Trover Shop - Pennsylvania Avenue

Please note: Trover Shop - Pennsylvania Avenue is no longer a part of the Going Out Guide.

Editorial Review

The Trover Shop on Capitol Hill represents what bookstores used to be before they got "Borders-ized" and "Barnes & Nobled." In other words, it's a 41-year-old quaint, medium-sized independent with a respectable collection of books, particularly in the politics genre.

Trover has two floors: On the first you'll find a discount table, politics and government texts, a sizable periodicals section ('zines like Foreign Policy and National Journal are, naturally, prominently placed on the racks) and a smallish mix of children's books. This place isn't for kids, after all; it's populated by Hill staffers who are taking a lunch break or seeking a birthday gift for their chief of staff. Trover knows its customers, and that's why you'll easily spot such titles as Joe Klein's "The Running Mate" and "State of a Union: Inside the Complex Marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton."

Head downstairs to the basement and you'll find travel books (including many guides to Washington, D.C.), fiction, history and more. There's even a good selection of office supplies, just in case you need a stapler or some envelopes with your reading material. Just a few doors away, at 227 Pennsylvania Ave., you can shop strictly for greeting cards and gifts at another Trover Shop.

-- Jen Chaney