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Spanglish to bilingual: Parents seek language in schools

Early language programs are popular, but most foreign language classes begin late in public school.


    Cheap, last-minute celebrity Halloween costumes

    From Miley to Kanye, these famous people are easy to emulate and fun to imitate.


    COLLEGE PARK, MD - OCTOBER 1: Professor Eun-Suk Seo at the University of Maryland Laboratory in College Park, MD. 2014. Standing in front of the Cosmic Ray Energetics and Mass detector or, CREAM. NASA will launch her payload on the International Space Station under a project called ISS-CREAM. (Photo by Greg Powers For The Washington Post)

    An out-of-this-world study opportunity

    U.Md.-Goddard programs offer students a chance to make history with pioneering space research.



    4 red wines worthy of a holiday pour

    This week’s selections come from France, Italy, Argentina and California.


    Man running in a gym on a treadmill concept for exercising, fitness and healthy lifestyle

    Too sick to go to the gym?

    Learn when to give your body (and the people around you) a break.

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    Amy and Max Date Lab

    Date Lab: They both like fantasy football

    Watch their video analysis of the date.


    ARLINGTON, VA- OCT 25: Thomas Jefferson Middle School 7th grader, Claire Schulte, 12, smells a red onion while working in the community garden at the school on Saturday, October 25, 2014 in Arlington, VA.   About 500 lbs of produce is donated to the Arlington Food Assistance Program from the school every year.(Photo by Amanda Voisard/For the Washington Post)

    Students are hungry to help

    Kids in Northern Virginia and Maryland grow and prepare food for those in need.


    Carolyn Hax: Troubled by boyfriend’s ‘bromance’

    A reader wonders whether she is overreacting to her partner’s close relationship with his best friend.

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    This is how politicos do Halloween

    Even with midterm elections right around the corner, Halloween is an irresistible time for costumed play.


    HANDOUT IMAGE - CANTABRIA, SPAIN - Cueva de El Castillo (Cave of the Castle) is located in Puente Viesgo in Cantabria, Spain. It contains some of the oldest cave art dating back to the Lower Paleolithic and Bronze Age. The Caves of Monte Castillo consist of four caves (of which Cueva del El Castillo is a part of) and were included in the list of World Heritage of UNESCO since July 2008. (S.RECD/Government of Cantabria)

    Spain’s underground art

    Some of the best displays of human creativity are on exhibit here — if you go beneath the surface.

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    HANDOUT ART: Little Hakurei turnips at left and Purple Top turnips at right.

    Hakurei, a sweet little Japanese import

    The turnip that acts like a radish in salads or a water chestnut in stir-fries.


    Oscar de la Renta’s best quotes through the years

    “Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.“


    I told my daughter I was divorced

    I took a moment, swallowed a big gulp of nerves and said, “Did you know that Mommy was married before? That I got a divorce?”