Retired NFL players team up to lose weight
Program helps NFL retirees avoid being sidelined by hypertension, diabetes or other ailments.
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5 years of fitness reporting, and 1 lesson: Just move
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Indoor surfing workout SurfSet comes to area gyms
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Wounded warriors’ hockey league of their own
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When Olympic fever hits late, try curling — but get ready to work
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Wrestling to Beat the Streets goes to the mat for Cesar Chavez Prep charter school students
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The case for Workout Wear Friday
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70-year-old challenges teens to a pull-up contest for charity. Guess who wins.
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At nZone in Chantilly, the body’s a temple, the church is a gym
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Gifts for gifted athletes
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Sackler’s ‘Art in Context’ lets participants practice yoga in the gallery
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Alexander Technique proponent makes her students sit up and take notice
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Back on My Feet founder Anne Mahlum moves to D.C. and takes up another cause, Solidcore
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Taper madness: Running withdrawal puts many marathoners on edge
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Boston Marathon lowers qualifying times, but runners who just miss the cut take it in stride
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Mom-friendly fitness classes turn babies into workout buddies
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Local food purveyors find eager audiences at gyms
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Cheerleading accounts for more than half of ‘catastrophic’ injuries to female athletes
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YMCA Anthony Bowen opens in Washington
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Trying to avoid the freshman 15? There’s a dorm for that.
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Anacostia River shapes up as a fitness destination
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Starting healthful habits when kids are young
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Help give kids a lifelong love for fitness
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Rockville massage therapist says make time to stretch
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Yoga for larger bodies
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Ice, heat or a little of both? How do you recover from a hard workout?
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The Homestead’s ooh-and-ahh spa
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Dance for Parkinson’s Disease: Movement as medicine
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Parkour for older folks awakens body and mind
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Group offering personal training scholarships for veterans
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Circus fitness goes beyond the big top
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