#wherewereyou I was a Senior Airman stationed at Wright-Patterson AFB & I was delivering an admissions package to Labor & Delivery.

September 11 graceeetom

I was with my mom who took the day off to take care of me, while my dad was on the 70th floor in the first tower(he survived) #wherewereyou

Noah™September 11 noahlalli47

#wherewereyou 40 minutes away from where the hijacked plane crashed and landed in PA

#wherewereyou On govt plane with AG Ashcroft. Emergency page. Called DOJ to get terrible news. Ashcroft said Our world has changed forever.

Carolyn D.September 11 caro1275

12yrs ago today I was excited for my 2nd day at a new job in NYC. At 10:28am I watched WTC 1 fall right before my eyes. #wherewereyou

O. C. HillSeptember 11 NCgirl1984

#wherewereyou Had left court after paying off a speeding ticket. Stopped at BK to eat. That's when I found out.

Madi Rae ⚓September 11 almostmadi

#WhereWereYou cowering in my house on the Army Base in New York State. We thought we were next.

OllianderSeptember 11 ollieblog

Weatherly Securities, Tower 2 #wherewereyou

brooke claySeptember 11 brookeclay

I was in an early morning FCA meeeting. We watched the second plane while in a prayer circle. #wherewereyou

Joe SangSeptember 11 mistersang

#wherewereyou Waking up to go to class at University of Maryland. Saw burning tower as top news story on AOL, turned on Today Show.

Confirming my dad, who worked in N. tower, wasn't there. Then down to evacuated WH for updates fr Alan Etter. Chasing rumors. #wherewereyou

Josh MarshallSeptember 11 joshtpm

Groggy out of bed, tv left from night before, one tower burning on CNN, trying to make sense of it when 2nd plane hit. #wherewereyou

On 9/11 I was in Honolulu, just waking up to a world that had totally changed. I spent 5 yrs reporting on TSA/DHS #wherewereyou

#wherewereyou I was at home in Los Angeles, getting my two daughters, then 10 and 12, ready for school http://t.co/lzHc8vy7Ui

metaphlameSeptember 11 metaphlame

#wherewereyou Frantically using high school payphone to locate my dad, who'd been stuck in a slug bus over the Potomac and saw it happen.

I was a HS senio &r in class when attacks were announced over the intercom. We thought it was a drill at first. #wherewereyou

Tommy RezacSeptember 11 TJMRezac

I remember my 1st grade teacher Mrs Bruner saying "The United States isnt doing very good right now." Something was wrong. #wherewereyou

Kat HSeptember 11 chassiskat

I was driving fr Colorado Springs to Cedar Rapids. Watched 2nd plane hit tower in hotel room, listened on radio while driving #wherewereyou

Kevin CainSeptember 11 DCLobbyman

132 Cannon House office bldg #wherewereyou spent much of the day in a friends basement after being driven off the Hill. Walked home.

10 years old. Getting ready to go to school. I had safety patrol that morning. #wherewereyou

Kate September 11 Katealeen

#wherewereyou sitting in Grade 9 science class (picture day) telling a girl that two planes don't just crash into buildings in New york.

Watching fellow SF residents streaming to church, the morning after finishing a WashPost editing test. http://t.co/ZTHAV8JovT #wherewereyou

Moved to NYC 6 mo bfre & lived a mile away from WTC. Husband watched the 2nd tower fall from our front door. #wherewereyou #Remember911

Robert ParrySeptember 11 rcjparry

#wherewereyou walking in to Fulleron, CA armory for day 3 of long-planned @theCaGuard deployment to Kuwait. Things got very serious quickly.

I was on the USS Kitty Hawk in Yokosuka Japan. Our ship left for the Gulf two days later. #wherewereyou

The cover of President Bush's schedule. September 11, 2001. http://t.co/TI5YrNF1Ul

neenerroooSeptember 11 neenerrooo

I was leaving my first period class, a junior in high school, my 17th birthday. Never forget the tragedy of those lost. #wherewereyou

CLRESeptember 11 ChrisChronicles

In college bookstore; heard it on radio. Thought it was a bad shock jock joke. Went to dorm and watched TV numbly for hours. #wherewereyou

Will ⚽September 11 Will_S21

#wherewereyou I was living overseas and they locked the base down. It was after school and security was heightened like crazy. #Remember911

CHERyL IngramSeptember 11 Gesuschic

#wherewereyou The doctors. I was pregnant w/my youngest. Getting my glucosamine test done. Everyone was crying & confused. #NeverForget911

#wherewereyou I was in my algebra 1 class taking a quiz when our principal came over the intercom and told all teachers to turn on the tv

@ron_fournier Giuliani gets a lot of grief these days. But when NYC needed guts & moxie, he was there.

On #September11, I was @ home holding my 2-week old son & watching the news. Saw 2nd tower get hit. Thought it was a replay. #wherewereyou

sarahSeptember 11 sarahnnyc

I was in my second day of high school in freshman global history watching the smoke come down the Verrazano Narrows. #wherewereyou

It wasn't until I got there that I knew anything was wrong. My teacher was shaking, she grabbed my hand&said "what do we do?!" #wherewereyou

Michael BurySeptember 11 TheMaybury

#wherewereyou I was getting ready to go to Meadowbrook Elementary when the news came on, I told my mom to come look at the Tv.

I was waiting for the dr to come in for my son's 2 month check up. The dr is the one who told me abt the Twin Towers. #Wherewereyou

I was in my freshman year writing seminar: it was my first class on my first day @Penn. #wherewereyou #NeverForget

Melanie GasmenSeptember 11 ohmelgee

12 years ago today, I was in a Catholic church practicing reading a petition for school mass. #NeverForget #September11 #wherewereyou?

we were just coming back from PE in the third grade our teacher had us sit a "circle of silence." #wherewereyou

Freshman year of HS. 20 min away from the pentagon. Laughing uncontrollably because Im the gal that laughs when shes nervous. #wherewereyou

Adam SharpSeptember 10 AdamS

This photo always gets me. I took it in December 2001, as subterranean fires still burned. #neverforget http://t.co/VioWtjhA67

David BeardSeptember 11 dabeard

@ron_fournier My wife & I just finished kids-free coffee date. Turned on car radio, heard Bob Edwards say tower had fallen.

AnnGerhartSeptember 11 AnnGerhart

today, 12 years past, at the Capitol: I remember Laura Bush twisting her fingers by her side, next to Ted Kennedy, vet of loss. Black smoke

Mahsa SaeidiSeptember 11 MahsaWho

Just waking up in my dorm at the University of VA, I signed onto AIM, then went to http://t.co/8B2JigZN11, saw a pic of towers #wherewereyou

#wherewereyou I refused to reveal to the kids what was going on. I thought their parents deserved the first chance to explain.

Ya Bish September 11 iLLiPino1

#wherewereyou I was in government class

#wherewereyou At chapel. They let us go long. We didn't know why. Twelve years out, some thoughts on remembering: http://t.co/t4F7hkTzZ9

Ted BridisSeptember 11 tbridis

@ron_fournier Stuck in DC traffic on I-395 near Pentagon, saw Flight 77 roar overhead and hit the building. Called my editor. #wherewereyou

Tim GrieveSeptember 11 timgrieve

@ron_fournier In Sacramento, feeling helpless. Coached soccer practice for 5-year-olds because what else could we do? #wherewereyou

@ron_fournier, as clerk at fed appeals ct in dc, I had to interrupt oral argument to alert judges. we feared more coming. #wherewereyou

@ron_fournier Scrolling @AP wire when I saw 1st alert about reports of plane hitting WTC. Figured a small twin engine. wish i'd been right.

Paul BegalaSeptember 11 PaulBegala

@MESCCS @ron_fournier Was on Boundary Channel Drive. Heading to Capitol for a mtg on budget, thinking that was a big deal.

I was sitting in my 8th grade history class; teacher walked in and said "A terrible thing has happened in our country today." #wherewereyou

In twentieth-century history class. Yeah, I know. Class went normal until the teacher realized we didn't know &turned on tv. #wherewereyou

#wherewereyou Took a bus back to my rental car & continued to Maine. My time in New York ended with smoke trails rising up from the skyline.

#wherewereyou I was at my great grandmom's funeral. Died the day after her bday on my bday and was buried while the 9/11 attacks happened.

JayeLSeptember 11 artquiltmaker

#wherewereyou Was trying to get 4YO to school. Mom called to tell me to turn on TV. Couldn't believe my eyes. Tried to keep day normal. HA!

DawnSeptember 11 dawnmh73

#wherewereyou Teaching kindergarten, wanting nothing but to hold 6mo old daughter. I saw Air Force One fly over as Pres. Bush left Sarasota.

At home in the Boston suburbs with two toddlers, waiting for my husband to get back from a business trip in Canada #wherewereyou

StaguarSeptember 11 StagSchool

@BBCNewsUS Beginning a day of teaching. Heard the news, turned on TV. The whole school was never as quiet #wherewereyou

@ron_fournier Standing on the roof of the Cato Institute in DC watching the absolutely unthinkable. #wherewereyou

I was 16 years old at the orthodontist getting my braces tightened #wherewereyou #sept11 #september11 #911 #NeverForget

I woke up to hear radio alarm news say a "small plane had hit WTC". My husband was scheduled to fly that day. #wherewereyou

Was in 7th grade in 2001. No TVs. No Internet. Administration wouldn't let us outside. "Large swarm of bees" we were told. #wherewereyou

#wherewereyou.. just walked into PE in 6th grade. We sat together and listened to the coverage. #Remember911

09251993September 11 DJSpinstar

#wherewereyou I had just moved from PR to Wash Heights a week before and visited the towers two days before. Life is crazy #september11.

In a prayer meeting w/pastoral staff in Arlington VA, mere minutes from the Pentagon & just moments before it was hit #wherewereyou

StephanieSeptember 11 IamStephGully

I was in elementary school and when the towers hit moms passed out. Dad came and got me from school. #wherewereyou

Was in sax sectionals before school started. Chris Hatten told me the news & I laughed because i thought he was kidding. #WhereWereYou #911

ShaniceSeptember 11 VintageMyWorld

#Remember911 #wherewereyou living in New York , my parents picking me up early from school & packing my bags to leave ny.

Emily M September 11 7Willow33

#wherewereyou Afraid to drive home over bridge near subase in Groton. Black helicopters flying. Feared missle launch from air or sub.

#wherewereyou #september11 In class in 3rd grade, I didn't find out until a 5th grader said "A plane crashed" & I still didn't understand

#wherewereyou 5 years old sitting on a couch in my living room

At 140 West Street downtown Manhattan with @RPCARVA when we saw the horrible events unfolding from a 3rd fl window. #wherewereyou

Matt LooneySeptember 11 looneymd

Walking back from British Lit. at Towson Univ. in MD, girl turned to me and said "Have you heard what just happened?" #wherewereyou

MickeySeptember 11 ClosetHomo

#wherewereyou 4th grade class and the only student to not be taken out of class that day. My teacher sat and colored with me

#wherewereyou my 3rd birthday party...

I was 5 years old watching the news with my dad, asking who "hurt" the towers. That is the only time I've ever seen him cry. #wherewereyou

Emily M September 11 7Willow33

#wherewereyou At court in #Hartford wondering why clerks upset & huddled around a radio. Got to office. People in tears & fear palpable.

Mrs.Azam's 2nd grade class. A teacher came in & told us to turn on the tv.I honestly thought it was a movie.boy was I wrong. #wherewereyou

LauraSeptember 11 Elervim

In college, day off. Roomie called me in, had the TV on; we thought it was an ad for a new movie, but it seemed too real. #wherewereyou

Matt PeeleSeptember 11 mattpeele

I was in my senior Econ class when the 1st plane hit. Turned on the TV to watch the 2nd plane hit. Shock ensued. #wherewereyou #neverforget

8th grade in TN. We were in a temporary classroom w/o TV. Principal walked in and said "you'll never forget this day." #WhereWereYou

The devil is in the details. I was across the street from the WTC on #september11 http://t.co/MRJaCb9wdc #wherewereyou

George BurkeSeptember 11 gaburke

@ron_fournier I was with the IAFF at Pentagon on 9/11 & we were at WTC on 9/12 and for several months after. We buried dead & counseled FFs.

@ronfournier Covering trial in Hannibal, Mo., diverted by AP for reax in ‘America’s Hometown’ – gas lines, prayers at park gazebo. Fear.

Gabbi GermanSeptember 11 ger_lee

I was in my 1st grade classroom when my teacher was pulled outside & came back in w/tears in her eyes.. Ill never forget that #wherewereyou

my husband was in the air, heading to Atlanta. Awful first moments of not knowing... @ron_fournier #wherewereyou

gwen ifillSeptember 11 gwenifill

We smelled the smoke outside our Virginia studios...for weeks #wherewereyou

Up early for school, saw it unfold on TV. That night my brother, F-16 pilot, called up for duty- nightly air patrols over NYC #wherewereyou

Jon FavreauSeptember 11 jonfavs

In college, praying for a call from Dad, who was on an AA flight to CA from Logan. Turned out his gate was next to flight #11#wherewereyou

marcus baramSeptember 11 mbaram

This is the picture I took at this exact time on this day 12 years ago... #september11 #wherewereyou http://t.co/XTmTk36QSe

In an interview when 1st plane hit NY. Rushed on DC subway to office, came out & saw Pentagon smoke. Gathered staff & left #wherewereyou

#WhereWereYou: Sophomore Sociology 101 at Indiana University. My prof was a jokester & we thought he was kidding. He convinced us.

Ed O'KeefeSeptember 10 edatpost

.@NancyPelosi: “The President justly made clear tonight that the threat of military action remains on the table..."

Ed O'KeefeSeptember 10 edatpost

Great description from Scott Pelley: "like the presidential seal itself, he had olive branches in one hand and arrows in the other."

This speech is filled with confused logic. It's hard to see how this will change many minds with regards to a military strike.

The FixSeptember 10 TheFix

Obama making sure people know he understands Iraq and Afghanistan have made people weary of future conflicts.

Sending signals & saving face is no reason 2 use military force. Lets save resources 4 if/when there's direct threat to US or allies #Syria