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The unlikely skydiving instructor

Ned Wulin has been training skydivers for decades. They’re often surprised when they meet him.


SIX BY SONDHEIM: Stephen Sondheim. photo: Jerry Jackson/courtesy of HBO

Decades in the Broadway biz, and still we want more

A primer on some of the talismans, techniques and tallies from the Sondheimisphere.


FOR MAGAZINE ONLY: WASHINGTON, DC: Children cheered as they watched downtown fireworks from the Hechinger Mall on July 4, 2013. Families, some who had driven from communities farther east, set up chairs in grocery store parking lots on a hill, and children lighted fireworks as they waited for the city’s display over the National Mall. Photo by Darcy Courteau

I landed in a neighborhood some folks fear

Carver Langston is now my D.C. Let me take you on a tour of the tender places in its heart.


WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 23, 2014: Mushroom-Blended Graffiti Burgers  (Photo by Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post).

More burgers with fungus — and that’s a good thing

‘Blendability’ with mushrooms is the key in an effort to bring more healthful, good-tasting food to the masses.


The Ragnar Relay Series’s Washington race starts at western Maryland’s Rocky Gap State Park, above, and ends at National Harbor.

What is 200 miles long and has 36 legs?

The long-distance relay: It can be an awesome monster, but participants say it inspires teamwork.

Weddings & Romance

Tony and Hope

With this couple you can almost feel the good vibe

A shared interest in travel, food and family bodes well for a winning date.


Online opener for kd-europe3, August 3, 2014.

Europe: 100 years of war and transformation

It has been a century since World War I started, and the map-makers have been busy ever since.


Carolyn Hax: Your reaction made your friend feel judged

A reader who questioned her friend’s moving in with a man finds that her attitude has chilled the friendship.

Reliable Source

President Obama ‘loves’ Katy Perry ... and these four other singers, too

The Obamas have proven to be quite the music enthusiasts.


CENTRAL CALIFORNIA COAST - Right as the sun peeks above the coastal mountains in Central California, a flawless, frigid wave pitches forth and ends it's journey from North Pacific origins some 3,000 miles away. (JoshKimball.com)

Finding a little of everything on California’s Central Coast

No longer the state’s best-kept secret, the area has everything, from wine to beaches.

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Home & Garden

Purslane from Bigstock.

A weed that’s hard to beat (in the frying pan)

Purslane is not only tasty to eat but also highly nutritious. Try it in salads and sautes.


Spanx stretches into new territory with jeans, but the promised magic is elusive

The company that made its founder a billionaire tries to branch out.


At what point can I take my kid to a museum?

At what age should kids start going to museums, and how can you turn it into a good experience? An expert weighs in.