Jon Huntsman: I've been a consistent conservative (0:51)

GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman on Thursday said he's drawing larger than expected crowds at campaign events in South Carolina, and he's telling voters that he has a record of being a consistent conservative. (Jan. 12)


Jon Huntsman defends serving as ambassador to China

In response to Mitt Romney's criticism of serving under President Obama, Jon Huntsman defended his time as ambassador to China during Sunday's debate in New Hampshire. (Jan. 8)


Jon Huntsman, Mitt Romney spar on U.S. policy toward China

Republican presidential candidates Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney disagreed with each other on the United States's trade policy with China during the ABC News debate in New Hampshire on Saturday. (Jan. 7)


Jon Huntsman on N.H.: Losing is not an option

Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman opted out of the Iowa caucuses to focus his attention on campaigning in New Hampshire. Huntsman spoke about the importance of the N.H. primaries. (Jan. 4)


Jon Huntsman

The latest news and social media activity for 2012 presidential candidate Jon Huntsman.


Can Huntsman distance himself from Obama?

He's not formally participating in the Ames straw poll, yet Jon Huntsman is still campaigning in Iowa. (Aug. 11)


Jon Huntsman outlines his foreign policy

Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman spoke with Bob Schieffer on his foreign policy weighing a zero based budget approach compared to the amount of return America gains from helping foreign nations. (Nov. 13)

Five must-do’s for Chris Christie

Christie is kidding himself if he thinks he doesn’t need to woo the right.