Keegan Theatre

6/18 - 7/10

Next to Normal

The Pulitzer Prize-winning play examines the impact of mental illness on one particular family.
6/18 - 7/10

Next to Normal

This musical about manic depression concerns a housewife who is falling apart.
8/6 - 8/27

The Lonesome West

A funny, dark comedy by Irish playwright Martin McDonagh about two brothers battling for their father's inheritance.

Editorial Review

One of the most charming theatrical spaces in Washington, and the home of the Keegan Theatre, the present-day Church Street Theater is housed in a mid-19th-century brick building that originally served as the gymnasium for the Holton Arms School. The exposed brick walls and lofty ceiling of the interior make for a warm, intimate performing space, which contains a few more than 115 seats.

-- Lloyd Rose and Brad Hathaway