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It's easy for a kid to be proud of his Dad almost no matter what his father did or didn't do. It's just the nature of the beast -- and the relationship. But I've always been most proud of the way my father handled one particularly scathing telephone call from a school principal, who complained about a "public display of affection" on campus between my first-ever girlfriend and I. My father listened patiently as that old biddy moralized, castigated, and accused for what seemed like eternity. When she was through venting he simply asked, "Well, Mrs. Heim. Was she cute?””

β€” Dan Wittenberg, 56, Bethesda, MD

Here's what others have said...

Here's what others have said...

August 21

#MyDadIs the guy who taught me how to throw a spiral, drive a stick and fix a toilet. He also always believed in me. Love you, Dad!

Submitted by marijanewilliams
August 21

Look what I found! #bighairdontcare #cuties #coolestparents #love #70s #fashion

Submitted by Tessie Louisa
June 19

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to the best Daddy in the entire world!!!! You're the best biker, golfer, cross-fitter, napper, racquetball player, BBQer, and backgammon player ever! #loveyou #mydadis #amazing πŸ‘”πŸ’ΌπŸ“ΊπŸ“±πŸŽ²β›³πŸš΅πŸš΄πŸ†πŸŽΏπŸΊπŸ•πŸ”πŸŸπŸ—πŸ€πŸͺ🎰 @nnsellhi

Submitted by Samantha Newman
June 19

Throw back to high school #MyDadIs the one who get me. #daddysgirl since the day I was born.

Submitted by amber641
June 19

This picture says it all. #mydadis my everything.

Submitted by stephaniekiman
June 19

#MyDadIs the hardest working man I know. His unconditional love has taught me more than he will ever know. He can build anything...I mean anything. He also fixed almost everything I broke growing up. And now he fixes things my kids break. He's nailed what it takes to be a dad, & now a grandpa. Happy Father's Day, Daddy-o! @washingtonpost

Submitted by Grace Bonewitz
June 19

Happy Father's Day, Sherm. #father #beauty #beautician

Submitted by Jon Sherman
June 19

Here is to you Dad! #mydadis #Legen #waitforit #Dary #fathersday

Submitted by Ryan AdamGeorge
June 19

Happy Father's Day to my dad that has gone above & beyond for my siblings & I. He sacrifices alot of his time working and is gone most of the time but when he's home it's as if he never missed a thing. I love you Papi you are my role model, my best friend, my homie, and most importantly a man that will love me for the rest of my life unconditionally. love you Papi β€πŸ‘¨πŸ‘§ #fathersday #mydadis #ltdn #eduardohernandez

Submitted by Leticia Hernandez
June 19

This guy. #MyDadIs my hero.

Submitted by alybadinger
June 19

Today in church I turned to my Dad and I thanked him for breaking the chains of Fatherlessness in his family. Doing that took courage and strength. While he had no example of a Father in his life and he barely even saw his biological Father he decided to be a family man, Father, a great husband to my Mom and a man who is always comitted to working hard all the time. On this day I want to wish a Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Father. I love you Dad. Sidebar: peep Aaron's blue suit and my Dad with hair too funny man. #FathersDay #family #throwback #love #trio #blacklove #IlovemyDad #hardwork #picoftheday #instagood

Submitted by Cory Benjamin
June 19

My hero. Protector. Nocturnal twin. Daddy 😍 #mydadis #daddysday #daddysgirl #fathersday #rockerdinner

Submitted by Nikket Rocker
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