Atlas Performing Arts Center

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Atlas Performing Arts Center

Leela: Play of the Divine

A solo evening of Kuchipudi, a classical Indian dance form. Performed by Kalanidhi Dance Company.
5/1 - 5/2

Goldie Dean Feminine Folklore

Goldie Deane's show explores the experiences of women coming of age in their 30s.
4/24 - 5/10

Very Still And Hard To See

Rorschach Theatre's play aims to answer the question of why bad things happen.
5/7 - 5/11


An unexpected pop of color changes two friends' otherwise blue world.

Great Noise Ensemble

The GNE closes out its 10th season with a program featuring Tom Schnauber's "The Walrus and the Carpenter," Armando Bayolo's "Sacred Cows," with mezzo-soprano Megan Ihnen and baritone Andrew Sauvageau and Sean Doyle's "Letters From Zelda" with soprano Lisa Perry.
5/6 - 5/31

The Call

African American friends react to a white couple's decision to adopt a child from Africa.

Editorial Review

The center includes a studio for Joy of Motion Dance Center and serves as the home of African Continuum Theatre, a professional black theater company. Atlas Arts Partners will offer classes in dance, acting, music and creative writing. Small-scale productions in the lab theaters are planned to complement major offerings in the larger theaters.

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