Ed O'KeefeOctober 21 edatpost

The best ticket in journalism tonight: The @washingtonpost alum reunion and collective thx to Don Graham. http://t.co/UI1QUJK9rj


#timeisnow for #immigration reform.

ri4a October 8

Hundreds of activists being arrested w Cap in backdrop #timeisnow http://t.co/a96VQK4yqY

From earlier today at the front of the match. "America Needs Immigration Reform Now!" #11Million #CIR http://t.co/kbhq0hB5Fl

PHOTO: I was arrested this afternoon protesting in support of comprehensive immigration reform. http://t.co/ALr7VEkI0R

FJ Bruce Goldstein @FJED arrested along with 200 other advocates http://t.co/GnsaPrn5je #CaminoAmericano http://t.co/GnsaPrn5je

Civil disobedience in front of the Capitol. Si se puede! #TimeIsNow #immigration http://t.co/YHFkOX9Yc8

Here's @janschakowsky getting arrested during a demonstration outside the Capitol to push for immigration reform. http://t.co/g9vHqPwsm4

Here's @RepAlGreen getting arrested during a demonstration pushing for immigration reform. http://t.co/Jn6okhmwiF

Police have begun arresting lawmakers at the immigration protest http://t.co/KHL2dimlcD

Los Tigres del Norte performs "Las dos patrias" for #immigration reform! #Timeisnow http://t.co/PnZb6HFMfh

NCLROctober 8 NCLR

It doesn't get much clearer than that! #TimeIsNow #UniteUSA @ Immigration Reform Rally http://t.co/r3Nbzq9E7e

Rally for immigration on the Mall, despite the shutdown because of 1st amendment claims http://t.co/nUwH4w9nM5

NCLROctober 8 NCLR

Our fight for #immigration reform will not be shut down! #TimeIsNow #UniteUSA http://t.co/UqQ98BBQt9

Spirited crowd on National Mall for #immigration reform rally. Many speakers, politicos expected. #timeisnow http://t.co/LMBz1j4fCf


Today we are marching on the National Mall for #immigration reform! Will you join us? #cir #timeisnow http://t.co/GGfDDS8pdr

Box of signs for #immigration rally http://t.co/LTufJqwsf2

T minus 2 hours until we kick off this rally for immigration reform. #timeisnow http://t.co/2dZdHGWMAW

JWM UCCOctober 8 justice_ucc

Ppl of faith on the move for just #immigration reform. #timeisnow #CIR #immigrationsummit http://t.co/GedTaDtdAk