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Federal Diary
Joe Davidson | Columnist
Early survey returns indicate federal employee morale continues to fall
Survey results from two large agencies show low morale a year after the government shutdown.
Federal workers facing tougher time if GOP wins control of the Senate
(The Washington Post, October 15, 2014; 10:26 AM)
State allows employee health insurance to cover transgender services
(The Washington Post, October 12, 2014; 10:45 PM)
First Supreme Court federal whistleblower case could have broad reach
(The Washington Post, October 9, 2014; 8:15 PM)
Federal employees were key to gay marriage court victories
(The Washington Post, October 7, 2014; 8:29 PM)
Readers speak out on Secret Service, vets preference, clearances, diplomats
(The Washington Post, October 5, 2014; 5:18 PM)
Hearing hits Secret Service problem: Its work culture
(The Washington Post, September 30, 2014; 8:59 PM)
Women in the federal workforce: From FEW to fewer
(The Washington Post, September 28, 2014; 9:46 PM)
How good, or bad, is Secret Service morale?
(The Washington Post, September 26, 2014; 1:00 PM)
‘Sammies’ for VA scientists bring relief to battered agency
(The Washington Post, September 23, 2014; 7:50 PM)
DOD has 1 million contractors eligible for security clearance, but not on payroll
(The Washington Post, September 21, 2014; 8:32 PM)
Navy Yard staff remember with sadness, but also pride, when their world shattered
(The Washington Post, September 18, 2014; 8:18 PM)
Survivors recall the Navy Yard massacre one year later
(The Washington Post, September 16, 2014; 8:39 PM)
Security clearance process: A work in progress, 1 year after Navy Yard shootings
(The Washington Post, September 14, 2014; 8:15 PM)
Bipartisan support for lame duck bill to strengthen whistleblower protections
(The Washington Post, September 11, 2014; 8:18 PM)
For VA to be veteran-centric, it also needs to be employee-attentive
(The Washington Post, September 9, 2014; 8:55 PM)
Public has at least ‘some’ confidence in feds after 2013 government shutdown
(The Washington Post, September 7, 2014; 7:20 PM)
Reporters’ deaths point to dangers Foreign Service officers also face abroad
(The Washington Post, September 4, 2014; 7:43 PM)
VA is looking for a few good doctors and nurses
(The Washington Post, August 28, 2014; 8:08 PM)
Bad VA service can be improved, but broken trust is much harder to fix
(The Washington Post, August 26, 2014; 7:58 PM)
EEOC report paints an Uncle Sam all too human
(The Washington Post, August 24, 2014; 7:17 PM)
Report: vets’ preference for federal jobs too complicated, sometimes controversial
(The Washington Post, August 21, 2014; 8:25 PM)
Report shows lack of diversity in top civil service ranks
(The Washington Post, August 19, 2014; 8:10 PM)
Social Security marks 79th birthday with declining service
(The Washington Post, August 14, 2014; 8:49 PM)
Bad management gives telework a bad name
(The Washington Post, August 13, 2014; 10:08 PM)
Merit board head says with new VA law ‘we are absolutely in new territory’
(The Washington Post, August 10, 2014; 6:03 PM)
New VA law does good, but gratuitously hits civil service rights
(The Washington Post, August 8, 2014; 11:31 AM)
Readers speak out about IRS, VA and senior executives
(The Washington Post, July 24, 2014; 8:26 PM)
House takes punitive action against all IRS executives regarless of guilt
(The Washington Post, July 22, 2014; 8:18 PM)
VA uses patient privacy to go after whistleblowers, critics say
(The Washington Post, July 17, 2014; 8:28 PM)
Is the federal personnel system too old to do the job?
(The Washington Post, July 15, 2014; 7:55 PM)
House hearing examines ‘viability’ of federal senior executive service
(The Washington Post, July 13, 2014; 9:25 PM)
Working for Uncle Sam can be risky
(The Washington Post, July 10, 2014; 7:13 PM)
Testimony pushes VA into greater disrepute
(The Washington Post, July 8, 2014; 8:43 PM)
Border Patrol agents under fire for excessive force
(The Washington Post, July 6, 2014; 6:49 PM)
Obama’s choice for VA will find fixing it is harder than selling soap
(The Washington Post, July 1, 2014; 8:13 PM)
Obama says ‘we should praise’ government workers
(The Washington Post, June 29, 2014; 6:23 PM)
Readers speak out about VA, CFC, IRS and tribute to federal employees
(The Washington Post, June 26, 2014; 8:15 PM)
International drama added to Foreign Service officers’ feud
(The Washington Post, June 24, 2014; 8:19 PM)
House panel takes on VA employee ratings and performance awards
(The Washington Post, June 22, 2014; 6:05 PM)
Policy group seeks action to boost conditions for workers at federal contracting firms
(The Washington Post, June 19, 2014; 6:24 PM)
Fight between two watchdogs in VA drama could affect federal whistleblowers
(The Washington Post, June 15, 2014; 5:17 PM)
Doctors and Congress focus on retaliation against VA employees
(The Washington Post, June 12, 2014; 7:53 PM)
VA report provides lessons to other agencies on what not to do; stress on metrics risky
(The Washington Post, June 10, 2014; 8:33 PM)
VA story has a lesson for unions: Don’t sleep on civil-service reform
(The Washington Post, June 8, 2014; 5:04 PM)
Amid shake-up at the VA, senior exec awards show folly of congressional ways
(The Washington Post, June 6, 2014; 3:29 PM)
Congress wants to make it easier for VA executives’ heads to roll
(The Washington Post, June 3, 2014; 8:43 PM)
Democrats, often strong backers of feds, vote to strip some VA staff of civil-service rights
(The Washington Post, May 22, 2014; 7:00 PM)
Report: weakened workforce could ‘overwhelm government’s capacity’
(The Washington Post, May 20, 2014; 8:24 PM)
Senators say work on 2020 Census is far behind schedule
(The Washington Post, May 18, 2014; 4:56 PM)
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