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Some human diet-related diseases are also seen in their pets; persistent cough; curbing a dog’s aggression.
Giving animals mind-altering drugs
(Universal Uclick, May 20, 2015; 12:39 PM)
High blood pressure in cats can lead to many complications
(Universal Uclick, May 13, 2015; 1:07 PM)
Improving the lives and the performance of military dogs
(Universal Uclick, May 6, 2015; 2:40 PM)
How animal drug manufacturers drive up costs
(Universal Uclick, April 29, 2015; 1:03 PM)
Protocols for yearly vaccinations have changed
(Universal Uclick, April 15, 2015; 12:22 PM)
Animals that roam outdoors: Cats vs. dogs
(Universal Uclick, April 8, 2015; 12:47 PM)
A study finds that veterinarians are prone to depression
(Universal Uclick, April 1, 2015; 11:34 AM)
Pet supply industry makes overpopulation inevitable
(Universal Uclick, March 25, 2015; 2:33 PM)
Much has changed in 50 years in the care and feeding of pets
(Universal Uclick, March 18, 2015; 12:24 PM)
Diagnosing pug dog encephalitis
(Universal Uclick, March 4, 2015; 1:01 PM)
The debate over the methods used by ‘no-kill’ shelters
(Universal Uclick, February 25, 2015; 9:36 AM)
Where should a couple let a sleeping dog lie?
(Universal Uclick, February 18, 2015; 9:36 AM)
Animal Doctor: Nutrition is essential to keeping pets healthy
(Universal Uclick, February 11, 2015; 12:35 PM)
Advice for owners of cats diagnosed with heart murmurs
(Universal Uclick, February 4, 2015; 2:02 PM)
‘No-kill’ shelters are a commendable concept, but take a closer look
(Universal Uclick, January 28, 2015; 2:12 PM)
Dog dives eagerly into homemade diet but not her water bowl
(Universal Uclick, January 21, 2015; 10:14 AM)
Buy designer clothes online, not designer dogs
(Universal Uclick, January 14, 2015; 12:53 PM)
Substituting a home-prepared diet for commercial dog food
(Universal Uclick, January 7, 2015; 11:24 AM)
The best times of the day to feed and exercise dogs
(Universal Uclick, December 31, 2014; 9:21 AM)
A change in diet might help prevent recurring urinary tract infections
(The Washington Post, December 17, 2014; 12:32 PM)
Bereavement in the animal world
(Universal Uclick, December 10, 2014; 12:26 PM)
Shelters destroy millions of animals each year
(Universal Uclick, December 3, 2014; 12:17 PM)
Yearly wellness exams for dogs and cats are key to preventive health care
(Universal Uclick, November 25, 2014; 10:49 AM)
Hark, hark, the neighbors’ dogs do bark
(Universal Uclick, November 19, 2014; 11:40 AM)
Pet owners share their homemade diet success stories
(Universal Uclick, November 12, 2014; 12:24 PM)
Cat has an averse reaction to liquid in commercial food
(Universal Uclick, November 5, 2014; 9:47 AM)
Crates can serve as safe havens for dogs rather than jails
(Universal Uclick, October 29, 2014; 10:00 AM)
Dogs can mourn a loss just as humans do
(Universal Uclick, October 22, 2014; 12:10 PM)
Change of diet can ease health problems, obsessive behavior
(Universal Uclick, October 15, 2014; 2:24 PM)
The bird trade remains lucrative, but cruel
(Universal Uclick, October 8, 2014; 2:02 PM)
Dogs love treats, but not all treats love dogs
(Universal Uclick, October 1, 2014; 2:29 PM)
Cushing’s disease is common in dogs, and difficult to treat effectively
(Universal Uclick, September 24, 2014; 11:23 AM)
German shepherd is easily startled, show signs of OCD and Tourette’s
(Universal Uclick, September 17, 2014; 12:29 PM)
Keeping a cat calm for nail-trimming sessions
(Universal Uclick, September 10, 2014; 1:04 PM)
Dog’s inability to sit down could indicate a serious condition
(Universal Uclick, September 3, 2014; 1:14 PM)
Thinking about getting a ferret? Here are some facts to consider.
(Universal Uclick, August 27, 2014; 12:02 PM)
Like people, some dogs have higher thresholds of pain
(Universal Uclick, August 20, 2014; 3:45 PM)
Researching the possible hazards of products made to stop fleas and ticks
(Universal Uclick, August 13, 2014; 12:23 PM)
Domineering cat bullies other felines and attacks owner
(Universal Uclick, August 6, 2014; 10:53 AM)
Reader recommends nontoxic oils to repel ticks and fleas
(Universal Uclick, July 30, 2014; 1:10 PM)
Dog’s persistent itchy skin condition is cured, replaced by a shiny coat
(Universal Uclick, July 23, 2014; 10:28 AM)
Animal Doctor: Mange mites are often overlooked
(Universal Uclick, July 16, 2014; 1:19 PM)
Gentle Labrador turns aggressive, attacks small leashed dog
(Universal Uclick, July 9, 2014; 12:59 PM)
Dog’s extreme bad breath could indicate a serious internal problem
(Universal Uclick, July 2, 2014; 12:48 PM)
Beware of vets who try to manipulate clients
(Universal Uclick, June 25, 2014; 10:49 AM)
Certain people can bring out defensive behavior in cats
(Universal Uclick, June 18, 2014; 11:51 AM)
Does this cat love or hate her owner’s serenades?
(Universal Uclick, June 11, 2014; 11:08 AM)
Is it safe to bring a newborn into a house with lots of different kinds of pets?
(Universal Uclick, June 4, 2014; 11:13 AM)
A lot of crazy from one small cat
(Universal Uclick, May 28, 2014; 9:45 AM)