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Author of Green Like God: Unlocking the Divine Plan for Our Planet and religion writer who has published widely in such outlets as USA Today, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Christianity Today, and Beliefnet.

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Pastors opposed to same-sex marriage vow not to participate in any civil ceremonies

What’s the surest way conservative pastors can avoid any government mandate to perform same-sex marriages? According to one prominent religious journal and a growing number of ministers, the answer is not to perform any civil marriages at all.

Evangelical ethicist David Gushee is now pro-LGBT. Here's why it matters.

At a moment when American churches and politicians are warring over gay rights and same-sex marriage, each side needs every soldier it can muster. Conservatives are about to learn that one of America’s leading evangelical ethicists is defecting to the opposition.

Hillsong's Brian Houston defends handling of abuse case, sidesteps questions on gay marriage

The founder of Hillsong, one of the most influential religious brands across the globe, on Thursday (Oct. 16) denied allegations that he had tried to cover up his father’s sexual abuse, saying the victim asked him not to go to the police.

Tony Campolo's surprise reaction when his son came out as a humanist

Bart Campolo decided he was no longer a Christian after being injured in a bike accident in 2011. But he waited until last Thanksgiving to break the news to his father, Tony, an influential evangelical leader and author who is famous for having been a spiritual adviser to former President Bill Clinton.