On Love: Frances Correa and Zac Ufnar

(L.A. Birdie Photography / L.A. Birdie Photography)

Frances Correa was first drawn to Zac Ufnar’s endearingly bad dance moves, and then things got serious.

On Love: ‘We really became best friends first’

(Akins Lawal Photography / Akins Lawal Photography)

Patrick Ledesma swept Kate DiEmidio off her feet with creative, romantic dates all over Washington.

On Love: ‘He was one of the few people who really listened’

(Charlie Archambault Photography / Charlie Archambault Photography)

Journalists Jessica Meyers and Jeff Kearns met on the X2 bus in the District in May 2012.

On Love: ‘We are very much a team’

(Daniel McGarrity Photography / Daniel McGarrity Photography )

Nicole Van Vooren and Rolando Amaya secretly admired each other during their commutes on the bus.

On Love: ‘I would never want to hold her back’

(Aaron S. Cathcart / Cathcart Photography)

Jena Griswold and Mohamed Enab met when Jena was a customer at Mohamed’s family’s furniture store.

WeddingWire aims to make the planning process simpler

(Dayna Smith / Dayna Smith/ftwp)

Timothy Chi founded the company after frustration planning his own wedding.

Your wedding in The Washington Post

(Mark Gail / FTWP)

Are you getting married in the Washington-area? Would you like to see your nuptials featured in The Washington Post? Fill out the form and you could be featured in the paper or online.

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On Love: Kevin Hetman and Ryan Jeffers

On Love: A couple’s engagement on the Mall during cherry blossom season makes for a pretty picture.

On Love: Mary Chasko weds Ed Brzytwa

A ski-loving couple says their vows in the mountains of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

On Love: Caroline Stoga weds Steve Bagley

Although die-hard fans of rival NCAA teams, a couple finds union during March Madness.

On Love: Caitie Simpson and Gregory Byrne

A couple who met in college and then moved to the District get married at the St. Regis Hotel.

On Love: Cristy Michel weds Adam Levine

After meeting and becoming friends in college, a couple marry when they’re “older and wiser.”

On Love: Abby von Kelsch and Chad Omweg

A pair of Skeleton athletes go headfirst down the aisle.

They won each other’s hearts — <br> and a contest

A D.C. couple weds at New York’s Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day.

John Armato weds Elizabeth Ibanez

A couple who met through an impromptu music lesson make a harmonious connection.

On Love: Cara Selick and David Mieles

Two Johns Hopkins graduates tie the knot at the George Peabody Library in Baltimore.

On Love: Dan Hagerty and Michael Cook

A couple who met at the Kennedy Center forged a bond over their love of the arts and music.

On Love: Debra Smith weds Patrick Belott

High-school chemistry turns into a lasting relationship.

On Love: Caroline Blanch and Jason Israel

After meeting at Harvard, the two fell in love and later married in the bride’s native Australia.

On Love: Lia Glavin weds John Prugh

For an Arlington couple, the new year coincides with the start of a new life.

On Love: Jessica Lohmann and Jaime Duque

Surprise! This engagement party is a wedding.

On Love: Amanda Fein and Jonathan Stein

After meeting on a dating Web site, they found a sweet connection.

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Loudoun is for lovers

The Va. county hosted nearly 2,700 weddings last year, and newlyweds spent more than $42 million, tourism officials said.

McDonnells charged in gifts scandal

Probe stems from their relationship with a wealthy political benefactor.

Grace Kelly: From Ocsar winner to princess

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