Jason LinkinsSeptember 22 dceiver

Heidi Klum's neck thing will be sleeping in a box at MoMA this weekend, check it out!

emily bellSeptember 22 emilybell

Could we see them dance The Newsroom's Gabby Giffords 'Fix You' segment? Then I could legitimately throw a TV set through a window.

“RG 0-3” it is. From tomorrow’s @PostSports front (first edition): http://t.co/bl8gEWpdyF

@elisefoley Except Baltimore (Veep, House of Cards) and Charlotte (Homeland) get all the production money, so we lose.

Amanda ZamoraSeptember 22 amzam

Americone dream is the best.

Is Anna Gunn the first NYT op-ed contributor to win an emmy for best actress?

David FarréSeptember 22 davidfarre

Last week's #BreakingBad has got to be the bleakest hour of TV in history.

Alan Turing’s story could be rebooted by calls to pardon late computer legend http://t.co/uzIHkLnpeF via @washingtonpost

ceciliakangSeptember 20 ceciliakang

#ff @tjortenzi one of forces behind @washingtonpost who thinks hard about 140 characters to get our stories read. thanks for tutorial

The FixSeptember 20 TheFix

This Facebook page for "Cast-Iron Conservatives" already has 3,000 likes. http://t.co/Ly8WHEsrfR (hat tip @mysteriousrook)

They took his Vietnam medals & 76 yrs of memories to the curb. He didn't have a mortgage. He lost his house over this http://t.co/NJqfVVe2JE

brad plumerSeptember 18 bradplumer

The average refrigerator in the U.S. uses three times as much energy as the average person in Nigeria: http://t.co/DlrbmSHz3t

Voyager 1 just left the solar system using less computing power than your iPhone http://t.co/1wSd5Djacl

Dear America, this is what you look and sound like http://t.co/BeYi3DSZtw

She was tasked with bringing down Flight 93. She had no ammunition or missiles. Just her fighter jet. http://t.co/fsNq6fw

That's it, President Obama has finished his Syria address. Here's a transcript of what he just said. http://t.co/fEuF83CJjj

This is what it feels like to be a 17-year-old football star being courted by the biggest names in college football http://t.co/VVWssK3kwT

This is what income inequality looks like http://t.co/aJrXpcH6xQ

Navy Yard "truthers" think the shooting is a vast government conspiracy. They're pointing to this as proof: http://t.co/juWiu2sR7s

White House lists 10 allies on Syria: Australia Canada France Italy Japan South Korea Saudi Arabia Spain Turkey UK http://t.co/MNXsf5VMKt

Minimum wage: Australia $16.88 France $12.09 NZ $11.18 UK $9.83 *Canada $9.75 Japan $8.17 US $7.25 http://t.co/rFwK4R459d *now w/decimal

darthiPhoneD™September 19 darth

the future or just a half baked idea RT @margafret: potato drones. http://t.co/XlUBBcu1Zl

A true must-read: The full interview with @Pontifex in the Jesuit mag America (@americamag): http://t.co/VJiPLY5Ys0.

This story is awesome: How an engineer earned 1.25M air miles by spending $3K on chocolate pudding in one day: http://t.co/owwFTuQLro

Remember Facebook Home

Nick MiroffSeptember 18 NickMiroff

Looters ransack Costco in storm-battered Acapulco, wading through flooded aisles to carry off plasma TVs, computers http://t.co/p4vhRgFnG4

I don't want to be a human anymore. http://t.co/wTOEKd4tHh

My discover tab right now @meganamram http://t.co/aVJSAbVNf4

Mike IsaacSeptember 17 MikeIsaac

brewin up fresh pots with some of these bad boys cc @mikeindustries http://t.co/71EBYXcgbX

Joe HeimSeptember 17 JoeHeim

Went to bookstore in Union Station this a.m. Found out it's now an H&M. So I bought a shirt instead.

And the ST's @Bill_MillerST MT @tjortenzi: Amazing updates from @startelegram about alleged Navy Yard shooter http://t.co/C7710JBmGt

Petula Dvorak September 16 petulad

How can we tolerate another mass shooting? via @washingtonpost http://t.co/jDzDJ22qBv

sounds familiar MT @chucktodd: The confusion over the shooter name had to do with an I.D. card found near dead gunman;

Simon MaloySeptember 16 SimonMaloy

Everyone be smart and wait until the @nypost IDs the suspect.


It's raining tigers and wolves out here.. #rain #lighting #thunder #storm

Patrick Lee September 12

Big storm in #moco this evening. Flash flood in our neighborhood! http://t.co/o3tZBApsvK


Here come Purple Sky.

Casey Danielson September 12
Zoe ColtonSeptember 12 ZoeBlair

Big scary thunder clouds = rain and cooler weather 💗 never been so happy for rain http://t.co/WnezLC6LQ7

Storm clouds rolling in. #md http://t.co/DN6prjcD0l

David MillerSeptember 12 themilman

Heavy traffic on MD 355 after T-storm w/heavy rain, hail, & ground level lightening strikes @capitalweather @WTOP http://t.co/sQEB3aiM5e

There is a lot of lightning right now in DC. #dc #thunderstorm http://t.co/GUhUTAThF0

U.S. CapitolSeptember 12 uscapitol

View of storm over #DC this evening. http://t.co/kgYrSnlhKi

RT @erik45edt: Tree down on Omega Drive in Rockville, MD. One lane barely gets through. http://t.co/MTUqyI2r9g

MT @bosley_lisa: flooding at 17 and L- walked thru about 6" of water at the crosswalk. http://t.co/QYTvrjBlI2

Lacy WalkerSeptember 12 lacyluu

@capitalweather crazy lightning in Fair Oaks http://t.co/TkCAeVNA30

RocheSeptember 12 rocheonair

Here ya go @dougkammerer. From the @DC101  studios in Rockville http://t.co/wyUWKUL7p7

Here's the scene at one check in at BWI. All flights have been grounded after a possible lightening strike. http://t.co/73Flx5zj8B

Just a box of rain. http://t.co/DAWAuQ8amT

John PorterSeptember 12 jporter07

Current weather http://t.co/efhUO8NdkZ