Hank Stuever
Hank Stuever
TV Critic
‘UnREAL’ and ‘Another Period’: From female creators, sharp jabs at reality
TV REVIEWS | Two shows take entertainingly fresh approaches to sending up so-called “unscripted” TV.
HBO’s ‘Requiem for the Dead’: A deep wallow in gun-related senselessness
(The Washington Post, June 21, 2015; 7:56 PM)
Summer TV 2015: All the new dramas, comedies, reality shows and more
(The Washington Post, June 17, 2015; 11:52 AM)
HBO’s ‘The Brink’: In a global crisis, the satirical missiles are mostly duds
(The Washington Post, June 17, 2015; 11:05 AM)
‘True Detective’ Season 2: New cast, setting, same grim self-seriousness
(The Washington Post, June 16, 2015; 5:23 PM)
‘Orange Is the New Black’: Slow days at Litchfield, as Season 3 marks time
(The Washington Post, June 11, 2015; 6:46 PM)
In Fox interview, the Duggars cast themselves as martyrs — and place their faith once more in TV
(The Washington Post, June 4, 2015; 9:50 PM)
NBC’s ‘Aquarius’: Come for the Manson, stay for the sober upheaval
(The Washington Post, May 27, 2015; 5:36 PM)
‘The Last Alaskans’: A reality show with a heart as big as its subject
(The Washington Post, May 24, 2015; 5:10 PM)
As much as some might like to, now is not the time to cancel the Duggars
(The Washington Post, May 22, 2015; 6:05 PM)
Letterman’s last ‘Late Show': Sap-free and just right
(The Washington Post, May 21, 2015; 2:17 AM)
The last ‘Mad Men': Don found peace and so should we
(The Washington Post, May 18, 2015; 2:16 AM)
David Letterman taught us to ward off celebrity stupidity. But stupidity won.
(The Washington Post, May 17, 2015; 6:21 PM)
HBO’s ‘Bessie’: A stirring — and stuffed — account of the life of a legend
(The Washington Post, May 15, 2015; 2:50 PM)
‘Wayward Pines’: M. Night Shyamalan’s addictive new effort
(The Washington Post, May 13, 2015; 4:20 PM)
HBO’s ‘Thought Crimes’: What a cop’s cannibal fetish taught us about privacy
(The Washington Post, May 10, 2015; 5:39 PM)
In Netflix’s ‘Grace and Frankie,’ age is just a number that sadly averages zero
(The Washington Post, May 7, 2015; 5:42 PM)
‘Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck’: A clearer take on whatever, nevermind
(The Washington Post, May 1, 2015; 7:06 PM)
Is CNN as bad as everyone thinks it is? Yes ... and no.
(The Washington Post, April 28, 2015; 6:35 PM)
Showtime’s ‘Happyish’: A dark, profane dramedy without any heart
(The Washington Post, April 24, 2015; 9:47 AM)
‘The Prancing Elites Project’: Loved from afar, but unwelcome at home
(The Washington Post, April 21, 2015; 6:17 PM)
‘Knock Knock, It’s Tig Notaro’: Wherever she goes, there she is
(The Washington Post, April 16, 2015; 8:04 PM)
On ‘Veep,’ Selina’s in way over her head, but the show is still riding high
(The Washington Post, April 10, 2015; 9:48 PM)
HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley,’ still tip-to-tip efficient at sharply observant satire
(The Washington Post, April 10, 2015; 5:25 PM)
‘Marvel’s Daredevil’: A blind hero with a clearer vision for comic-book TV
(The Washington Post, April 9, 2015; 7:18 PM)
In FX’s ‘The Comedians,’ Billy Crystal and Josh Gad join forces to bomb
(The Washington Post, April 8, 2015; 4:56 PM)
‘Wolf Hall’: A somber, perfect take on that time the Tudors went tabloid
(The Washington Post, April 3, 2015; 9:12 PM)
In TV’s Silver Age, a logjam of shows that are ‘pretty good,’ but not great
(The Washington Post, April 2, 2015; 1:56 PM)
‘Younger’: She’ll take Manhattan, by pretending to be a millennial
(The Washington Post, March 30, 2015; 2:09 PM)
So long, ‘Suze Orman Show,’ TV’s only sane space in a money-crazed culture
(The Washington Post, March 27, 2015; 3:06 PM)
‘Going Clear,’ ‘Killing Jesus’ and the enduring mysteries of faith
(The Washington Post, March 27, 2015; 10:58 AM)
‘Big Time in Hollywood, FL’: Greatness achieved, in a delusional way
(The Washington Post, March 24, 2015; 4:05 PM)
‘Bloodline’: Will superb acting and family secrets make for another Netflix hit?
(The Washington Post, March 19, 2015; 6:11 PM)
‘One Big Happy’ and ‘Undateable’: Why one sitcom stinks and the other doesn’t
(The Washington Post, March 16, 2015; 7:22 PM)
‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’: Too good for NBC, but still not that great
(The Washington Post, March 7, 2015; 11:46 AM)
‘American Crime’ is the rare network drama that will get your rapt attention
(The Washington Post, March 4, 2015; 7:13 PM)
Leonard Nimoy and the lasting dignity of being Spock
(The Washington Post, February 27, 2015; 4:24 PM)
Fox’s ‘Last Man on Earth’: A guy who is truly in his own element
(The Washington Post, February 27, 2015; 1:25 PM)
‘Broadchurch’ is back for Season 2, but it’s put on a lot of weight
(The Washington Post, February 27, 2015; 1:24 PM)
We TV’s ‘Sex Box’: The worst sort of alone time a couple can have
(The Washington Post, February 26, 2015; 1:42 PM)
Oscars 2015: Song-and-dance, yes, and the usual yawns
(The Washington Post, February 23, 2015; 12:04 AM)
‘The Odd Couple’: Not nearly odd enough by today’s standards
(The Washington Post, February 18, 2015; 8:21 PM)
‘SNL 40’: Maybe a four-hour clip job would have been better
(The Washington Post, February 16, 2015; 11:58 AM)
BET’s ‘Book of Negroes’: Slavery story rushes past its best moments
(The Washington Post, February 15, 2015; 7:09 PM)
‘Bosch’: Yet another doleful detective, but this one might have a case
(The Washington Post, February 12, 2015; 6:45 PM)
NBC’s ‘The Slap’ is trolling, but in a surprisingly absorbing way
(The Washington Post, February 11, 2015; 2:00 PM)
It was time for Jon Stewart to wrap up the joke anyway
(The Washington Post, February 11, 2015; 6:48 PM)
HBO takes a ‘Serial’ approach in ‘The Jinx’
(The Washington Post, February 6, 2015; 11:19 AM)
AMC’s ‘Better Call Saul’: Every sleazeball has a story to tell
(The Washington Post, February 3, 2015; 1:45 PM)
‘The Americans’: TV’s best show returns as strong as ever, with perfect Cold War chill
(The Washington Post, January 28, 2015; 6:49 AM)