December 14, 2012

These sales data recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Acker Pl., 640-Ryan J. Burns to Charles S. Whitaker and Nicola J. Lowther, $712,000.

Buchanan St., 1729-Robbie S. Williams to John Stokes, $335,000.

Carlton Ave., 2966-Carolyn S. Abdullah to UrbizDevelopment Corp., $205,000.

Clinton St., 3032-VBS Community Ventures Corp. to Stephanie A. Gordon, $415,000.

Division Ave., 122-Taz Corp. to Pamala Millbrook Young, $239,500.

E St., 721-Weichert Inc. to Shruti Vaidyanathan, $470,000.

Evarts St., 421-Wilford Gourdine Jr. to Jose Moya, $250,000.

Florida Ave., 713-Gloria D. Harris to 713 Florida Avenue Corp., $150,000.

G St., 315, No. 105-315 G Street Corp. to Howard E. Jennings III and Lindsay L. Williams, $296,000.

Holbrook Terr., 1276-1276 Holbrook Terrace NE Corp. to Denise C. Nelson, $410,000.

Kennedy St., 610-Andre R. Jordan Sr. to Daniel P. Abbott and Hiwot B. Alemu, $265,000.

Maryland Ave., 624, No. 5-William S. Armstrong to Imperial Investments Corp., $420,000.

Newton St., 1348-Christine Chumbler to Kelly Jones and Danielle Peregory, $375,000.

Owen Pl., 1229-Kevin P. Fay to Sam Homes Corp., $180,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 115-Joseph I. Mason to SQB Corp., $140,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 329, No. 204-329 Corp. to Rebecca S. Callahan and Sridhar Srinivasan, $327,900.

Rhode Island Ave., 2620-Dreambuilders of America to Rouben J. Hameed and Antonette E. Russell, $483,500.

Summit Ct., 3447, No. 3447-Metro DC1 Corp. to Travis D. McNiven, $171,000.

Trinidad Ave., 1617-Sheryl D. Todd to Ricardo Vergara, $315,000.

Second St., 2432-Olisaemeka B. Akpati to Emily B. Hanks and Jonathan Badrian, $322,352.

Seventh St., 709-Rainbow Properties Corp. to Ayo Griffin and Mary Dewhurst, $762,000.

Eighth St., 4803-Alice E. Harriston to Nathaniel G. Vish, $250,000.

13th Pl., 4117-John E. Buckley to Matthew J. Sellers and Jo Elle M. Burgard, $356,000.

16th St., 131-Janet K. Schweinfurth to Amanda Sibley, $630,000.

19th St., 437-Marshall L. Ramseur to Lauren Johnson, $237,750.


Allison St., 424-Carolyn L. Pretty to Nantucket Holdings Corp., $300,000.

Blair Rd., 6128-Sterling D. Fennell to Delores D. Keeling, $261,400.

California St., 1833, No. 303-David C. Freese to Emilee J. Pressman, $309,000.

Cecil Pl., 1035-Antonia Bayer Fox to Abi Rayner, $628,000.

Chevy Chase Pkwy., 5011-Colleen M. Fogarty to Leslie Suarez and Shane F. Young, $825,000.

Columbia Rd., 1438-Kipp C. Johnson to Jane C. Hwang, $328,000.

Columbia Rd., 1882, No. 303-William F. Pendergast to Frederick S. Tipson, $899,000.

Connecticut Ave., 3883-David Sislen to Lee Tin Cheng and Elsa Yueh, $350,000.

Delafield Pl., 456-WSD Capital Corp. to Brett Gerustein and Jacqueline Nolley, $469,000.

E St., 915, No. 713-Roy Koldaro to Daniel Cobaugh and Nicolas Lagomarsino, $334,000.

Fairmont St., 772-Theola S. Labbe to Matthew F. Davies, $350,000.

Fessenden St., 3617-Kelly A. Lynch and John M. Wix Jr. to Timothy Reed, $730,100.

Foxhall Rd., 1626-Robert Moss to Alla Bakhtina and Marina Lyons, $1.52 million.

Geranium St., 1433-Charles R. Lawrence III and Mari J. Matsuda to Delband Vazirnezami, $818,000.

Harvard St., 1750, No. 6B-Peter H. Leddy to Sarah S. Jotstl, $430,000.

Huidekoper Pl., 2039-Michael Kirshbaum to Lan A. Stein and Elizabeth B. Kubic, $787,500.

Iris St., 1401-Susan M. Kulp to Ramon Richards, $774,000.

K St., 475-Ali Onur to Karen L. Saverino, $429,600.

Kenyon St., 1314-Thomas K. Lee and Philip J. Sobutka to Christopher O. Lundberg and April L. Pedersen, $1.28 million.

L St., 440, No. 903-Joseph Beard to Raghav Bajaj, $480,000.

L St., 2425-Samreen Q. Siddiqui to Deer Creek Real Estate, $575,000.

Longfellow St., 1301-Whitecroft Cooperative Inc. to Corey A. Walz, $125,000.

M St., 910-Carrie D. Ingram to Hennique S. Feijo, $455,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 400-Chong Chu and Kwang Chung to Jerome G. Oslick, $430,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 1010, No. 1008-Anne Donne to Monica Smith, $609,950.

Military Rd., 3221-Cartus Financial Corp. to Cope M. Willis, $899,000.

Monroe St., 1020, No. 309-1020 Monroe Corp. to George M. Synder, $454,900.

N St., 1300-John F. Loomis to Jeffrey D. Gregorio, $554,200.

N St., 2707-Margaret B. Carlson to Margery Deibler, $995,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 5229-DP Capital Corp. to Nicholas J. Popovich, $462,000.

Newton St., 1853-Edward J. Ungvarsky to Pasquale D. Benedetta, $729,000.

Ontario Rd., 2719-Alexander V. Bismarck to Matthew Cohen, $1.2 million.

P St., 1735, No. 4-H. Rosemary Jeronimides to Stephen T. Hoffman, $460,000.

Patterson St., 3210-Laura K. Morreale to Lisa D. Mclish, $1.45 million.

Q St., 1625, No. 106-Aaron G. Sokolow and Diana Cohen to Catherine S. Bailard, $550,000.

R St., 415-William R. Gallagher to Kumar Garg and Rachel Osterman, $657,500.

Reservoir Rd., 3231-Albert D. Sturtevant to Abigail Sullivan and Michael Collins, $1.1 million.

Rittenhouse St., 804-Metro DC1 Corp. to Goulda Downer, $399,900.

Sheridan St., 1312-Larkin W. Tackett to Geoffrey Goodman, $435,000.

Sutton Pl., 3279D-Michael E. Curtin to Joseph Foster, $530,000.

T St., 1717, No. 32-Katy Ghirardo to Maha A. Armush, $500,000.

Tuckerman St., 523-Severn Associates Corp. to Rosa E. Trevino, $359,900.

U St., 43-Paull N. Tatton and Christine M. Churchill to Matthew R. Fowler, $672,000.

Van Buren St., 210-Harold A. Singletary Jr. to Omega 210 Corp., $399,999.

W St., 1418-Zachary A. Price to Elizabeth C. Breckenridge, $299,000.

Whittier St., 120-Shubhasish Kundu and Monita Chatterjee to William I. White and Paul L. Edenfield, $522,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 3010-Teryn Papp to Erin M. Miller, $212,000.

Second St., 5527-Arco Realty to Alejandro Sanguinetti and Sheyla Silveira, $230,000.

Fourth St., 811-Rachelle Holmes to Rebecca Zusman, $380,000.

Fifth St., 1725-Martin R. Youmans to Clayton H. O’Connor, $599,000.

Eighth St., 4710-Twana D. Holt to WSD Capital Corp., $245,000.

10th St., 1117-Kasra Moinizand and Atousa Raissyan to Damiano Sandri, $655,000.

11th St., 2100-Kristine M. Shaffer to Patricia McGurk, $359,000.

12th Pl., 2113-Gerald P. Beaulieu to Carl E. Kelley, $769,000.

12th St., 2110-Kenneth W. Marter to Elizabeth A. Nicoletti and Joseph C. Sheehy III, $725,000.

13th St., 1842-Lee J. Alman to Bradley Portnoy, $875,000.

14th St., 1133-Stefan L. Hurray to Kirstin Lebert, $280,000.

14th St., 2125, No. 411-Meera M. Wolfe to Gerald Beaulieu, $685,000.

15th St., 2639-Patricia M. Weber to Brian Parker, $216,810.

16th St., 5715-Paul M. Rabinowitz to Patrick McGlone, $950,000.

18th St., 1918, No. 23-Donald G. Guthrie to Daniel A. Perez, $474,000.

20th St., 2415, No. 26-Richard B. Wilkof to Neha Sheth, $631,000.

23rd St., 1155, BDDC Corp. to Jeffrey P. Fine, $55,500.

28th St., 1230-Thomas E. Nesbitt and Linda Schmid to Jacob S. Stoehr, $715,000.

31st St., 1248-Brian P. Mahoubi to Vanda B. Mamurtry, $2.34 million.

46th St., 4604-Emily A. Lenzner and Peter Cherukuri to Brian P. O’Connor, $1.06 million.


Alabama Ave., 3034-Krystine B. Kingsbury to Stad Prop Corp., $225,000.

Chesapeake St., 504-504 Chesapeake Street Corp. to Rhonda D. Sabb, $180,000.

Freedom Way, 1505-Daniel McGuire to Sarah J. Converse, $412,000.

Hanna Pl., 5044-Stanton View Development Corp. to Ernest Highsmith Jr., $230,000.

K St., 1323, No. 201-Ronald A. Coleman to Nicholas D. Smith, $250,000.

Mellon St., 612-Michael L. Mason to Rebecca Brandon, $51,000.

S St., 2411-Nonique Gooding to Kevin N. Kennedy, $88,000.

Valley Terr., 1955-Shaun Donovan to John W. McDowell, $105,000.

Seventh St., 517-Joseph F. Munroe to Harrison S. Flakker, $860,000.

11th St., 303-Elissa J. Preheim to Erika C. Martin, $631,000.

15th St., 425-Elizabeth L. Wetzler to Anthony J. Dibitetto, $599,000.

16th St., 337-Everette E. Volk and Rebecca E. White to Michael Y. Bello, $499,500.

22nd St., 1814-E&H Realty to Demetrica K. Carter, $175,000.

55th St., 27-Manna Inc. to Jewell Barber, $216,000.


G St., 350-Mark W. Lindsey to Shanelle Chambers, $285,000.

I St., 355, No. S505-Malcolm Macondray to Nicholas L. Wilkins, $310,000.

Fourth St., 800-Potomac Place Associates to Darren L. Flood, $169,000.

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