For birders and anglers, there’s no place like Great Inagua

(Melissa Maura / Melissa Maura)

  • For birders and anglers, there’s no place like Great Inagua

    For birders and anglers, there’s no place like Great Inagua

    The Bahamian island of Great Inagua is an angler’s and birdwatcher’s, and a flamingo’s, paradise. 296 209
  • Touring the sweet smells of the Caribbean island

    Touring the sweet smells of the Caribbean island

    Go hiking with a community group, and take a Sunday drive to eat local specialties. 296 222
  • The low-key island charms of Providencia, Colombia

    The low-key island charms of Providencia, Colombia

    The largely undeveloped island of Providencia, Colombia, is a throwback to the Caribbean of yore 296 222

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In this Sept. 14, 2014 photo, sunbathers walk along a badly eroding patch of resort-lined crescent beach in Negril in western Jamaica. Some sections of the beach are barely wide enough for a decent-sized beach towel and the Jamaican National Environment and Planning Agency says the sands are receding at a rate of more than a meter (a yard) per year. (AP Photo/David McFadden)

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The natural beauty of Great Inagua

The Bahaman island features a park that is home to 60,000 flamingos and more than 130 other bird species.

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Namibia is one of the least densely populated areas in the world, with 20 percent of its land protected.

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