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Obama visits Miami shrine honoring Cuban Americans

President Obama toured the Shrine of Our Lady of Charity on Thursday, which honors the sacrifices Cuban Americans have made in achieving freedom and recognizes their contributions to the U.S.

A look inside Detroit's decaying homes | THE CITIES SERIES

Detroit is home to nearly 80,000 blighted properties — and some have starting bids as low as $500 in local tax auctions. Darin McLeskey left his engineering career to become a full-time real estate agent dedicated to buying, stabilizing and rehabbing some of these homes.

Iraqi forces battle to secure Baiji refinery

Iraqi forces, together with Shiite militia fighters, are fighting to retake the country's largest refinery from the Islamic State. The group took control of parts of the complex earlier this month and is slowly advancing.

Obama: Resources in place for Texas flood response

President Obama says federal, state and local assets are in place for the Texas flood response, but "there's going to be a lot of rebuilding."

Iraqi fighters advance on Islamic State

Iraqi military forces and Shiite militia fighters were advancing Thursday on positions reportedly held by Islamic State militants 31 miles northwest of Baghdad, and at the Beiji oil refinery, Iraq’s largest.

George Pataki joins 2016 presidential race

Former New York governor George Pataki released a video May 28 announcing his intention to run for president in 2016.

Clinton: ‘Not going to see me turn white in the White House’

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton joked with female voters in South Carolina about her hair color saying they don't have to worry about her going gray if elected president.

Sanders heads to N.H. for first campaign day

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is not wasting any time following his 2016 presidency campaign announcement, he kicked off a day of events in New Hampshire talking about income equality and Hillary Clinton's stance on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

George Pataki, in his own words

The former N.Y. governor is throwing his hat in the 2016 ring. Here are his thoughts on key issues.

Santorum: 'I know what it's like to be an underdog'

Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum announced his 2016 candidacy for president in Butler County, Pa. In his speech, Santorum attacked Hillary Clinton's stance on immigration, saying her support of unskilled labor is because "she just wants votes."

The GOP and the Duggar problem

Will the Duggars remain a popular family in the Republican Party amid sexual assault allegations?

Clinton talks how Obama persuaded her to be secretary of state

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton spoke in Columbia, S.C., about the gender gap and why she's running for president. The former senator also shared a story about how persuasive President Obama was when asking her to become secretary of state back in 2008.

Islamic State video purports to show Palmyra ruins untouched

This video, released by the Islamic State, purports to show ancient ruins still intact in the captured Syrian city of Palmyra. Since the city was seized, many have feared that the historic ruins would be destroyed. Editor's note: The content in this video could not be independently verified by The Washington Post.

Merkel, Clinton top Forbes’s 100 most powerful women

Forbes recently released its 2015 list of 100 powerful women, bringing together German Chancellor Angela Merkel and former secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as well as singers Taylor Swift and Beyoncé.

How presidents choose to connect

From fireside chats to Buzzfeed video, here’s how the White House has evolved in communication.

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Behind the circumcision ritual

Behind the circumcision ritual

Adults attending conversion classes at Sixth and I synagogue learn about the traditions behind the ancient Jewish practice of circumcision.

Google Chromecast at The Washington Post: How you can watch

Google Chromecast at The Washington Post: How you can watch

PostTV has incorporated technology that allows you to play any of our videos on your TV set through the popular Chromecast device. That means you can watch videos and news shows from The Washington Post and control the playback right from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Property rights and the pipeline

South Dakota rancher John Harter tried to stop TransCanada from securing the right of eminent domain over his land where they want to put part of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, but Harter recently lost his battle in court.

Brazil swept up by new energy source

Brazil swept up by new energy source

In Northeastern Brazil, energy companies are erecting wind farms to capitalize on the constant winds that have challenged farming families for generations.

Making the most out of your museum visit

Making the most out of your museum visit

The Post's Anne Midgette shares five tips for how to get the most out of your visit to a museum.

Obama slams GOP: 'Do your job'

Obama slams GOP: 'Do your job'

A mashup of highlights from the president's speech on the government shutdown at M. Luis Construction company in Rockville, Md. Thursday.