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Tropical storm Debby drenching Florida

Tropical storm Debby’s forward motion over the northern Gulf of Mexico has ground to a halt as it unleashes band after band of heavy rain over the state of Florida. The storm is going nowhere fast and could take until the end of the week to cross Florida panhandle coast as (at most) a 65 mph (55-knot) tropical storm

Fierce heat focused on Plains to make brief appearance East

As we move forward through the end of June, much of the Northeast will get a couple more shots at the 90s during an otherwise average to cooler-than-average regime, while places in the mid-continent will continue to roast, and perhaps accumulate 100-degree days much earlier than usual.

Warmer, stormier weather on the way – with an increasing tropical threat

Global weather patterns are shifting in a way that will bring hot, humid, and potentially stormy weather back to the eastern two-thirds of the country late this weekend.

Is tropical depression Beryl finished?

Former tropical storm Beryl barreled into Atlantic Beach, FL just after midnight Sunday night. With maximum sustained winds at 70 mph, it was the strongest tropical storm on record to make landfall in the U.S. before the official June 1 start of the Atlantic hurricane season.