Hartke and Callan Theatres - The Catholic University of America

Through 8/31

Pol Pot & Associates, LLP

At the Callan Theatre.
10/17 - 10/26


At the Hartke Theatre.
11/20 - 11/23

La Perdida

At the Callan Theatre.

Editorial Review

Hartke Theatre, built in 1971, seats 600 on its single-level, steeply raked orchestra section before a raised proscenium stage.

Callan Theatre, adjacent to the Hartke, is a 100-seat, flexible-thrust stage facility, which offers an intimate theatrical space. No seat is more than a few feet from the performance area.

Students of the drama department put on five or six plays a year in these halls. Off-campus groups have rented the space for performances of such works as Harold Pinter's "The Hothouse" and Tom Stoppard's "Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead."

-- Brad Hathaway