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Compensation in Nonprofit Organizations in the Mid-Atlantic Region
Executive Pay Up Slightly in 2001

Provided by The Washington Council of Agencies

The median annual salary for a nonprofit organization's Chief Executive Officer in the Mid-Atlantic region was up by 2 percent to $65,000 comparing 2000 to 2001 salary survey statistics. This was among the findings of the recently published Compensation in Nonprofit Organizations in the Mid-Atlantic Region, 14th Edition.

This annual study, co-sponsored by the Washington Council of Agencies and published by Abbott, Langer & Associates of Crete, Illinois, compiles salary data for 124 well-defined benchmark jobs, and is reported out by field of activity, budget, number of employees, geographic location and several other variables. (A companion study, Fringe Benefits and Working Con-ditions in Nonprofit Organizations, is published every third year. It was last completed in 2000.)

Data for the 14th edition compensation survey was gathered in March through September 2001. Participation of area nonprofits was up from past years, resulting in a 689-page copious report. In the Mid-Atlantic region, 489 nonprofit organizations participated in the study. Participants included professional societies, trade associations, and other nonprofit organizations.

Every WCA member organization is invited to participate in the study, and those who do participate receive a 50 percent discount on the purchase of the reports.

The survey uses an exhaustive collection of statistical rankings. It reports direct pay in 124 frequently found benchmark positions at nonprofits in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. Definitions are listed for each reported position and rankings are based on such key variables as budget size, scope of operation, type of non-profit organization, managerial/supervisory responsibility, and number of employees.

These rates vary widely by type and size of nonprofit organization. Some of the apparent anomalies in the list tend to wash out when type and size of nonprofit organization are considered. Pay in top management positions tends to increase proportionately to the organization's budget size. In contrast, rank and file jobs tend to pay the same or even less in the largest organizations, where the scope of responsibility may be narrower than in a small nonprofit.

Pay rates also tend to vary within the region, with pay in Washington, D.C. and its immediate suburbs substantially greater than the rest of the region.