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Baseball Memories

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Seeing a major league home run for the first time. Catching a foul ball. Turning your first Little League double play. Tell us your favorite baseball story in a few sentences or tweet a shorter version of it with the hashtag #baseballmemories. And, if you have one, upload a photo to go with it or share it on Instagram #baseballmemories.

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Nationals Players' Memories

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"I was really little and I was kinda still learning the game, and I’d go over to my grandparents’ house during the day, and my grandma would take me out back and we’d have these little foam balls and like a little foam bat, and we’d actually put pillows out, outdoor pillows on the ground as bases. And so that’s how I learned my 1-2-3’s. I messed it up early; I’d run to third base every time, I guess, instead of going to first. My grandma’s definitely the one who really got me to get out there and start playing.”
"[My older brother] dragging me out when I was about six years old and playing catch with him. And when I got in little league, I had to catch him, when I was nine years old in little league, because nobody else could catch his fastball. But I’d been catching it for three years. … my only problem with that was I was a little runt and the shin guards came up to my thighs.”
"In the backyard with my mom or my dad -- either of them could pitch -- and I had one of those big, red wiffle ball bats, and they would throw for hours and hours and hours. I wouldn't let them go in until I hit for hours.”
"I can't remember what age I started playing, but I do know my best memories in baseball have been probably from 5, 6, 7 years old, going to the park with my dad. It's funny, I don't remember hardly any little league ball, but I remember details of cool stuff that happened at the ballpark. Just going and being a bat boy, shagging fly balls, basically doing what my son [11-year-old Drake] gets to do now. Stuff I'll never forget.”
"When I was playing tee ball, I remember getting to third base and my dad coming up to me and actually taking me out of the game because I had chicken pox. I had chicken pox all over my arm, apparently, so I got taken out of the game for that.”
"My father taking me, when I believe I was 5 or 6 years old, to a game at Griffith Stadium. And all I remember is the green wall in right field and I think it was Gene Woodling hit a home run. I didn't know who he was, but that was my first memory. My second big memory was going to the first game at D.C. Stadium.”
"Being like the bat boy or ball boy or whatever for my older brothers, who were five and eight years older than me. I was always around the baseball field, always running around, playing catch or doing whatever, just happy to be out there. Having them actually acknowledge me for once was where it all started.”
"When I was five years old, I remember going with my mom to registration and opening day and putting on my uniform for the first time, at tee ball... Citrus Park Little League in Tampa.”
"My granddad took me to the Braves playoff game. I think I was like 8 or 9, maybe 7, when they were in the playoffs, so that was a pretty special moment. He's passed away now, so it was pretty special. We were pretty close. It was a good time, and now you go back to Atlanta and you play there, and you wish you could see him, so that brings back some memories.”
"I think I was 3-years old in the backyard [in Charlotte, N.C.] with my dad, wiffle ball bat, I can just remember hitting balls in the woods and running around the bases while he went and chased it and tried to tag me out before I got home."
"My earliest baseball memory is with my dad, before it was even organized [baseball]. I remember when dad would get home from work and I'd be sitting there with my glove and I'd wanna go throw a bullpen to him out in the backyard. And after I'd get done throwing my bullpen I always made him throw one to me."
“Probably having the snacks after the game. You play and, you know, as a kid you just go out there and have fun, and then after the game you look forward to playing with your friends, hanging out, having a little barbeque after the game.”

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Here's what others have said...