Carolyn Hax

Martinis and maternity raise a red flag

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Mom worries about correcting daughter’s impression that “light drinking” during pregnancy is okay.

Carolyn Hax: Dealing with loved one’s possible depression

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Because of recent incidents and suspicions, parent is concerned about 22-year-old daughter.

Carolyn Hax: Ex wants her back, but won’t drop latest fling

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After seven months, he wants to talk about getting back together, but won’t tell his current girlfriend.

Carolyn Hax: Emotional harm could be a prelude to physical harm

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A woman is advised that domestic violence and verbal abuse lie on the same continuum, so respond in kind.

Carolyn Hax: Reciprocation is over the long haul

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Resist the urge to take other people’s stuff personally when scheduling around kids’ (and parents’) needs.

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Hints From Heloise: The meaning of ‘organic’

Heloise reiterates the USDA guidelines.

Hints From Heloise: Is a CO detector really needed?

Readers question why they would need a CO detector if they have electric appliances.

Hints From Heloise: A game plan for Easter eggs

Don’t forget to find any hidden ‘real’ Easter eggs, or you’ll be sorry.

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Miss Manners: Gift of DNA swab kits relatively unwelcome

They can’t re-gift them; nor would they donate them to a charity. What can be done with the things?

Miss Manners: Pushy person deserves gentle verbal shove

Those who come a little too close for comfort at the cashier’s counter can be made to step back with this line.

Miss Manners: How to silence a dinner party boor

Drunken boor forces political appointee to defend a controversial policy at a dinner party.

Miss Manners: Teen wants uninvited friend to tag along

How can she get her daughter to understand that it puts both host and friend in an awkward spot?

Miss Manners: Granddaughter is one tough cookie seller

Diabetic grandma bought them last year, explaining she couldn’t eat them — then was hit up again this year.

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Ask Amy: Veteran struggles with marriage

A father writes is worried about how his son has changed after his tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Ask Amy: Lack of tears makes man question grief

HIs wife of 43 years died three years ago and he doesn’t feel the sort of grief he thinks is appropriate.

Ask Amy: Online friend hides behind screens

Cyber buddy never wants to meet in person or even talk on the phone.

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Animal Doctor: To train a puppy, act like a puppy

How to prevent a chewing puppy from becoming a biter; dogs’ skin conditions are difficult to diagnose.

Animal Doctor: Michael W. Fox thanks his readers

Animal and human health and well-being are interconnected; pet insurance; chronic ear problems.

Animal Doctor: When dogs have adverse reactions to drugs

The risks of heartworm prevention medication; when cats think outside the box; monitoring dogs’ weight.

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@Work Advice columnist Karla Miller (DEB LINDSEY/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

@Work Advice: Just say no, or quit?

Worker is morally opposed to drug testing. But what if his or her number comes up?


Family Almanac

illustration by hadley hooper for the washington post

The 8-year-old introvert: What can a mom do?

Her son has a hard time making friends, finding his interests, and living beyond the screen.

Illustration with Family Almanac

How to get kids to help

One parent is tired of nagging her kids to do their chores. Marguerite Kelly offers some help.

Family almanac local living illustration

Should child stay on team even if she’s on the bench?

Marguerite Kelly: Your child shouldn’t quit just because you want her to play in every game.


The looming empty nest

Ordinary events remind writer that one stage of motherhood is coming to an end.

Even kids know that guns are a public health issue

With surgeon general debate, adults run the risk of alienating those they are trying to protect

Cutting the writing section from the SAT is just plain dumb

No skill should be more valued that being able to translate your thoughts clearly into writing

How mothers can have joy and fun

Olympian mom shows that parenthood doesn’t need to be a zero-sun game.

Senioritis is very rarely fatal

Despite dire warnings and parental angst, few students lose their acceptances to senioritis.

Date Lab

Date Labbers Rui and Megan at Scion on March 4, 2014

She’s a bodybuilder in search of a date

Now he can say he’s dated a bodybuilder who also does improv comedy

Date Labbers Kristin and David at ilcanal 2/27/14

Talking shop ... and maybe romance?

Date Lab: Best strategy for a first date? Talk nerdy to me.

Date Labbers Kara and Max at Trattoria Nicola's Feb 24, 2014

Are veggies the food of love, after all?

Date Lab: They both used to hate mushrooms, now they love them. Is it a sign?

Date Labbers Ben and Cari at Woordward Table 2/18/14

They share a sense of humor, but is that enough?

Quick-witted, check. Laid-back, check. Curious about the world, check.

Date Labbers Andrew and Hanna at Rustico on Feb 7, 2014

They love to run

One’s a marathoner; one runs faster. But are they headed the same direction?

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