KidsPost heads out on summer vacation

Family photo - Nathalie Hoffman, 9, and Ian Hoffman, 7, took KidsPost with them on a trip to the Netherlands, where they took a cruise on the canals of Amsterdam on Father’s Day. They sent greetings to their friends at Forestville Elementary School.

It’s summertime!

KidsPost readers are leaving town, but they are taking their favorite newspaper section along for the ride. These kids had water-filled vacations — one near and one far.

(Family photo) - Leala Chung, 1, and Kyla Chung, 4, took KidsPost with them to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. It was one of many stops on a week-long vacation with their mom and dad..

Gallery of the Week

WASHINGTON, D.C.; APRIL 2, 2014 - HANDOUT IMAGE: Bao Bao climbs a tree on the second day that the National Zoo's panda cub ventures out into the panda yard with mom Mei Xiang. (Photo by Abby Wood/Smithsonian's National Zoo)

Bao Bao goes outside!

The National Zoo’s giant panda cub heads to the yard for the first time.

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London cafe offers coffee, tea and cats

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Baltimore’s Michael Phelps is jumping back into the pool

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Learning about bread is also a lesson in sharing

Learning about bread is also a lesson in sharing

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What causes people to sneeze?

What causes people to sneeze?

When something irritates nerves inside noses and sinus passages, you sneeze to remove it.

If you want to be a part of “The Summer of KidsPost,” here’s all you have to do:

●Go on vacation. It can be someplace as exotic as Bora Bora (find that on a map!) or as simple as a nearby water park.

●Take a copy of KidsPost with you. It can be from any day.

●Get someone to take a picture of you (and siblings, cousins, grandparents) holding KidsPost.

●Have one of your parents send it to us at or KidsPost, The Washington Post, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071. For e-mail, put “Summer of KidsPost” in the subject line.

●Include the full names, ages and home towns of everyone in the photo. Also write a sentence or two about what made your vacation special. We will publish pictures in the newspaper and on this summer.

●Have fun and keep reading Kids­Post!

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