Overheard: ‘It’s the mystery’

Nancy Robinson of Fairfax overheard a mother in the locker room of a community recreation center.

Mother (to preteen daughter):
“When people are sore, they deal with it. You can whine, but please don’t fall apart.”

Contrails from jet planes passing overhead intersect the National Museum of Art in Washington, Thursday morning, April 17, 2014. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Photos of the day

Scenes from Holy Week events, South Korean ferry search efforts, macaw conservation and more.

Marianna Busching of Baltimore on the third floor at Peabody Institute.

A tiny girl and her bigger brother are waiting for the elevator. Against the wall leans a huge case for a string bass.

Tiny girl, eyeing the instrument case: “That scares me.”

Big brother , impatiently: “It’s probably empty. Why are you scared?”

Tiny girl: “It’s the mystery.”

Elizabeth Herrera of Bowie at a
food pantry.

“Why can’t we have a turkey instead
of a chicken? My husband is a vegetarian.”

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