Carolyn Hax

Carolyn Hax: In a rush to reclaim a relationship

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A woman who lost her boyfriend over her “inappropriate” behavior with other guys has more mending to do.

Carolyn Hax: No Hollywood ending for this in-law incident

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After a woman overhears her in-laws insulting her and her family, she wonders about confronting them.

Carolyn Hax: A name game for a grandmother to skip

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She loves her grandson calling her “Mamaji,” but his mother objects, strenuously. Should she give in?

Carolyn Hax: Solitary and happy, or just fooling yourself?

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A reader who is single, not dating and content to be so wonders about being told she is deluding herself.

Carolyn Hax: Pros and cons of moving for a spouse’s job

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Some readers say it’s a no-brainer; others caution that it can be a tough road.

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Petrow piggy bank

Civilities: A lesbian daughter fears parents play favorites

A potential family feud bubbles up over money set aside for grandchildren.

A tip sheet for transgender etiquette, A to Z

Your tip sheet for transgender etiquette, A to Z

What you need to know to come out in 2014

Expert advice on coming out -- as well as what to say when someone tells you they’re LGBT


Hints from Heloise: LATCH helps secure care seat

LATCH seats (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) are required in most cars manufactured after 2002.

Hints From Heloise: Wonderful wicker

Cool water and salt are all that’s needed to freshen up dusty wicker.

Hints From Heloise: Dirty or clean? Check the soap

A reader shares an easy way to tell whether the dishes in the dishwasher have been washed.

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Animal Doctor: Dog is finally cured of itchy skin condition

Salmon and other fish oils can improve a dog’s coat; veterinary association weighs in on feral cats.

Animal Doctor: Mange mites are often overlooked

Specialist misses source of problem; cat won’t use litter box to poop; dog has adverse reaction to flea drugs.

Animal Doctor: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, in a Lab

Dog turns aggressive; environmental contamination; massage therapy; dog becomes agitated while riding.

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Ask Amy: Exes awkwardly try to reunite

They broke up, dated other people, but still had feelings for each other. Now she’s moving across the country.

Ask Amy: Chores pile up while Dad piles on

She agreed to take on all housework with help from his kids; then he asked her not to remind them of chores.

Ask Amy: Senior daters disagree about intimacy

They’re dancing around an issue that’s very important and about which they think and feel very differently.

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Miss Manners: Just say no to sales party invitation

No excuses are necessary for declining such an invitation, however guilty one may feel for saying no.

Miss Manners: Online status update: Leave me alone!

A Gentle Reader abhors the online ‘buddy list’ that alerts others that one is online.

Miss Manners: Gifts require acknowledgment. Period.

The Gentle Reader bought a car for a recent college grad and heard not a peep of thanks.

Miss Manners: Restaurant hostess spares all from diaper

When a customer wanted her to dispose of a soiled diaper in the bus trays, she understandably balked.

Miss Manners: Don’t embarrass others into paying for trip

Soliciting funds for one’s children’s extracurriculars should only be done if you would gladly reciprocate.

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Advice from Slate's 'Dear Prudence'

Live discussion with Slate advice columnist Dear Prudence, a.k.a. Emily Yoffe.

@Work Advice columnist Karla Miller (DEB LINDSEY/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

@Work Advice: When no more raises are in the cards

What should employees who are told they make too much money do?


Family Almanac


What to do about bored kids this summer

Marguerite Kelly gives advice about what to do with two boys who sit around and watch TV.


Mom needs to apologize this time

She disagrees with her son’s girlfriend on many things, but maybe she’s the one to apologize.

Illustration by Hadley Hopper for the Washington Post

Go all new-school on bullying

It’s time to transfer 11-year-old victim to a better education environment.


The looming empty nest

Ordinary events remind writer that one stage of motherhood is coming to an end.

Even kids know that guns are a public health issue

With surgeon general debate, adults run the risk of alienating those they are trying to protect

Cutting the writing section from the SAT is just plain dumb

No skill should be more valued that being able to translate your thoughts clearly into writing

How mothers can have joy and fun

Olympian mom shows that parenthood doesn’t need to be a zero-sun game.

Senioritis is very rarely fatal

Despite dire warnings and parental angst, few students lose their acceptances to senioritis.

Date Lab

Eleena and Daniel

Date Lab: They asked the D.C. questions, and the fun followed

Despite disagreeing on the merits of Louis C.K., this couple found much in common.

James and Mo go horseback riding

A date on horseback

A ride through Rock Creek Park sparks conversation — and interest.

Joe and Annie at iLPorto on May 29, 2014

It’s not how the date starts that matters, it’s how it ends

Here’s a date that even hip surgery couldn’t keep from happening.

Stephen and Joshuah

Keep calm and meet your soul mate. Or not.

They’re new to D.C. and searching for a connection.

Date labbers Chris and Anna at Farmers, Fishers, Bakers on 5/7/14

When a ‘Bachelor’ hopeful looks closer to home...

He hopes to land on the show, but maybe he’ll find a match without having to leave town.

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