking is right there through an arch by the shop. Well worth the trip.