BlackRock Center for the Arts

With a 209-seat proscenium theater, black box theater, exhibition gallery and outdoor stage, this venue attracts a wide variety of acts and audiences.
(Montgomery County)
Through 9/5

It's Abstract!

Twelve artists including Fran Abrams, Laurie Breen, Sabine Carlson, Laurence Chandler, Felisa Federman, Gordana Gerskovic, Kristin Herzog, Ronald Komara, Hester Ohbi, Lynette Reed, Lynn Rybicki and Bridget Z. Sullivan display their abstract works.
Through 9/5

Still Life Paintings

Still life paintings by artist Rulei Bu are exhibited.
9/10 - 10/3

David Carlson: Works on Paper

The artist's spontaneous works on paper are displayed.
9/10 - 10/3

Pop: Everlasting

Local artist Cory Oberndorfer displays his series of drippy Popsicle paintings as a sweet ode to summer.
10/24 - 10/25

Taylor 2

The six-member touring company, an adjunct of the Paul Taylor Dance Company, presents works from their repertoire, including "Funny Papers," "Company B" and "Arden Court."
10/8 - 11/1

Timeless Traditions, Today's Landscapes

Inspired by the beauty and timeless appeal of the landscape, more than 30 members of the Washington Society of Landscape Painters exhibit oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings on canvas and paper.
10/8 - 11/9

You Were Here: Photographs by Esther Hidalgo

Scenes depicting development and urban decay in Washington, DC are captured with vintage film cameras and processes by emerging photographer Esther Hidalgo, who earned her BFA from the Corcoran College of Art + Design
11/12 - 12/19

His & Hers: Ron Loyd & Jodi Walsh

Husband and wife, Ron Loyd and Jodi Walsh, team up for an exhibition of their ceramic artworks exploring organic textural surfaces.
11/12 - 12/19

Michele Hoben: Footfalls

Expressive and powerful abstract paintings by Washington, DC artist Michele Hoben are displayed.