Carolyn Hax

Carolyn Hax: Mom wants to offer support, not take sides, in couple’s split

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Her daughter wants financial help in renting a new place, but Mom is worried about alienating the family.

    Carolyn Hax: For kids, ‘hate’ is more than just a four-letter word

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    Children use simple words to express complicated feelings, but such a term presents a teaching opportunity.

      Carolyn Hax: For goody-two-shoes, one good deed deserves three others

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      After coming through for a niece, a reader’s sister now wants her to buy equal gifts for her other children.

        Carolyn Hax: Once the dearest of friends, they now hardly communicate

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        A reader senses she’s losing her former best friend, who has a new life. Is their relationship salvageable?

          Carolyn Hax: Struggling with sister-in-law’s affair, brother’s reconciliation

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          A sibling needs to control the urge to reveal the affair and instead invest herself in their bid to patch things up.

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            Civilities: Bruce Jenner: “Have an open mind and an open heart”

            Civilities: Bruce Jenner: “Have an open mind and an open heart”

            On Friday night 16.9 million viewers watched Diane Sawyer interview Jenner about being a transgender woman.

            Civilities: Dealing with a relative’s refusal to invite a same-sex partner

            Civilities: Dealing with a relative’s refusal to invite a same-sex partner

            An excerpt from Steven Petrow’s online chat.

            How long do I have? I’m obsessed with this question.

            How long do I have? I’m obsessed with this question.

            At least one billionaire sees it this way: Retiring in your 60s may not be the way to go.

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            Hints from Heloise

            Hints From Heloise: The stuff to rebuff the scuffs

            Would you believe a tennis ball will do the trick?

            Hints From Heloise: A fast route to healthier eating

            Heloise’s tips for eating healthfully on the go.

            Hints From Heloise: Traveling with a pet

            An up-to-date ID tag is de rigueuer when traveling with your furry friend.

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            Animal Doctor

            Animal Doctor: Vaccination protocols have changed

            Annual shots can do more harm than good; adopting a feral cat; concerns over which cat litter to use.

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            Ask Amy

            Ask Amy: Parents wonder how to discipline other kids

            They’re friendly with the parents of two children who play with their son, 7. Problem is, their kids misbehave.

            Ask Amy: Granny wants him to put a ring on it

            She can’t understand why her granddaughter’s live-in boyfriend is delaying marriage.

            Ask Amy: Grandmother wonders if family is racist

            The only thing unacceptable to her about her granddaughter’s beau is his race. So yes, she’s a racist.

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            Miss Manners

            Miss Manners: A random act more creepy than kind

            Sending unsigned cards to random people in the directory will probably not deliver the desired fuzzy feeling.

            Miss Manners: Don’t take ‘how are you?’ too seriously

            The Gentle Reader finds the constant how-are-you’s at the shopping mall to be an imposition.

            Miss Manners: Business apology is good manners and good sense

            The Gentle Reader must be one of the very few who find ‘we apologize for the inconvenience’ off-putting.

            Miss Manners: Mismatched flatware has much to recommend it

            The Gentle Reader has Miss Manners’s blessing to purchase unmatched silver utensils.

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            @Work Advice columnist Karla Miller (DEB LINDSEY/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

            Work advice: It’s okay to take the blame, but don’t be a patsy

            Where’s the line between being noble and being a martyr?


              Family Almanac

              Illustration by HADLEY HOOPER for THE WASHINGTON POST

              A few final thoughts from Marguerite Kelly

              The parenting columnist offers her best advice after 35 years of writing.

              Illusration by Hadley Hooper for The Washington Post

              When co-sleeping leads to commotion

              FAMILY ALMANAC | Two boys, 4 and 9, enjoy co-sleeping, but it can cause commotion.

              Help! My teen son is driving me crazy

              Her 14-year-old doesn’t listen and Marguerite Kelly advises how to handle it.

              Meghan Leahy

              ISTOCK IMAGE

              My son is a 12-year-old technology addict

              A plugged-in tween pitches a fit when his gadgets are taken away. Is he headed down a dangerous path?

              On Parenting: Meghan Leahy and Amy Joyce took questions about parenting

              Meghan Leahy, a parenting coach with Positively Parenting, will talk about parenting children of all ages.

              On Parenting: Meghan Leahy, Amy Joyce take questions about parenting

              Join us at 11 a.m. to talk all things parenting.

              On Parenting: Meghan Leahy takes questions about parenting

              Join us at 11 a.m. to talk all things parenting.

              Illustration of a girl pushing skateboard with two boys sitting on it

              Can a 5-year-old with a case of hero worship become his own man?

              Don’t worry. Sometime between the ages of 5 and 7 (and often much later), a child will begin to “grow into himself.”

              Date Lab

              Ryan and Bethany 4/19/15 datelab

              How dare we put together a vegan and a vegetarian?

              Their fondness for cocktails cut short their post-dinner plans. Will they really meet up again for that beer?

              Timi and Tory go out to Ghibellina 3/18/15

              Date Lab tests out ‘opposites attract’: Avid sports fan meets an avid reader

              And the differences don’t stop there for these two adventurers.

              Emma and Taylor

              The curse of the awkward first hug

              She seemed nervous. No, he seemed nervous. Can you blame them?

              Rebecca and Kurt 4/5/15

              After a rocky start to the Date Lab dinner, could alcohol fuel a recovery?

              The chitchat finally ranged from pet bunnies to dreams of Zanzibar.

              Camila and Devron go out 2/27/15 Sette Osteria

              Dating game contestant’s dinner No. 2: Does Date Lab’s choice top her own?

              Camila’s schedule is getting busy — and we’re biting our fingernails.

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