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Atlas Performing Arts Center

Capital City Symphony

The volunteer ensemble presents "Interactive Symphony," a program featuring Gran Wilson's performance of Britten's "Les Illuminations" and "video reinterpretations" of audience-requested classical works. At the Lang Theatre.

Capital City Symphony

Led by associate conductor John Devlin, the community orchestra presents a interactive triple bill featuring Britten's "Les Illuminations, the world premiere of Kirsten Warfield's new work for drum set, electronics, and brass quintet and excerpts from popular pieces that were chosen in December via social media.

The Whole Truth

Based on Stephen McCauley's short story about a woman who confesses an affair to her psychiatrist and then fabricates the details, Robert Paterson and Mark Campbell's new opera makes its world premiere.


The cellist presents "Biggie, Beethoven, Busta and Bach," a solo recital featuring classical remixes and live-looping arrangements of 90's and early 00's hip-hop.

Pinot & Augustine

Mark Jaster and Sabrina Mandell of Happenstance Theater will perform their family-friendly clown duet. At the Lab Theatre II.
Through 2/28


Deviated Theatre presents an apocalyptic fairytale.
Through 2/28


The opera company returns to the Atlas Performing Arts Center's 2015 Intersections Festival with the world premiere of composer Robert Paterson's "The Whole Truth," and all-new opera improv from singers Amedee Royer, Kate Jackman and Andrew McLaughlin. At the Lab Theatre II.


The D.C. ensemble blends classical strings and African-inspired percussion.

Young Playwrights for Change

Regional middle school students present plays that focus on the theme of family.
2/27 - 3/6

All Points West

The chamber ensemble and Atlas Brew Works present "Bach and Brews," a program in which works by the composer are paired with beers. At the Lab Theatre II.

2015 Intersections Festival

Artists come together to mix genres and produce more than 125 shows.

Gin Dance Company presents Hear Me Now!

Embrace the vision of Taiwanese-born choreographer, Shu-Chen Cuff through three of her works; "Face to Face," "That's Mozart" and the world premiere of "Motion in Spring". "Just One", a piece choreographed by company dancer Elizabeth Lucrezio, will also be performed. At the Lang Theatre.
Through 3/7


A couple's honest and humorous journey to find a place to call 'home.' Live music by Mark Sylvester and the Eclipse Chamber Orchestra. Performed by the Jane Franklin Dance.

Aura Curiatlas Physical Theatre: Dream Logic

The physical theater company combines acrobatics, dance and theatre into highly skilled physical storytelling, delighting audiences with naive characters and quirky points of view.

Go-Go Symphony with Capital City Symphony

Led by conductor John Devlin, the two ensembles come together to perform music by Liza Figueroa Kravinsky in a program featuring classical music, Go-Go, video art and dancers.

So Percussion

The Brooklyn experimental quartet performs.
3/14 - 3/29

Gypsy & The Bully Door

After protesting the death of her friend at the hands of the police, a woman reinvents herself in New York. Presented by the African Continuum Theatre Company.
4/3 - 4/11

Blossom's Rainbow

Japanese culture and cherry blossoms are the subjects of this kid-friendly musical. Best for ages 2 to 5.

No Pink, No Ribbons, No Bows: Diverse Solo Shows From Women

Solo performers Caroline Clay, Paige Hernandez, Jjana Valentiner and Anu Yadav take the stage to present and discuss their works.

Leela: Play of the Divine

A solo evening of Kuchipudi, a classical Indian dance form. Performed by Kalanidhi Dance Company.
5/1 - 5/2

Goldie Dean Feminine Folklore

Goldie Deane's show explores the experiences of women coming of age in their 30s.
4/10 - 5/10

Very Still And Hard To See

Rorschach Theatre's play aims to answer the question of why bad things happen.
5/7 - 5/11


An unexpected pop of color changes two friends' otherwise blue world.

Great Noise Ensemble

The GNE closes out its 10th season with a program featuring Tom Schnauber's "The Walrus and the Carpenter," Armando Bayolo's "Sacred Cows," with mezzo-soprano Megan Ihnen and baritone Andrew Sauvageau and Sean Doyle's "Letters From Zelda" with soprano Lisa Perry.
5/6 - 5/31

The Call

African American friends react to a white couple's decision to adopt a child from Africa.

Editorial Review

The center includes a studio for Joy of Motion Dance Center and serves as the home of African Continuum Theatre, a professional black theater company. Atlas Arts Partners will offer classes in dance, acting, music and creative writing. Small-scale productions in the lab theaters are planned to complement major offerings in the larger theaters.