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Sherman Pickey


Editorial Review

No, there's no actual Sherman Pickey; the name is a composite of one owner's dog's name and another owner's cat's name. Still, it's an attention getter and customers are all eager to know how the store got the name. The three owners, who met when they worked together at the Ralph Lauren store on M Street , decided that there was a gap in retail that they could fill. Several years later they have, by stocking their store with brands that their customers want. "We identified a need," says Ethan Drath. Happy customers are now snapping up their Barbour coats, Bill's Khakis and Lacoste shirts.

"Authentically preppy" is the way to characterize this store, formerly occupied by Mint Juleps. How else to describe a clothing store for men and women, which actually carries a pair of red corduroy pants for men with black labradors embroidered on them?