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Boswell: Bryce Harper’s numbers project him to join some pretty elite company
At 22, the Nationals slugger may be having a career year — or could be offering a mere hint of what’s to come.
Finally lined up, this Nats rotation makes a specialty of setting ’em down
(The Washington Post, June 25, 2015; 11:57 PM)
Dustin Johnson the latest to make cruel mistake on U.S. Open’s final hole
(The Washington Post, June 22, 2015; 12:15 AM)
Jason Day is the man for the moment on a course with few admirers
(The Washington Post, June 20, 2015; 11:47 PM)
Preternaturally mature, Jordan Spieth might be just what golf needs
(The Washington Post, June 19, 2015; 9:21 PM)
Cardinals hacking probe shows knowledge trumps strength and speed in today’s sports
(The Washington Post, June 16, 2015; 7:02 PM)
Why the Washington Nationals must fix their bullpen, no matter the cost
(The Washington Post, June 12, 2015; 5:28 PM)
Tiger Woods might get more sympathy if he acknowledged his struggles
(The Washington Post, June 10, 2015; 2:02 PM)
Nationals must ride out latest rough patch in up-and-down season
(The Washington Post, June 7, 2015; 9:18 PM)
Two months into season, the Nationals look to have what matters most
(The Washington Post, May 29, 2015; 4:38 PM)
What is it about Stephen Strasburg that makes baseball observers see red?
(The Washington Post, May 27, 2015; 2:08 PM)
With patience and power, Bryce Harper has arrived
(The Washington Post, May 19, 2015; 11:17 PM)
Wizards, Capitals and D.C. lost hard. That’s key to someday winning big.
(The Washington Post, May 16, 2015; 3:35 PM)
Can the Capitals and Wizards possibly keep us smiling?
(The Washington Post, May 12, 2015; 4:44 PM)
Paul Pierce, Bryce Harper cap another surreal day in D.C.’s extraordinary spring
(The Washington Post, May 9, 2015; 10:49 PM)
Nationals should be all in on Bryce Harper-Max Scherzer pair
(The Washington Post, May 6, 2015; 7:36 PM)
Thanks to Drew Storen, closer is an open-and-shut case for Nationals
(The Washington Post, May 5, 2015; 1:50 PM)
It’s the silly season for D.C. fans
(The Washington Post, May 1, 2015; 12:53 PM)
Thomas Boswell: Is the Nats’ dramatic 13-12 win over the Braves the spark the team needed?
(The Washington Post, April 29, 2015; 5:51 PM)
Capitals, like Wizards, seem to be writing a new chapter for franchise
(The Washington Post, April 27, 2015; 11:50 PM)