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Carolyn Hax: Take the time to find your passion

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A reader who is “coasting” at work and feels lazy should perhaps look beyond the job for motivation.

    Carolyn Hax: Aiding a friend in an abusive relationship

    Comics page

    Advice to a reader aghast that her friend is engaged to a violent alcoholic: Just be there for her.

      Carolyn Hax: A husband stereotypes stay-at-home moms

      (Nick Galifianakis / For The Washington Post)

      A professional woman wants to stay home after she starts a family, but her husband is resisting the idea.

        Carolyn Hax: What defines a good relationship

        (Nick Galifianakis / For The Washington Post)

        It’s not about being perfect; it’s about feeling safe enough together to be your honest selves.

          Carolyn Hax: Guardians of children of risk-taking parent anxious


          Reader says brother-in-law’s desire to race cars sets a bad example for his children.

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            State Rep. Brian Sims, D-Philadelphia, accompanied by other officials, speaks at a protest calling on Pennsylvania to add sexual orientation to its hate crime law at John F. Kennedy Plaza, also known as Love Park, Thursday, Sept. 25, 2014, in Philadelphia. The renewed call for the legislation comes in response to the Sept. 11 beating of a gay couple   (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

            A gay Republican finds his party ruins friendships

            How to explain to his friends why he supports GOP and LGBT issues.

            Does the man or woman hold open the door today?

            Changing gender roles are confusing social etiquette

            In this publicity image released by Focus Features, clockwise from left, Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, Josh Hutcherson, Mia Wasikowska and Mark Ruffalo are shown in a scene from 'The Kids are All Right.' (AP Photo/Focus Features, Suzanne Tenner)

            How to deal with nosy questions as a lesbian mom

            Advice for when questions about family get too personal.


            Hints from Heloise: Only one way to clean clothing?

            Advice on deciphering the care directions on your favorite garments.

            Hints from Heloise: Vinegar dispenses a clean solution

            Use this pantry staple to freshen the ice and water dispenser on your refrigerator.

            Hints from Heloise: ‘Open,’ says the thief!

            Reader warns against leaving garage door opener in car in driveway

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            Animal Doctor: Treats can lead to tricky problems

            Safe snacks for dogs; irritable bowel disease; separation anxiety; intervening to help wildlife.

            Animal Doctor: Cushing’s disease is common in dogs

            Diagnosing hyperactive adrenal glands; cats with dental problems; toxic cleansers; safe flea control.

            Animal Doctor: Dog shows signs of OCD and Tourette’s

            German shepherd is easily startled; effects of grains on cats; treating a skin condition; stopping seizures.

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            Ask Amy: Remarriage brings out bad feelings

            Family’s decision to skip the gifts at second wedding causes tension

            Ask Amy: All kids need to know the ‘facts of life’

            Parent should initiate talk with 10-year-old, rather than wait for questions

            Ask Amy: College girl’s behavior is sooo high school

            Best way to deal with a domineering, rude ‘friend’ is to stand up to her

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            Miss Manners: Potty training fails to entertain

            The Gentle Reader would rather wait until friends’ son accomplishes this milestone before visiting again.

            Miss Manners: Facebook holdout feels she’s missing out

            She is happily out of the loop but wishes friends would remember that she’s not on the social media site.

            Miss Manners: Affecting a casual hipness can backfire

            Using ‘Peeps’ as a salutation in a memo to board chairs risks sounding ridiculous at best, offensive at worst.

            Miss Manners: Be blunt, but only if intentions are good

            Is nurse being penalized for ‘directness’, or is there something else behind the criticism?

            Miss Manners: Mixed-gender group objects to ‘you guys’

            ‘Ladies and gentleman’ would do much better, and have the benefit of including both genders.

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            Advice from Slate's 'Dear Prudence'

            Live discussion with Slate advice columnist Dear Prudence, a.k.a. Emily Yoffe.

            @Work Advice columnist Karla Miller (DEB LINDSEY/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

            @Work Advice: Stranger danger and textual innuendo

            How to handle a troubling Web search and an embarrassingly misdirected text.


              Family Almanac

              Hadley Hooper for The Washington Post

              My husband wants to involve his new girlfriend in the family

              Marguerite Kelly says a therapist and mediator could help the situation.

              hadley hooper for the washington Post

              Still waiting to soar

              A 13-year-old who can’t keep pace with her sister and wets the bed.

              hadley hooper for the washington post

              Offer forgiveness to daughter, and save some for yourself

              Marguerite Kelly advises a mom who is devastated by her daughter’s wish to cut her out of her life.

              Meghan Leahy

              Explaining Daddy’s addiction

              Substance abuse was a factor in this tumultuous divorce, and the children know something’s going on.

              On Parenting: Meghan Leahy and Amy Joyce took questions about parenting

              Meghan Leahy, a parenting coach with Positively Parenting, will join Amy Joyce to talk about parenting children of all ages.

              Child's Hands

              I want my child to be more competitive

              He wants his daughter to want to be sporty and competitive. She is resisting. What to do?

              On Parenting: Meghan Leahy and Amy Joyce took questions about parenting

              Meghan Leahy, a parenting coach with Positively Parenting, will join Amy Joyce to talk about parenting children of all ages.

              On Parenting: Meghan Leahy and Amy Joyce take questions about parenting

              Meghan Leahy, a parenting coach with Positively Parenting, will join Amy Joyce to talk about parenting children of all ages.

              Date Lab

              Mindy and Julian

              Adventurous, spicy food lovers hit it off in Clarendon

              There was a kiss, but it’s still not clear whose idea that was.

              Shayna and Francis

              Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a (better) match

              What the matchmaker didn’t know may have undermined this date. ...

              Nima and Rachel

              Two economists go into a bar....

              In theory, we thought this was a good idea. And we were right!

              Tiffany and Victor

              Beer, wine, bourbon and cigars. Is this a country song?

              They went out for dinner, but we only heard about the drinks. Oh, and they had fun.

              Andres and Veronica

              Date Lab: Roses and gummy bears

              But sometimes flowers and sweets can go only so far.

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