January 10, 2013

These sales data recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Brentwood Rd., 2505-Robinette Wright Hairston to Spicer Corp., $185,000.

Capitol St. E., 418-Andrew J. Weinschenk and Rachel E. Cononi to Henry R. Horsey and Svetlana V. Gromova, $690,000.

Chillum Pl., 5526-Barbara Talley to Letorious D. Croslin, $189,250.

Constitution Ave., 1114-Bertha Summers to John Lesniewski, $399,999.

Evarts St., 417-Wilford Gourdine Jr. to Nnenna E. Nwosu, $350,000.

Franklin St., 27-Yvonne M. Jackson to Kali A. Shelton, $345,000.

Gallaudet St., 1302-Mi Casa Inc. to Tristan Wilkerson, $100,000.

H St., 1725-U.S. Bank to Christopher D. Miller, $325,000.

K St., 241-LBS Properties Corp. to Mark Branham and Sylvia Sanchez, $662,000.

Lincoln Rd., 1933-Frances M. Hom to Amir Ghandchi, $310,000.

Nash St., 4923-Sugarland Park Corp. to Ronald Thomas, $290,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 329, No. 103-329 Rhode Island Corp. to Danielle N. Serratore, $306,900.

Rittenhouse St., 116-Lisa C. Guffey and Ali Pakzad to Teresa M. Abraham and Neil Bjorkam, $487,000.

Warren St., 213-Richard S. Bowles to Douglas J. Jackson, $480,000.

Second St., 1928-Frederick A. Brown to 1928 2nd Street Corp., $185,000.

Sixth St., 727-Shawn M. Graves to Albion Gate Corp., $210,000.

12th St., 141, No. 12-Maria A. Trejo to Ellen B. McPherson, $429,750.

14th St., 217-Sarah M. Lenti to Corey L. Norton and Cheryl A. Mackay, $635,000.

18th St., 2814-Quick Homebuyers Inc. to Steven Lew, $405,500.

22nd St., 4310-Betty J. Robinson to W&G Properties Corp., $190,000.


Aberfoyle Pl., 3280-Brandon L. Butler and Elizabeth M. Tupper to Christopher D. Barraza, $660,000.

Alton Pl., 4721-Daniel P. Fishkin and Olympia D. Hand to Eric D. Tucker, $925,000.

Bates St., 118-John A. Yavorsky to Jeni M. Yang, $585,000.

Benton St., 3731-Leroy Bell Jr. to Oracle Construction Corp., $570,000.

Brummel Ct., 558-Bayview Loan Corp. to Peter O. Schecter, $280,000.

California St., 2138, No. 107-Heather Q. Hostetter and Derek H. Chollet to Robert S. Allison and Paloma Gomez, $597,000.

Cathedral Ave., 4311-Elizabeth S. Jeppson to Richard R. Robinson and Joshua D. Hildreth, $1.72 million.

Church St., 1444, No. 605-Martin Chin and Andrew Y. McElroy to Ellen Schiff and Susan Eig, $1.14 million.

Columbia Rd., 1421, No. 203-Luis A. Parodi to Stephen B. Goetz, $313,000.

Connecticut Ave., 4600, No. 807-Robert E. Stein to Paul E. Salem, $415,000.

Delafield Pl., 1217-William E. Coleman to William D. O’Brien, $755,000.

Euclid St., 1437-Garold J. Hyzer to Nicholas Sioutos, $979,000.

F St., 2030, No. 803-Pitts Family Foundation to Francesca Tantazzi, $235,000.

Fairmont St., 1444-1444 Fairmont Partners Corp. to Renee M. Gerni, $326,205.

Fessenden St., 4413-James A. Leatherman to Christine E. Eibner and Jason N. Gebhardt, $700,000.

Florida Ave., 976-Thomas J. Farmer to Raymond H. Glendening and Ashley Kowzun, $515,000.

Garfield St., 3820-Charles R. Tippett to Amol Mehra, $529,000.

Harvard St., 1469-Andrew Schamess to Red Shoes Corp., $965,500.

Ingraham St., 423-Spicer Corp. to Eduardo Simpson, $260,000.

Irving St., 1019-Jonathan Goldstein to Lee Y. Lo and Chris Hang, $535,000.

Kansas Ave., 4010, No. 3-Julie Pelletier to Kristoffer T. Svingen, $294,500.

Klingle St., 4349-Paul W. Foster III to Colin Curvey, $1.58 million.

Leegate Rd., 1316-Renee Clauselle to James D. Werner and Christine A. Bird, $560,000.

Lowell Lane, 5105-Jane V. Saunders to Barbara M. Bayer, $1.25 million.

M St., 910, No. 318-Angela M. Leser to Mary M. Porterfield, $515,000.

Marion St., 1509-John H. Bursk to Gregory J. Sitzmann, $755,000.

Missouri Ave., 5-Brian Hegedus to Marco Deasa Littig, $455,000.

N St., 1220-Bruce S. Rashbaum to Charles J. D’Angelo, $840,000.

N St., 1420, No. 305-Luis Bertorelli to Jonathan P. Raviv, $254,250.

Nebraska Ave., 5134-Jyrki I. Koskelo to Derek H. Chollet and Heather Q. Hostetter, $855,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 1735, No. 403-Leila Magnusson to Brent J. Rudell, $652,200.

New Mexico Ave., 3101, No. 215-Afaneh Mashayekhi to Maryam Mashayekhi and Emre Balta, $540,000.

Oneida Pl., 601-Eric A. Herson to Talib A. Shareef, $419,000.

P St., 2141, No. 1007-Jonathan M. Levy to Valon Budima, $413,500.

Q St., 1343B-Timothy J. Atkin to John B. Barranco Jr., $1.4 million.

Quintana Pl., 603-Stanley M. Moody to Martin Hayes, $295,000.

Randolph St., 812-Brandon J. Harwick to Marc Goldwein, $610,000.

Rock Creek Church Rd., 231-Nantucket Holdings Corp. to Trevor Tullius, $639,000.

Seaton Pl., 67-Andrew J. Sitt to Geoffrey J. Giulino, $595,000.

Stephenson Lane, 2748-Michael D. McNeely to John T. Haecker, $800,000.

T St., 1406, No. 5-Brian J. Brisnehan to Dina Nawas, $420,000.

Taylor St., 1351-Darren R. Tolbert to Phillip A. Bush and Maggic S. Kao, $510,000.

University Pl., 2523-Iris Balvany to Dari Pogach, $815,000.

Varnum St., 115-Kes Realty Corp. to Julie A. Holt and Andrew N. Kambour, $548,000.

Vermont Ave., 2120, No. 218-Michael T. Robbins and Maria C. Simon to Carl T. Watson, $440,000.

Western Ave., 6115-Nicole R. Secrest to Karen E. McSweeney and Rudolph Contreras, $855,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 3022-Tricia L. May to Thomas McGann, $255,000.

Woodley Rd., 3846-Stephen W. Batzell to Ernest B. White, $1.62 million.

First St., 1929, No. T2-Gretchen A. Weidner to Alexandra Jacoby, $237,000.

Third St., 1873-Sonya Riffle and Desiderio Quesada to Robert Hardies and Christopher Nealon, $970,000.

Fourth St., 1718, No. 2-Timothy Vickey to Sarah A. Nicholls, $535,000.

Fifth St., 6905-David Arthur and Denise Woods to Jason A. Levitis and Sarah Davidson, $631,000.

Seventh St., 6406-James W. Woodworth Jr. and Kerry M. Cesareo to Melinda Michels and Melissa E. Schraibman, $360,000.

12th St., 1310, No. 6-Meredyth J. Makris to Courtney E. Hague, $725,000.

13th St., 1245, No. 513-Brandon W. Kirkham to Charles W. Kindermann, $306,000.

14th St., 2125-Jessica R. Anderson to Lalit K. Gupta, $509,000.

14th St., 4002-Franklin Durana to Chising Liao, $509,000.

16th St., 2000, No. 3-Richard B. Price and Lena O’Rourke to David S. Maloof, $389,000.

18th St., 1325, No. R806-Michael D. Alpern to Christopher M. Gay, $397,000.

20th St., 2415, No. 17-Suzanne D. Thevenet to Mary H. Ester, $345,000.

23rd St., 1140, No. 702-Giriraj K. Sharma to Timothy R. Schabel, $480,000.

27th St., 1337-Glenn Duval to John Salamon, $995,000.

31st St., 1045, No. 105-David B. Foley to Rita C. Sharon, $875,000.

40th Pl., 2339-Adams 40th Place Corp. to Bryttava K. Olson, $299,000.

45th St., 1645-Kevin J. Murphy to Victoria A. Tigwell, $699,000.


Alabama Ave., 3031-Barbara E. Purnell and Yvonne E. Davis to John P. Mudd, $240,000.

C St., 3346-Rabi Ullah to Bianca M. Phillips, $199,900.

Chester St., 2325-Amjad Mahmood to David Golemboski and Brianna Copley, $175,000.

Elmira St., 621-Lisa M. Barr to Nicole P. Garrison, $135,000.

Hillside Rd., 4615-Sonya I. Banks to Metro Area Management Corp., $107,000.

I St., 912-Arthur M. Lucas Jr. and Karen J. Alderman to Ifeyinwa U. Okocha, $734,000.

Lebaum St., 532-Gilmer Medina to Durgadath Nanan, $115,000.

Mellon St., 539-William A. Johnson to 539 Mellon Street Corp., $63,756.

Stanton Rd., 3018B-Stanton View Development Corp. to Theresa Harris, $302,300.

First St., 1025, No. 609-Charles L. Cochran to Tiana M. Moore, $475,000.

Fifth St., 326-William J. Lancuette to Joshua A. Drobnyk and Robyn M. Swanson, $928,591.

10th St., 517-Richard D. Lovanna to Stephanie J. Hutchison, $587,000.

16th St., 203-National Homeowners Assistance Corp. to Jessica R. Anderson, $662,500.

34th St., 1429-Spicer Corp. to John I. Little, $349,500.


I St., 355, No. S-304-Kelly S. Nagel to Erik A. Sand, $366,000.

Third St., 1101, No. 506-Frederick M. Landry to Laura M. Engelbrecht, $337,500.

Fourth St., 800, No. N610-Potomac Place Corp. to Joseph D. Thompson Jr., $225,000.

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