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Last-minute Easter dinner ideas

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Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post Sourced columnist David Hagedorn developed this recipe for a bacon-wrapped herbed lamb loin. You’ve probably seen our Food section stories this week on Easter: with cured ham or without. But over the years, we’ve published countless recipes to help get you through the holiday.

Here are some favorites, if you’re still searching for Easter dinner ideas:

Bacon-Wrapped Herbed Loin of Lamb With Jus. Did someone say bacon?

Apricot Ancho Lamb Shanks. A smoky and untraditional take on lamb for Easter.

Baked Ham With Ginger-Mango Glaze and Roasted Sweet Potatoes. As mentioned in the headnote, “This tangy, gingery glaze is a perfect complement to the smoky ham.”

Jennifer Perillo/

Jennifer Perillo's striking Italian Easter bread.

Grilled Mediterranean Leg of Lamb. The secret here is Spanish paprika.

Roast Leg of Lamb Studded With Sweet Garlic. Boiling takes the edge off the 12 large garlic cloves.

Stuffed Whole Red Snapper. Try a Caribbean Easter with this jerk-seasoned snapper.

Asparagus and Carrots Parmesan: A classic vegetable dish from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy.

Roast Potatoes With Garlic and Sage. The new potatoes take on a golden crusty edge when roasted in olive oil.

Slow-Cooker Greens. These can be made in advance to take some of the pressure off Easter-day preparations.

Fettuccine With Artichokes, Peas and Prosciutto. Artichokes are a traditional part of the Italian Easter meal.

Italian Easter Bread. A staple of Brooklyn’s Italian pastry shops, this bread is rich, sweet and visually striking.

Koulourakia (Butter Cookie Braids). These braided, not-too-sweet cookies pair well with coffee after the meal.

Lemon Curd Tart. All you need to know: This tasty tart is simple to make.

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