Date Lab: They hugged, they laughed, they played pool. Just friends, or more?

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Jasmine Gethers, a 25-year-old outreach specialist for AARP, wants an active, ambitious, kindhearted Christian — and so does Drew Stewart, a 29-year-old lawyer. Do wishlists that match mean they’re meant for each other? We sent them to Chef Geoff’s in downtown Washington to find out.


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Interviews by Amanda McGrath

Drew:I was already seated when she came in. She walked up to the table and opened her arms to give me a hug. She exuded a really positive energy.

Jasmine: I thought he was cute. He’s tall — I’m short, so everybody’s taller than me.

Drew: She was pretty. She was very classy-looking. But I will say she didn’t trigger any immediate response on my romantic radar.

Jasmine: We introduced ourselves. We started having a conversation, and it flowed really well. There were no awkward moments. He seems very down-to-earth. He’s really bright, very intelligent. He’s attractive.

Drew: She’s taking a sign language class [and] a swimming class. I thought that was pretty cool, that she was into learning new things. We both went to black colleges — she went to Howard, I went to Morehouse. So we had that in common.

Jasmine: I’m big on running and training for a half-marathon; he suggested that maybe in the future or something we go run around the Mall.

Drew: She’s a Dallas Cowgirls fan — make sure you get that, that I said “Dallas Cowgirls.” I’m a Redskins fan, so I’m like [laughing], “Oh, this is definitely not gonna work out.”

Jasmine: One thing he mentioned that I really liked: He and his friends try to do random acts of kindness, where they do something kind for a stranger one day out of the month. So [the other day] he bought the woman behind him [at Starbucks] the beverages she had in her hand.

Drew: Surprisingly it makes your day a little better when you put a smile on someone’s face, so I guess it’s selfish reasons, but it’s just something I do now and then.

Jasmine: It was very thoughtful. If you’re doing something nice for a stranger, you’re going out of your way to make someone else’s day. I mean, I give money to the homeless; I’m not sure that’s an act of kindness. ... The last time I did, I didn’t get in trouble, but the guy wasn’t really homeless, so I just kind of dropped money in his coffee accidentally and got yelled at about it. I was like: “Oh! I’m sorry!”

Drew: I learned her biggest regret in college was that she wished she’d partied a little more. She asked me what I find attractive in a woman, I said confidence. I asked her what physical features she was most attracted to in a man, she said his back. I asked her if she won a thousand dollars tomorrow, what would she do with it? And she said save it. That showed me she’s pretty grounded.

Jasmine: I don’t know [if there was flirting]. I’m one of those people [who is] so oblivious to everything.

Drew: I wasn’t extra-flirty or anything. I sort of just kept it, you know, friendly.

Jasmine: He had to leave because he was going to New York [for work]. So we caught a cab to Union Station to drop him off, just to make sure he got there on time. I went home and he texted me good night. I texted him to let him know I got home safely.

Drew: I think Date Lab did a great job of matching us on paper. But as with all matchmaking, it’s unpredictable whether there’s going to be a romantic spark.

Jasmine: I had a lot of fun. You can’t really figure out on a first date if there’s spark. I will say I wouldn’t mind hanging out with him again, ’cause he seems really cool.


Drew: I would rate the date probably a 4 or 4.5 out of 5. We clicked well; we had a lot in common. We might go for a run at some point. We had a great time, as far as dates go.

Jasmine: I would say a 5. I really had a great time. Even if we don’t get romantically involved, he’d be a really great friend.


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