Sally Jenkins: Most recent columns

Don’t do it, Jay. Resist the urge to play Robert Griffin III on Monday night at Dallas.
Washington doesn’t need short-term gains from its quarterback so much as it needs them in the long term.
From Paul George to Kevin Durant, NBA injuries show it’s time to give it a rest
(The Washington Post, October 17, 2014; 5:47 PM)
Jameis Winston and Florida State: college football at its very most
(The Washington Post, October 16, 2014; 3:56 PM)
Washington is headed for the NFC East basement, again
(The Washington Post, October 12, 2014; 9:13 PM)
The Washington Nationals face a crisis of confidence after early postseason ouster
(The Washington Post, October 8, 2014; 2:05 PM)
Once he’s healthy, Washington will have to turn to Robert Griffin III as an option
(The Washington Post, October 7, 2014; 1:35 AM)
Matt Williams’ hook of Jordan Zimmermann may haunt the Nationals for a long time
(The Washington Post, October 5, 2014; 7:18 PM)
Bryce Harper hits mammoth home run, energizing his Nationals teammates
(The Washington Post, October 3, 2014; 9:43 PM)
Led by Nationals, Washington sports fans have a reason to revel this weekend
(The Washington Post, October 2, 2014; 3:44 PM)
John Wall, Washington Wizards look like a team on the verge
(The Washington Post, September 29, 2014; 7:45 PM)
Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter exuded professional excellence on and off the field
(The Washington Post, September 27, 2014; 9:40 PM)
Kirk Cousins and Washington are not ready for prime time just yet
(The Washington Post, September 26, 2014; 1:03 AM)
Don’t count Robert Griffin III out just yet
(The Washington Post, September 22, 2014; 2:34 PM)
Prince of Park Avenue, Roger Goodell, is just a spokesman for NFL’s billionaires
(The Washington Post, September 20, 2014; 8:51 PM)
Jay Gruden couldn’t admit that Kirk Cousins was better running his offense than RGIII
(The Washington Post, September 14, 2014; 8:11 PM)
Mike Wise: Atlanta Hawks, Danny Ferry sagas offer a chance for frank discussion
(The Washington Post, September 13, 2014; 7:55 PM)
Roger Goodell, empowered by greedy NFL owners and indifferent fans, must go now
(The Washington Post, September 11, 2014; 9:23 AM)
Ray Rice finally must answer for his actions; when will NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell?
(The Washington Post, September 8, 2014; 8:12 PM)
Jim Haslett’s time in the UFL earned him one more shot as a defensive coordinator in NFL
(The Washington Post, September 2, 2014; 5:54 PM)
Give Robert Griffin III some space and he just might be a star again in Washington
(The Washington Post, September 2, 2014; 3:23 PM)