Overarching theme at #DC #TrayvonMartin vigil is that black community needs to stand its ground now.

Cars on Brooklyn Bridge honking along to chant of "#TrayvonMartin!!!"

Sharpton: "A month from today we're going to march on Washington by the tens of thousands" #TrayvonMartin

Sybrina Fulton says trial portrayed her son as a man she didn't recognize. "Trayvon was a child," she says. #TrayvonMartin

At vigil, boys asks mom: why is Trayvon important? Mom: B/c if we don't stand up for Trayvon, it can happen to you. #trayvonmartin #nyc

Jay Z and @Beyonce have arrived at the #TrayvonMartin rally in #NYC.


fearthestache July 16

photos from tonight's demonstration in Oakland can be seen on my blog 👆 #hoodiesup

fearthestache July 16

They were yelling "all cops are #zimmerman" #oakland http://t.co/c6bC5bZb7k

Watching from my roof while they threaten #trayvon protesters with chemical agents...nbd. #oakland https://t.co/ZMyYKdWcPy


#crenshaw #leimert #justicefortrayvon everyone be safe out there smh

Marcus at the Door !!!! July 14

Hayward police in front of Flora now, making an arrest. #Oakland http://t.co/HGY4yb207I


Oakland held it down tonight. Gathered community, stopped freeway traffic and demanded justice. Despite what you may hear on the news...it was a PEACEFUL protest. Whose streets?! Trayvon's streets!!!

priscillisima July 16

The people of Oakland exercising their 1st Amendment rights.

Jeremy Baird July 14

Super nice guys

Steven Spasbo July 16

Still goin strong #justice4trayvon #oakland #powerinnumbers

Jay-Marie Hill July 15

NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE! #justice4trayvon #oakland

Jay-Marie Hill July 15

After the 10 freeway we all parked at @leimert park #hoodiesup #southcentral #losangeles

Mari Salinas July 15

Powerful image from the #TrayvonMartinRally yesterday in ATL. #nojustice #nopeace #fight #stand #trayvon #hoodiesup #nonviolent #protest #march #MintLounge

mintultralounge July 16

Hollywood shut down! #hoodiesup #justicefortrayvonmartin

Brett Farkas July 15

LA's 10 Freeway aka Rosa Parks Freeway, brought to a halt in protest and memory of #Trayvon Martin, July 14, 2013. Via @erinpepper

TheLadyGM/The R July 15

#trayvon #martin | peaceful protest march to CNN headquarters

$unny July 15

#trayvon protest at Hollywood and highland #hoodiesup

Tony A July 15

Trayvon protest in front of CNN Center.

j P July 15

Chants ✊✌ #reallife #laprotests #trayvonmartin #hollywood

Dina Ciccarelli July 15

If Trayvon Martin were White and Zimmerman Black & facts were same & Zimmerman found not guilty, would the ppl protesting be celebrating?

Walk and don't get weary... #Trayvon

'The Wire' Creator David Simon "Ashamed" to be an American After Zimmerman Verdict http://t.co/OpFB5Ed577

Until Americans stand up and shout 'ENOUGH!' re guns, the senseless slaughter will just go on, and on, and on. #Trayvon #Newtown #Aurora

Resist all provocation. Take pictures. #protests #trayvon

@CharlesMBlow @AC360 "We are just walking home," chants Trayvon Martin rally to NYPD holding back the march https://t.co/QrEScgORoY

LAPD riot police arrest Trayvon Martin protesters outside CNN building. http://t.co/UBCaNEJxD0 http://t.co/UBCaNEJxD0

DiddyJuly 14 iamdiddy

My prayers go out to Trayvon's family!!!! God bless them!!!

#incaseyouthoughtitwasover Trayvon Martin protests on Crenshaw Blvd in L.A. just shut down Interstate 10 freeway

This is what community looks like. Rally for Trayvon Martin in Times Square, New York. #JusticeForTrayvon http://t.co/oaSiWLwCDL


The 10 freeway shut down for a stand for Trayvon Martin

meowmakeupglam July 14

Los Angeles marching and speaking for Trayvon right now. NEVER seen people on foot shut down freeways. That's powerful !

Hard not to have your heart broken by an image like this: http://t.co/2JbYgkTMnl


#baltimore #justicefortrayvon

cullen enn July 14

"We are here today to show that black lives have value." -- speaker in Times Square. "We are not OK with black children being gunned down."

“TRAYVON” in Time Square, New York http://t.co/MD3VwN0o1o via @BuzzFeedNews

Massive sit in has started here in Times Square! Thousands sitting down n shutting it down!


More pics from NYC #justicefortrayvon #iamtrayvonmartin

Bigbee July 14

Large march for trayvon Martin in Times Square. #timesquare #nyc #protest #trayvonmartin

Danielle Emig July 14

#trayvon protest in Times Square. #hoodieup #nyc

Skip LaCombe July 14

Thousands in Times Square! Justice for Trayvon Martin!!

rebeldiaz July 14

Wide mixture of races here - by no means a black protest. Largely young people, though.

Heading back to the mothership. As of two mins ago: protest impassioned but peaceful, policing measured.

I hope that our country now engages in a much needed conversation about the consequences of racial profiling #IAmTrayvonMartin

Photo: Thousands of #TrayvonMartin protesters flood New York's Times Square. (Photo by @maceyjforonda) https://t.co/xuqqxgp2Oj


Impromptu protests for #TrayvonMartin have shut down #TimesSquare in #NewYork @theprojecttv

Hyla July 14

Witnessing one of the biggest march in New York City for Trayvon Martin. #NYC #TrayvonMartin #Justice

frenchkind July 14

We are Trayvon Martin. Mic check. #hoodiesup

Brendan O'Connor July 14

I just heard "The gun George Zimmerman used to kill Trayvon Martin will be returned to him." This is so sad! #Justice4Trayvon


Praying together with the community .. #TrayvonMartin rally ..

K104 July 14

#ProtectOurChildren #TrayvonMartin rally #HowardUniversity

Krystina Booker July 14

"Reasonable Doubt" That's all that was needed folks. It's how our judicial system functions. #Zimmerman #TrayvonMartin


No words needed !!

daquanbowers91 July 14

People of all walks of life out in support of #trayvonmartin #justicefortrayvon

Aura Harewood July 14

Happening now #justicefortrayvon

Desiree <3 July 14

#trayvon #dc

Remi July 14

Activists reflect on verdict of #ZimmermanTrial at downtown Miami #TrayvonMartin vigil @MiamiHerald

joeflech July 14

RIP Tray, Oscar, Kimani, Ramarley, Sean. We march at 6 p.m. #Every28hrs #Injustice

thepeoplesrecord July 14

Best sign at the rally. #bklyn4trayvon #trayvon #martin #justice #hoodiesup

Robert Alexander July 14

Protesting for Trayvon #justice4trayvon

Kayleigh Western July 14

The silent protest is incredibly powerful. They've been standing, holding hands in silence here for hours. #HoodiesUp

How cool would it be to live in a world where George Zimmerman offered Trayvon Martin a ride home to get him out of the rain that night.


this touched my heart today. #Justice4Trayvon #HoodiesUp

Deméshia Davis July 14

POTUS: We should do "all we can to stem the tide of #gun violence... That's the way to honor #TrayvonMartin" http://t.co/2o4zGxReR9


"I drove from Philly...I'm here for my daughter." #justicefortrayvon

Kendra Ross July 14

Somebody drove by and gave this little girl skittles #justicefortrayvon

Joel Flores July 14

If anyone is going to file a Civil Rights Lawsuit, it should be #Zimmerman.

DOJ statement on #zimmerman is political cover. There's no way they're going to charge him. Legal hurdles would be even higher.

#Breaking: The Department of Justice says it will review the Travyon Martin-George Zimmerman case



Devonté Hynes July 14

Protests in response to the Trayvon Martin verdict

Erica Pitnick July 14

There were 20 blacks shot and killed in Chicago in the first week of July. That's almost three Trayvon Martins a day. http://t.co/VLMXHw1nGg

There is nothing more arrogant, paternalistic, & wrongheaded than White people telling us we can't grieve for Trayvon bc of Chicago deaths.


Trayvon Martin Rally.,.

Taj July 14

Deputies say they're blocking off courthouse because it's closed on Sundays. #sanford

At Sanford courthouse, where there's supposed to be a Justice For Trayvon rally happening. But deputies are blocking court grounds/parking

The FixJuly 14 TheFix

"We are a nation of laws, and a jury has spoken." -- President Obama on Zimmerman trial.


It has to end. But will it? #trayvonmartin

wlp1311 July 14

Rally for Trayvon at Union Square.

Lauren Hawker July 14

"Justice for Trayvon, not one more" chant at #chicago #Justice4Trayvon rally


And I woke up marching because its what I.believe in #Chicago #justicefortrayvon #america #Zimmermantrial

Via Elise July 14
m_xJuly 14 soit_goes

#JusticeForTrayvon march in Chicago stretching over a city block chanting "No justice, no peace, no racist police" http://t.co/HwsXDVqPdL


Rally for #peace & #justice for #trayvonmartin at #unionsquare #nyc

wlp1311 July 14

Justice for Trayvon Martin Rally.

patti fogarty July 14

rally for Trayvon Martin

Tiffini July 14

#trayvon #centralparkfive

Erik Johanson July 14

How do we explain this to children? RT @lolaogunnaike: Apparently walking while black is a crime punishable by death. #TrayvonMartin

And our taxes paid for that trial. We just paid to see a murderer walk free after killing an innocent unarmed little boy. #GodBlessAmerica

Had a gun-toting Trayvon Martin stalked an unarmed George Zimmerman, and then shot him to death... DO I EVEN NEED TO COMPLETE THIS SENTENCE?

...the undeniable fact is that none of this would have happened if an emboldened George Zimmerman were not carrying a gun that night. 2/2

White black or Zimmerman. This isn't a racial issue. This is about a man seeking out a child and murdering him. I am black I am white

I don't criticise the jury - I criticise the law that enabled them to find George #Zimmerman not guilty of anything. #RIPTrayvon

God blessed Me & Sybrina with Tray and even in his death I know my baby proud of the FIGHT we along with all of you put up for him GOD BLESS

George Zimmerman knew nothing of Trayvon's character, only his color. Race is real. Color can get you killed.