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Tell a story of someone important to you who died serving in the US Armed Forces. Share on Twitter with #mytribute

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Mervyn Sharp Bennion found himself in the midst of a shooting war on December 7, 1941. As the captain of the U.S.S. West Virginia, moored on Pearl Harbor's Battleship Row, he called the crew to general quarters. A bomb struck the bridge of the adjacent ship, the U.S.S. Tennessee and shrapnel struck Captain Bennion in the stomach. As he lay dying he gave orders for counter-flooding to keep his ship from capsizing, thus saving hundreds of lives. For this act of heroism, Captain Bennion received a posthumous Medal of Honor. He was my cousin. ”

— Michael K. Bennion

Here's what others have said...

Here's what others have said...

“Commodore Stephen Decatur. - 200 Years ago fought in War of 1812. Was the youngest U.S. Navy Captain ever at 25. Won a Congressional Sword in the War with Tripoli and a Congressional Medal for defeating the Macedonian in the War of 1812.”

Submitted by KDC May 28 Share

“Paul Longfellow was my mother's first husband. He was born on May 5, 1915, and died on Nov. 13, 1943, On Bougainville in the Solomon Islands. He was initially buried at Torokino Cemetery on Bougainville, and was later moved to the Manila American Cemetery.”

Submitted by Gaylord Hart May 28 Share

“Major Malcolm K Beckner (USAF) died while piloting his F-16 on a training mission in 1980. Malcom was an outstanding student-athlete at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana and was elected to the Little 500 Hall of Fame riders by his peers.
When I think of him, I remember how tenacious and competitive yet compassionate he was.”

Submitted May 28 Share

“Lt. Col. Patrick H. Wood -- MIA Vietnam Feb. 6, 1967. I wore a bracelet with his name on it for several years. Was listed as MIA, but I found out years later that he was killed trying to rescue a downed pilot when his helicopter was downed. His body & that of his crew was never recovered. God Bless him for his sacrifice. Even though I never knew him, I've always remembered & prayed for him.”

Submitted by Kathy, Glendale, AZ May 28 Share

“SSG Harry Fred Snyder, 29th Division, 115th Regiment, lst Battalion, Charlie Company.
My father landed on Omaha Beach and DOW July 13, 1942 outside St. Lo.
This tribute it to him and all those who have served and those who gave their lives for our country. May we always remember and strive to be worthy of their service and sacrifice.”

Submitted May 28 Share

“Tereso J. Torres TEXAS PFC 38 INF 2 INF DIV WORLD WAR II Oct 15, 1917- June 13, 1944”

Submitted May 27 Share

“Drew J "D.J." Barrett III, the life of our platoon at USMC Basic Officers' School in 1968. Killed in combat in Vietnam.”

Submitted by Jim Driscoll May 27 Share

“Private David G. Standefer was a member of C Battery 60th Coast Artillery (antiaircraft) and stationed on Morrison Hill, Corregidor Island, Philipines. This battery was also known as Battery Chicago. Private Standefer was captured when Corregidor fell to the Japanese in May of 1942. He died in 1943 in a Japanese prisoner of war camp in Mukden, Manchuria. The fact that he made it to a POW means, I believe that he survived the Bataan Death March. David would have been my great-uncle, had he survived the War.”

Submitted by Mark Standefer May 27 Share

“My brother is forever remembered on the Vietnam Wall and in my heart:

LTJG - O2 - Navy - Reserve
VAL-4 Black Ponies

Length of service 2 years
His tour began on Sep 15, 1969
Casualty was on Dec 20, 1969
Body was recovered

Panel 15W - Line 74

Submitted May 27 Share

“My cousin 1LT Scott Cummins, who was killed on the same day that I retired from the Army when the helicopter thathe was piloting went down. All of his family remembers Scott and all of the others who have given their lives in the service of this country”

Submitted May 27 Share

“Our son, SGT. Scott Lange Kirkpatrick, killed in action Aug. 11, 2007 in Arab Jabour Iraq along with four other brave men Heroes all. Our Warrior Poet, lives on in our hearts never to be forgotten, always to be loved.”

Submitted by Marti and Ed Kirkpatrick May 27 Share

“My uncle, Thaddeus A. Mazur, Private, U.S. Army 50th Infantry Battalion, 6th Armored Division. He was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. He was from Ohio, a son of Polish immigrants. He was
KIA, January 27, 1945, at the age of 26, serving his country during WWII. He is buried in the Luxembourg American Cemetery, near General Patton. The 6th Armored Division, was the famous Third Army & fought in 5 major European Campaigns of WWII: Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes-Alsace, Rhineland, Central Eruope.

Submitted by MaryAnn May 27 Share
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