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Ruff & Ready Furnishings

Please note: Ruff & Ready Furnishings is no longer a part of the Going Out Guide.

Editorial Review

"This is a classic, old-fashioned 'junque' store that sells good, usable furniture," says owner Bill Troy, who unearths the majority of his pre-1950s finds from estates and at Sloan and Weschler auctions. The 5,000-square-foot space, divided into two areas
by an outdoor space filled with wrought-iron tables, glass blocks now popular for room dividers, planters and various other garden furniture and accessories, is packed to the rafters.

Smaller, less expensive items like glass decanters, odd pieces of china, a pair of genie lamps ($97), a silver-plate tray ($27) and a marble statue of Napoleon ($287) are chockablock in the front. In the back, finds include a telephone booth ($357) that Troy speculates came from Evans Farm Inn, an Edwardian walnut sofa table ($457), a brass fire screen ($257) and a stencil-decorated armoire ($757).

No, it's not your imagination that all prices end with the number seven. The first owners of the store started pricing everything that way in 1979. Troy, who's the third owner, doesn't know why, but he decided to continue the tradition.

No refinishing here. As the name says, everything is ruff and ready. But Troy gives referrals for upholstery and electrical work.
-- Janet Bennett