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Battle of the coaches: Mike Krzyzewski vs. Gregg Popovich
COUCH SLOUCH | Both recently reached milestones, but who is the better coach? Let’s go to the numbers.
Couch Slouch: 49th annual Super Bowl viewing guide
(The Washington Post, January 25, 2015; 12:53 PM)
Couch Slouch: Kentucky basketball may not be as unbeatable as we thought
(The Washington Post, January 18, 2015; 3:42 PM)
Couch Slouch: Fantasy sports are as much gambling as sports betting
(The Washington Post, January 11, 2015; 1:01 PM)
Couch Slouch: NBA misses the call on Buss-Jackson conflict of interest
(The Washington Post, January 4, 2015; 2:29 PM)
Couch Slouch: A radical fix for the College Football Playoff
(The Washington Post, December 28, 2014; 7:02 PM)
Couch slouch: Dan Snyder’s steady stream of failure
(The Washington Post, December 21, 2014; 2:42 PM)
Couch Slouch: NFL needs some rule changes
(The Washington Post, December 14, 2014; 3:50 PM)
Couch Slouch: NFL should jump onboard the sports gambling gravy train
(The Washington Post, December 7, 2014; 6:04 PM)
Florida State and North Carolina: Two especially embarrassing examples of academic squalor
(The Washington Post, November 30, 2014; 6:31 PM)
Columbia University, still excelling at football futility
(The Washington Post, November 16, 2014; 4:14 PM)
Couch Slouch: A whole new ballgame in the NBA
(The Washington Post, October 26, 2014; 4:13 PM)
Couch Slouch: More tried-and-true facts about sports television
(The Washington Post, October 19, 2014; 6:33 PM)
Have a heart! Root for the Royals
(The Washington Post, September 21, 2014; 2:42 PM)
Couch Slouch: The Derek Jeter lovefest continues
(The Washington Post, September 14, 2014; 3:02 PM)
Spelling out the ABC’s of troublesome words
(The Washington Post, September 7, 2014; 5:20 PM)
Great things come in fours: Norman Chad’s Mount Rushmore of, well, everything
(The Washington Post, July 20, 2014; 3:16 PM)
If you can’t beat Nate Silver and the stats geeks, join ‘em.
(The Washington Post, July 13, 2014; 4:28 PM)
Soul-sucking analytics and mindless metrics serve no purpose
(The Washington Post, July 6, 2014; 2:46 PM)
Stat geeks are taking all the fun out of sports
(The Washington Post, June 29, 2014; 1:03 PM)