A gardener’s guide to saving the monarch


Milkweed and other plants to support a butterfly in trouble.



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    TAPICHALACA RESERVE, ECUADOR - JANUARY 2015 - A pair of Golden-plumed Parakeets (Leptosittaca branickii) squawk from their natural wax palm nest in Quebrada Honda valley. The valley is one of four sites at Tapichalaca Reserve where artificial nest boxes help supplement the lack of palm cavities due to the tree’s endangerment, providing parakeets with valuable nesting spots. (Jessie Williamson)

    Wing tips: Bird-watching adventures high in the Andes Mountains

    Two nature lodges nestled in the lush cloud forest of Ecuador offer a shot to see rare and threatened species.

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    Monarch Butterfly on Tithonia. Photo courtesy James Gagliardi, Smithsonian Gardens

    A gardener’s guide to saving the monarch

    Milkweed and other plants to support a butterfly in trouble.



    The summer backslide

    How to avoid it without ruining the fun.