Why do people keep talking about getting naked in congressional gyms?

Vice President Biden is only the latest entry in the TMI canon.


    The month’s best music — Liturgy, Kendrick Lamar, Courtney Barnett and more

    A ranked selection of notable new recordings we heard in March.


    DRAPER, VA - FEBRUARY 13: Lee Spiegel staples a plastic covering on her new greenhouse as her stepfather, Bill Opengari holds the ladder while volunteer John Smith, 16, left, and Spiegel's mixed breed, Hopscotch, stand by on February 13, 2015 in Draper, Va. Lee Spiegel is a native of southwestern Virginia who has come back to the region after decades away to carry out an entrepreneurial dream she's been cultivating for 28 years. The venture is called Pulaski GROW: It's a youth and job-training program that uses an aquaponics business (that's a combo of aquaculture and hydroponics -- growing vegetables indoors using fish tanks) and a community cannery as its teaching tools. Home base for this operation will be an abandoned school building, which she's been gutting and rehabbing with the help of friends, relatives, and others in the community. (Photo by Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)

    Can rural America be saved? A new national ‘challenge’ tries to see.

    You can go home again, country ex-pats learn, as their innovative new businesses take root in Virginia.


    TILGHMAN ISLAND, MD -- 10/4/13 -- Maryland Blue Crabs are what trotlining is all about. About a mile of line is laid on the sea bottom with chicken bones baited every six feet. The boat motors back and forth along the line and as it comes up, crabs are scooped off the bait with a basket. Capt. Wade Murphy, III, 41, is the fourth generation on the water, and his father still sails the oldest skipjack (127 years old) on the Bay. He grew up crabbing, but this summer the only crabbing he did was for charter tours. Murphy does construction and charter tours to make ends meet, and doesn't see the living he used to when he was fishing and crabbing commercially.….. by André Chung for The Washington Post

    Shell shock: An out-of-town impostor could lurk in your Maryland crab cake

    Nearly 40 percent of the time, crabs were imported, not Chesapeake blues as advertised, a report says.


    SILVER SPRING, MD - MARCH 21: A fencing class gets underway at DC Fencers club, on March, 21, 2015 in Silver Spring, MD. (Photo by Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)

    Fencing: A terrific workout that really makes you think

    You might be too busy trying to out-fox an opponent to notice all the explosive movements you’re making.

    Weddings & Romance

    Camila and Devron go out 2/27/15 Sette Osteria

    Dating game contestant’s dinner No. 2: Does Date Lab’s choice top her own?

    Camila’s schedule is getting busy — and we’re biting our fingernails.


    MOUNT VERNON, VA - MARCH 2015: HANDOUT IMAGE: Mount Vernon has new lambs. (Photo by Lisa Cassell)

    George Washington had lots of little lambs, and his estate follows suit

    Mount Vernon expects about 50 babies this spring and will showcase them on a new ’Lamb Cam.’


    Carolyn Hax: Anything you can do, I can do better

    A woman’s longtime BFF is hyper-competitive and copies everything she does.

    Reliable Source

    The pot lobby nixes Tommy Chong to better appeal to ‘conservative’ Congress, report says

    Actor Tommy Chong’s role to lobby for The National Cannabis Industry Association on the Hill has gone up in smoke, a news report says.


    Street Smart: Merrifield and Mosaic District, Fairfax County

    Good budget fashion retail in the Mosaic District.


    A tourist takes a picture at the Capitoline Museums in downtown Rome March 12, 2015. REUTERS/Tony Gentile  (ITALY - Tags: SOCIETY TRAVEL)

    Beating anxiety about traveling solo

    There are advantages to spending a vacation alone.

    Travel coverage

    Home & Garden

    A mini-block containing a seedling being placed into a 2-inch soil block.

    Get seedlings started in early spring

    There are several ways to germinate seeds. Here are some ideas and tips.


    On Parenting: Meghan Leahy and Amy Joyce take questions about parenting

    Meghan Leahy, a parenting coach with Positively Parenting, will talk about parenting children of all ages.