NYC Mayor Bloomberg calls for immigration reform bill to pass Congress "to show ...that Washington is capable of getting big things done."

I'm betting federal workers have a MASSIVE case of the Mondays today.

Takeaways from my McConnell intvw: He's ready to move on from this latest mess, slightly dismissive of budg conf unless O gets involved...

We are now back online since the government #shutdown is over!

Welcome back to all of the @CommerceGov employees! I'm thrilled that we're once again OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

Did anybody else gain the #furlough five? #shutdown

My @NASA #shutdown closet cleanup find: a glossy 8x10 of Sally Ride: "To Jane, Reach for the stars! -Sally". THAT's going up at work.

Washington reporter says goodbye to the shutdown, watches it walk through the door, and quietly whispers, "Come back."

Paul KaneOctober 17 pkcapitol

Red coats are back, red coats are back! Official Cap tours are back in business, led by red coated guides

Post LocalOctober 17 postlocal

The food trucks have returned to L'Enfant Plaza

LIVE NOW: #SecDef and USD Hale brief Pentagon press corps regarding #shutdown.

Keep this in mind: The #shutdown cost the US as much money as NASA gets in a year, with two more Curiosity rovers thrown in.

So glad the goverment's not shut down anymore. Now I can return to spending my days watching panda cam! @sandiegozoo #idonothing #slacker

I had the craziest dream that the government shut down for two weeks! And YOU were there! And YOU were there!

"I don't know about you all but most people are paycheck to paycheck" @NancyPelosi says to the press on #shutdown costs.

In my life, I have seen the Minnesota govt shut down and the US govt shut down (only a couple years apart, too). No more shut downs, please.

Good news the shutdown is over. But it is time to end the hostage taking, brinksmanship and heated rhetoric.

Lots of talk about winners and losers today, don’t forget that contracted employees won’t be paid:

Breakout star of the #shutdown? The stenographer, obviously.

Tangible proof #shutdown is over- NASA's website back up:

Don't worry, folks. Another #shutdown and debt ceiling fight is only a few weeks away! #merica

David BeardOctober 17 dabeard

#EPA finds potential biohazard in office fridge after #shutdown - 16-year-old can of soup:

David BeardOctober 17 dabeard

Front pages across US on #shutdown's end: via @nirajg Tomorrow this?

This whole #governmentshutdown #shutdown really exposes how reliant our nation is on the government for jobs. We need priv. ind. to pick up.

Welcome back @NASA, we missed you, #governmentshutdown

Niraj ChokshiOctober 17 NirajC

Today's Honolulu Star Advertiser features an actual can being kicked. #shutdown

Just one of the symbols of the government #shutdown, the Ohio Clock in the US Capitol will be wound back up at noon @BBCNewsUS

Allow me to reintroduce myself. I'm back on Twitter & even closer to Mars' Mount Sharp.

The #shutdown is over, but some #DoD websites are still not working:

North Dakotans deserve a gov't that doesn’t face manufactured crisis after crisis b/c of political games that hurt econ. & families. (1/3)

I wasn't elected to shut down the government or play political games. It's time for Congress to stop manufacturing crises

With the gov’t reopen, America’s national parks are open again & we can finally get back to work producing energy & growing our economy.

The #shutdown was unnecessary - a self-inflicted wound to our economy, at a cost of about $24 billion.

The FixOctober 17 TheFix

Obama priorities: 1. Budget deal 2. Immigration reform 3. Farm bill.

Furlough is over. What's up, traffic.

rosiewookOctober 17 rosiewook

The return to our post-furlough world is not as crazy as I thought it would be. This reasonableness is starting to freak me out.

Feels so GREAT to be back at work again after a 16 day furlough! #yayforgettingpaid

The FixOctober 17 TheFix

Well, Obama isn't doing the olive branch thing here....

Obama: "Let's be clear: There are no winners here."

Obama: "The American people are completely fed up with Washington."

Government did reopen and not default, however politics in Washington D.C. are a mess this year. #governmentshutdown #politicalmadness

Expect furloughed pandas to get retroactive bamboo shoots now that shutdown over.

Newscasters and political pundits: please stop talking about who won and lost the #governmentshutdown battle. We all lost. The end.

Amanda AldenOctober 17 K1DDN

Welcome back #nasa and #pandacam Some of my missed things since the gov shut down.

OK federal employees, it's time to change those "Due to a lapse in appropriations..." voicemail prompts. #governmentshutdown

The #shutdown hurt both parties - the GOP and Obama are both dropping in the polls. So who won, exactly?

David HutchisonOctober 17 dhdt

If it took the likelihood of a #default to end the #shutdown, can't help wondering how many Federal employees had defaults of their own.

Reviving (recharging) my government issued doesn't know it's back to work...

Thought I'd have way more unread emails then this #BackToWork

Gina McCarthy greets EPA employees at HQ as they head back to work post-shutdown.

MT @bethpylieberman: The #BionicMan is on hand to greet visitors to the @airandspace museum today

hirshhornOctober 17 hirshhorn

The Hirshhorn reopens at 10 am. To make up for lost time, please look twice as hard. Thank you.

Annnd we're back! Apologies in advance to anyone who enjoyed my temporary Twitter silence.

#Yellowstone National Park is OPEN to visitors. All park gates are open. Limited visitor services are available. (an)

Paul KaneOctober 17 pkcapitol

Random: my local Capitol Hill diner's had its 1st slow morning in weeks. Its business boomed during #shutdown because of furloughs.

Furloughed gov't workers on European vacations awakening this morning to a .... rude awakening

VP Biden greeted returning workers at EPA w handshakes, hugs + "he brought muffins," pool report says

walked out of the metro and Joe Biden was right there!!!! #lucky #vp

Attorney General Eric Holder @thejusticedept greeting workers coming back from furlough @ 10am; many civil & civil rights attys were out

We must never let this happen again. It is irresponsible to govern from crisis to crisis.

Much talk recently about default. We have now seen a default in civility, bipartisanship & in a credulous media

Paul TonkoOctober 17 paultonko

Last night demonstrated what bipartisanship can do. Let's keep it up, grow our economy, and put people back to work.

When 800K fed workers are furloughed for 16 days costing the American taxpayer $300M/day, there are no winners!

Major buzzkill, AP. RT @AP_Planner: 90 days away – latest continuing resolution funding federal govt expires (15 Jan)

l stanOctober 17 citycritik

Two weeks ago, I called the #EndOfShutdown to be today. It's the last minute, and that's how they do things. #2013Shutdown

WH Chief of Staff Denis McDonough greets workers at EEOB on morning of gov't reopen via @AP

Shutdown tough for folks who were scheduled to start a new job in the fed govt in past couple weeks. They don't get any back pay.

Ann V.October 17 vrabincha

Everyone is back to work, so naturally @wmata has a red line breakdown.

David BeardOctober 17 dabeard

Love the asterisk! RT @lilsarg: Great @BostonGlobe front page today. h/t @juliemmoos

VP Biden went to EPA Headquarters this morning in DC to welcome furloughed Federal workers back to their jobs.

VP #Biden is greeting federal employees returning to work this AM at EPA HQ in downtown DC, pool report says #shutdown

WE'RE BACK!!! Smithsonian museums will open to the public today, and the National Zoo will open tomorrow. WOOOOOOOOOO!!!

We’re back! Our museums and facilities will reopen today. We look forward to seeing you!

Good morning! Smithsonian museums will reopen to the public today. We'll also be tweeting again. The @NationalZoo reopens tomorrow.

I've never been so happy to see the metro cars so crowded in the morning. #backtowork #DC

We appreciate your support. All Zoo visitors will receive a 10% discount on food & merchandise 10/18 to 10/20!

The only time i was happier to see more traffic #Backtowork #DCisOpen

Rush hour traffic jams are back in DC. I see red on traffic maps... #ShutdownOver

D.C. is alive again - Welcome back to work, Federal friends! #ShutdownOver

DC traffic is terrible today. It's as if several hundred thousand people all started work today. #backtowork

Now THAT was more like a commute. #backtowork #standingroomonly

lori arataniOctober 17 loriara

The scene at Medical Center on the Red Line home of NIH

I know the #shutdown is over because my commute just doubled

#shutdown over barricades gone ... Gov reopens #backtobusiness

For the first time since Oct. 1, the @usopm site has been changed and the operating status updated

Barricades moved along Madison & Jefferson Drives on National Mall. How quickly they went up and came down. @myfoxdc

They're taking down the barricades in DC

The #shutdown is finally over, so NASA workers are back at Johnson Space Center. Read:

Returning to work after a 16 day furlough feels like the first day of school. Weird. #shutdown

The shutdown is over. This guy is back at work "How was your furlough?" is the new "how was your summer?" #shortweek #offtomorrow #thehunt

MT @CspanCamOp: Cleaning the fountain at #WWIIMemorial #govtshutdown is over. Watch more on today's @cspanwj #cspan

RT @CspanCamOp: The barricades are now legally down at WWII Memorial. #governmentshutdown is over.

#shutdown over barricades gone ... Gov reopens #backtobusiness

Barricades moved along Madison & Jefferson Drives on National Mall. How quickly they went up and came down. @myfoxdc

They're taking down the barricades in DC

The #shutdown is finally over, so NASA workers are back at Johnson Space Center. Read:

We’re back from the #shutdown! Smithsonian museums will reopen on Thursday and the @NationalZoo will reopen on Friday.

For the first time since Oct. 1, the @usopm site has been changed and the operating status updated

For the first time since Oct. 1, the @usopm site has been changed and the operating status updated

Jeff SimonOctober 16 jjsimonWP

GOP Leader McConnell: "This is far less than what many of us had hoped for, frankly."