so angry about the vandalism at the National Cathedral. the Children's Chapel? really???

Whatttttt the National Cathedral also got green paint splattered around on the inside of it.. #why

Defacing the National Cathedral & Lincoln Memorial with green paint? Whats wrong with people

CAUGHT GREEN HANDED! Police arrest a woman in connection w/ green paint stains on Lincoln & Nat'l Cathedral

Vandalism hits home - green paint found in #NationalCathedral chapels

First question for the D.C. paint vandals: Why? Next question: Why green?

Green paint also found at Smithsonian and National Cathedral. Vandalism doesn't even begin to cover stupidity here.

what's with these DC vandals and the green paint? First the Lincoln memorial, now the National Cathedral?

Vandalism at the National Cathedral and statue outside Smithsonian after someone splattered green paint on #Lincoln Friday. #Seriously?

What exactly did you hope to accomplish by throwing paint on the Lincoln Memorial? At least have a message other than "i'm an idiot"

How rude! "Lincoln Memorial is shut down after vandals splash paint on it"

Some crazy folks threw green paint all over the Lincoln Memorial. What's wrong with people?

The Vandals need to clean gum of the sidewalks. #LincolnMemorialVandals splatter Lincoln Memorial with green paint

RossJuly 26 12ossT

Seriously Park Police? #youhadonejob | Lincoln Memorial vandalized with paint splashes

How did we get here where people r defacing symbols of our country & things that make us a great nation? #foxnews

What kind of human garbage thinks it's acceptable to throw paint on the Lincoln Memorial? #perturbed

My theory? It was Slimer. But who we gonna call? Vandals splatter Lincoln Memorial with green paint

someone splashed the lincoln memorial with green paint. how unfortunate, that's my favorite monument, i was just there the other day :(

The punk kids who put paint on the Lincoln memorial think they're the coolest. But, here's what's cooler: NOT DEFACING NATIONAL MEMORIALS.

Also, to those who splattered green paint on the Lincoln Memorial: grow up.

Vandalism of Lincoln Memorial 'heartbreaking,' parks spokeswoman says - Washington Post: PoliticoVandalism of ...

I am beyond upset about this. RT @washingtonpost: Unknown vandals smear paint on Lincoln Memorial

wusa9July 26 wusa9

Cleanup PHOTO at the Lincoln Memorial: it was vandalized with paint early Friday morning:

Sad my favorite monument was vandalized => Lincoln Memorial closed after it is vandalized with green paint =>

Do people have no respect anymore?

This is just RUDE. What is wrong with people???? Green paint splattered on the Lincoln Memorial - Yahoo! News

This crazy someone throws green paint on the Lincoln memorial ?? What is wrong with people !!!

No matter one's grievances with the government, this kind of stuff is not cool.

Preservation crew arrives at #Lincoln Memorial to clean up green paint splattered at foot of statue. #vandalism

EmilyJuly 26 earausch

Someone explain to me why anyone would vandalize the Lincoln Memorial? #AngryTweet

How completely and utterly DISGUSTING! I can't believe someone would have the audacity to vandalize the Lincoln Memorial. SMH.

What is wrong with people ? #Lincoln Memorial.

Shame on whoever vandalized the Lincoln Memorial in DC. Why would you ever try to destroy a beautiful monument?

Someone vandalized the Lincoln Memorial. what a disgrace.!

Hey idiots! LEAVE MY @NatlParkService alone please!! paint splattered on the Lincoln Memorial via @YahooNews

Jeff July 26 Cane53

What, exactly, are you protesting when you throw green paint on the Lincoln Memorial? The world just gets a little crazier by the day.

Fifteen minute of fame is what idiots want, whoever threw paint on the lincoln memorial is like 'yeah!!! look at all these people caring'...

Really hope they get it cleaned up before our visit next week! - Lincoln Memorial vandalized with green paint

Where were the guards? Can we have respect for our national heritage please?

QJuly 26 QualitiLIFE

In my opinion, the Lincoln Memorial being vandalized was protest. Green paint (money) on a national (government) monument. Just saying..

This is just sad: Vandals splash paint on Lincoln Memorial

Cowardly act of vandalism "@AP: Lincoln Memorial closed after vandal splashes with green paint: -KK"

Very upsetting. The #LincolnMemorial was vandalized with green paint. #ProtectTheMall