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Jon Huntsman

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The scion of a hyper-wealthy family and former two-term Republican governor from one of the reddest states in the union, Jon Huntsman has made a surprising habit of sometimes bucking the establishment.

Huntsman did so again when he accepted the nomination as U.S. ambassador to China offered by Democratic President Obama. A former deputy assistant secretary of Commerce for East Asia and the Pacific and ex-U.S. ambassador to Singapore, Huntsman learned to speak Mandarin while on Mormon mission to Taiwan during college. He used his language skills to great effect while leading trade trips to China as governor.

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Building trust, one palm frond at a time

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Lawmakers simply don’t trust each other.


TV highlights: ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’ returns with back-to-back D.C. specials

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‘48 Hours’ investigates the Pistorius verdict and ‘Mysteries at the Museum’ returns for Season 7.


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The news can be hard for viewers to take straight. Too confusing, too depressing, too wacky, too much.


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Jon Huntsman buys Fred Thompson’s McLean home

The house in the Virginia suburb isn’t white, but red brick.

Surreal estate: Jon Huntsman puts D.C. townhouse on the market

The former ambassador to China and GOP presidential candidate is giving up his 5,000 square foot home in Kalorama


Jon Huntsman

Jon Huntsman on his election day transition in his 2004 campaign for Utah governor.

Whither Jon Huntsman?

Is Jon Huntsman a man without a political home? The answer to that question might speak volumes about his 2016 prospects.


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