Atlas Performing Arts Center

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Atlas Performing Arts Center
10/9 - 10/10

As One

UrbanArias one act opera follows a transgender woman as she forms her identity and place in the world.
Through 10/10

Lady Lay

Scena Theatre presents Lydia Stryk's play about a German woman living in 1980s Berlin whose life is changed after she discovers Bob Dylan's music. Part of the Women's Voices Theatre Festival. At the Lab Theatre II.
Through 10/12

Stay Awake

Anything becomes possible for a child and her dog when they stay awake beyond bedtime. Best for ages 2 to 4.

Capital City Symphony

The group performs "An American Tale" with the premiere of Charlie Barnett's Mid-Century Mambo as well as works by Aaron Copland and Leonard Bernstein. At the Lang Theatre.
10/30 - 11/1

Fall Festival of South Asian Arts

The Dakshina/Daniel Phoenix Singh Dance Company hosts its 12th annual festival with performances by local Indian dance schools, followed by performances by C.V. Chandrasekhar, Mallika Sarabhai,Prashant Shah and Arushi Mudgal.
11/6 - 11/7

The Voice of Anne Frank

Words from Anne Frank's diary are performed through dance, music and spoken word by Czech dancer Miřenka Čechova.

Gay Men's Chorus of Washington

The chorus performs works by Sondheim, Sinatra and Streisand.
11/11 - 11/15

Arts on the Horizon: Point A to Point B

In this nonverbal production, two workers must get creative to solve a puzzle about a moving ball. Best for ages 2 to 5.

Capital City Symphony

The family-friendly program includes Bruce Adolphe's "Three Pieces for Kids and Chamber Orchestra." An instrument petting zoo will occur before and after the show.
10/29 - 11/29

Unexplored Interior (or This Is Rwanda: the Beginning and End of the Earth)

The Mosaic Theater Company of DC presents the premiere of Jay O. Sanders's play about an African NYU film student who returns to Rwanda to learn more about the horrors that ripped his family apart. At the Lang Theatre.

Joy Of Motion Dance Center: Fall Youth Co. Concert

A free concert to showcasing child performers in kindergarten through 5th grade.
12/12 - 12/20

Snow Day

A child enjoys her first snow day in this production by Arts on the Horizon. Best for ages 2 to 6.
12/9 - 1/3/16

The Gospel of Lovingkindness

Mosaic Theater Company of DC's chamber production tells the story of a 17-year-old from Chicago who is killed for his sneakers three weeks after singing for President Obama at the White House. At the Lab Theatre II.

B-FLY Backstage: Poetry

Poets share and discuss their works.
1/21/16 - 1/24/16


Claire Parsons Company presents an interactive show that exercises kids' senses. Best for ages 2 to 6.
1/6/16 - 1/24/16

Wrestling Jerusalem

Writer Aaron Davidman performs in the Mosaic Theater Company of DC's production of his story about a man struggling with the personal and historical complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. At the Lang Theatre.

Neil Rolnick

The composer is joined by keyboardist Kathleen Supove and cellist Ashley Bathgate.
2/5/16 - 2/7/16

Carmen in Havana

A collaboration with The Washington Ballet's Studio Company featuring scenes from Bizet's "Carmen" and Lecuona's "Maria la O.". At the Lang Theatre.
2/5/16 - 2/7/16

Carmen in Havana

The In Series sets Bizet's opera in Cuba.

Aaron Diehl Trio

At the Lang Theatre.
1/23/16 - 2/14/16

I Shall Not Hate

Palestinian actor Gasan Abas stars in an production about a Gaza fertility doctor who becomes an unlikely hero. Performed in Hebrew and Arabic, this Mosaic Theater Company of DC presentation is staged by Israeli director Shay Pitovsky.

Editorial Review

The center includes a studio for Joy of Motion Dance Center and serves as the home of African Continuum Theatre, a professional black theater company. Atlas Arts Partners will offer classes in dance, acting, music and creative writing. Small-scale productions in the lab theaters are planned to complement major offerings in the larger theaters.