Atlas Performing Arts Center

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Atlas Performing Arts Center

Aaron Diehl Trio

At the Lang Theatre.
2/12 - 2/13

Potomac Fever and Rock Creek Singers

The vocal ensembles present "The Way We Were," a program of their favorite songs.
2/10 - 2/14

I Shall Not Hate

Palestinian actor Gasan Abas stars in an production about a Gaza fertility doctor who becomes an unlikely hero. Performed in Hebrew and Arabic, this Mosaic Theater Company of DC presentation is staged by Israeli director Shay Pitovsky.

The Prescient Conscience of Eric Bentley: The SCOTUS Marriage Decision (2015) and Lord Alfred's Lover (1978)

The Conscience Drama Directive weaves portions of Eric Bentley's dramatic work with the last year's SCOTUS ruling.
2/26 - 2/27

Aaron Reeder: IMAGE - Life in the comics

A young boy from Baltimore bonds with a fictional comic book character.
2/26 - 2/27

Annalisa Dias: Servant of the Wind

Inspired by time spent in southern India, Annalisa Dias examines, among other themes, the storytelling styles from the United States and India.
2/26 - 2/27

The Rude Mechanicals: Antigone Reflected

An adaptation of the classic Greek drama "Antigone" inspired by the recent riots in Baltimore.
2/26 - 2/27

Zip Zap Circus USA & Airborne DC!: Reaching the High Notes

Aerialists, modern dancers and musicians perform together as part of the Intersections festival. At the Lang Theatre.

Alice Howes: The Jury

Artists portray the attorneys, witnesses and defendants of a murder trial. The audience gets to decide who is guilty or not guilty. At the Lab Theatre II.

Matthew Burtner and Rita Dove

The musician and poet present "The Ceiling Floats Away," a concert featuring chamber music, vocals, poetry, computer-generated sound and cell phone-operated audience interaction audio-visual software called Nomads. Part of the Atlas Intersections Festival 2016.

Opera on Tap: We got 99 problems but a pitch ain't one

Part of the Atlas Intersections Festival 2016, this concert showcases contemporary and classical opera as well as opera improv.
2/27 - 2/28

Meeting Bessie Bluefeld: Immigrant, Feminist, Entrepreneur

Terry Nicholetti portrays the Jewish woman who earned prominence as a caterer.
2/27 - 2/28

Sepia Works / Marjuan Canady: Girls! Girls? Girls.

Marjuan Canady transforms herself into ten diverse characters in this one-woman play.

Body Language: Image and Imagery

Artists Goldie Patrick and Dave McDuffie explore body language through music, photography and spoken word.

Story District: Mind Over Matter: True Stories about Living with Mental Illness

Actors tell real-life stories from individuals living with a mental illness, loving someone with a mental illness or working in the mental health field.

Washington Balalaika Society

The ensemble presents "From Russia with Love: The Art of the Russian Folk Orchestra" as part of the Atlas Intersections Festival 2016.
3/4 - 3/5

Eamon Boylan & Company: Juvenilia

Juvenilia tells the story of two bodies born on opposite sides of a vanity mirror. As they grow up, unwelcome forces who try to mold their sense of being. Only together can they confront the challenges life brings them.
3/4 - 3/5

Restoration Stage Inc: Veils

A six-women show that examines how women's lives were affected by the Civil Rights and Black Lives Matter movements. A post-show discussion follows the performance.
2/27 - 3/5

Shakespeare for The Young: Midsummer Magic

A version of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream adapted for children that incorporates puppets. For age 8 and younger.

Arena Stage's Voices of Now Program: Arena Stage's Voices of Now Mead and Mentor ensembles

Two original, autobiographical devised plays-in-progress presenting the true stories of youth from the D.C. Metro and the questions that those artists have about their communities. Featuring Arena Stages Mead and Mentor ensembles from the Voices of Now program festival.

City at Peace: Live

An eclectic group of young people discuss their experiences with racism, sexism, conflict, classism and other systems of oppression through text, movement and music.

FRESHH Inc: My Mic Sounds Nice

Pioneering female rappers Salt-n-Pepa inspire the young women in the Griot Girls to travel through time and learn about the various voices of women throughout the African Diaspora. Show features poetry, dance, rap and music.

Phonic Wrinkle

The chamber ensemble presents "Vintage Divergence" as part of the Atlas Intersections Festival 2016.
3/5 - 3/6

Ten Principles

Autobiographical tales from local attendees of the annual Burning Man festival.
3/5 - 3/12

Space Bop

For babies and toddlers, a multisensory, nonverbal style performance by Art on the Horizon.
4/2 - 4/9

Josephine/After Life

Urbanarias presents a double bill featuring the world premiere of composer Tom Cipullo's opera about Josephine Baker and a second work in which the spirits of Gertrude Stein and Pablo Picasso argue about their actions during World War II.
3/24 - 4/17

After the War

A world-famous concert pianist and Israeli expatriate returns to Tel Aviv following an 18-year absence to perform with the Israeli Philharmonic. Performed by the Mosaic Theater Company of DC.
4/23 - 5/1

Cosi Fan Tutte Goes Hollywood

The In Series presents Nick Olcott's comedic reimagining of Mozart/DaPonte's work, which follows two sisters from Sandusky, Ohio as they move to Hollywood with their fiances, a vaudeville act. At the Lang Theatre.

Great Noise Ensemble

The GNE performs Michael Gordon's "Van Gogh," an opera created based on letters between the artist and his brother Theo.

Sirius Quartet

The string quartet performs its blend of classical, rock, jazz and world music.
5/15 - 6/12

Mosaic Theater Company of DC: When January Feels Like Summer

Cori Thomas's romantic comedy centered on intersecting lives of various Harlem residents.
6/18 - 6/26

Beethoven's Fidelio

The In Series performs Nick Olcott's English adaptation of Beethoven's only opera. At the Lang Theatre.

Editorial Review

The center includes a studio for Joy of Motion Dance Center and serves as the home of African Continuum Theatre, a professional black theater company. Atlas Arts Partners will offer classes in dance, acting, music and creative writing. Small-scale productions in the lab theaters are planned to complement major offerings in the larger theaters.