Atlas Performing Arts Center

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Atlas Performing Arts Center

So Percussion

The Brooklyn-based percussion quartet performs "Where (we) Live.". At the Lang Theatre.
4/18 - 4/27

Jarman (All This Maddening Beauty)

Filmmaker Derek Jarman's life provides the basis for the show presented by force/collision.
5/17 - 5/18

Kyle Abraham

Abraham and his company "" perform "Live! The Realest MC," an investigation of gender roles in the black community and the quest for acceptance in the world of hip-hop celebrity inspired by Pinocchio's plight to be a "real boy."
5/17 - 5/18

Kyle Abraham/Abraham.In.Motion

"Live! The Realest MC," a new ensemble dance work inspired by the duality of Pinocchio's plight to be a "real boy," investigates gender roles in the black community and societal perspectives on the quest for acceptance in the world of hip hop celebrity.

Great Noise Ensemble

The D.C. based ensemble performs. At the Lang Theatre.
5/31 - 6/1

Adele Myers

Myers and Dancers introduce "Einstein's Happiest Thought," a multidisciplinary piece exploring sensations born of risk and anticipation and inspired by Myers' struggle with a fear of heights while attending New York Trapeze School.
6/11 - 6/22

Editorial Review

The center includes a studio for Joy of Motion Dance Center and serves as the home of African Continuum Theatre, a professional black theater company. Atlas Arts Partners will offer classes in dance, acting, music and creative writing. Small-scale productions in the lab theaters are planned to complement major offerings in the larger theaters.