Satisfy cravings with healthful fruits and juices that are naturally sweet instead of consuming added sugars.

Satisfy cravings with healthful fruits and juices that are naturally sweet instead of consuming added sugars.

The martial art and Olympic sport offers numerous benefits, from fitness to self-defense to, yes, MMA skills.

Parents needn’t fear the marijuana relative. It’s actually pretty great.



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How you talk to your baby now can help their social skills when they are older, says new research

Psychologists at the University of York show that talking to your child in a certain way may help them understand the thoughts of others when they get older.

Why DARPA is paying people to watch Alfred Hitchcock cliffhangers

It has to do with the agency's little-publicized Narrative networks or N2 program.

The terrifying timeline of how a Colorado teen ate a pot cookie and then jumped to his death

The CDC has released the details to warn about the dangers of edible marijuana products.

It’s an exercise-world buzzword, but it gets at the heart of how a strong, mobile body is valuable to daily life.

Washingtonians are spending good cash for boutique studio workouts. For the rest of us: Hello, ClassPass.

Vitamin A helps keeps eyes younger — and, luckily, summertime fruits and vegetables provide it.

Videos delve into the science of running, sleeping, breathing and, yes, even twerking.

A guide to all the added health claims by makers of plant-based waters, flavored waters and more.

You can steer young ones away from kids’ meals and toward valuable nutrients by embedding healthy habits as reflexive behavior.

  • Hope Warshaw
  • ·
  • Jul 7, 2015
  • ·

That’s no joke. Hospitals are signing up seniors — their customers — in wellness programs, smiles included.

  • Susan Jaffe
  • ·
  • Jul 6, 2015
  • ·

No one wants to stock the fridge, only to return to wilted greens, moldy berries, limp carrots and squishy eggplant.

Wearing a newborn baby reminds a longtime exerciser that the best fitness routine is just walking.

A new survey examines the changing landscape of employee benefits.

There are several other foods that you might be surprised, even shocked, to learn are good for your bones.

Christine White pays $300 a year more for her health care because she refused to join her former employer’s wellness program, which would have required that she fill out a health questionnaire and joi...

  • Julie Appleby | Kaiser Health News
  • ·
  • Jun 24, 2015
  • ·

Shiitake mushrooms can satisfy that hankering for a salty crunch.

Schedules heat up ahead of the World Police and Fire Games.

As the District continues to attract fitness studios and health clubs, new entrants are getting creative with their real estate choices.

It’s not just serious racers who need to prepare for popular summer competitions.

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