January 16, 2013

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These sales data were recorded by the Alexandria Department of Real Estate Assessments.

Abingdon Dr. W., 1808, No. 202-Tyler Jeffrey to Jeffrey D. Lynch, $220,000.

Annie Rose Ave., 722-Pulte Home Corp. to Jamieson W. Gump, $786,770.

Bellefonte Ave. E., 6-Anne Marie Turner to Joseph D. King, $469,000.

Brenman Park Dr., 4950, No. 205-Stephen M. Duffy to Sandra Gitlin Muir, $360,000.

Cambridge Rd., 403-Elizabeth M. Hogan to Andrew B. Hoffman, $685,000.

Cook St., 419-Koon H. Cho to Christopher Ryan, $700,000.

Donovan Dr., 5089-Christopher A. Kapellas to Jiwon Lee, $469,000.

Edsall Rd., 6101, No. 302-Ivelisse Valentin to Jorge A. Calderon, $169,000.

Fairfax St. S., 614-Robert B. Patrick to James H. Taplett, $1.29 million.

Fitzgerald Lane, 1634-Elizabeth L. Shanks to Mary P. Horan and Sharon M. Liebetreu, $218,250.

Gordon St. S., 26-Sandra K. Kerr to Chad E. Sears and Meaghan P. Duffy, $365,000.

Hampton Dr. N., 3101, No. 1514-Daniel R. Babbit to Hwa J. Kim, $270,000.

Hancock Ave., 1503-James D. Cahill to Michael A. Berk, $515,000.

Henry St. S., 503-Deron McElroy to Timothy L. Cannon, $492,000.

Holmes Run Pkwy., 5300, No. 303-Charles E. Bowling to Susan D. Coronis, $289,500.

Hunting Creek Dr., 1642-Scott L. Battles to Brian P. Helak, $685,000.

Kennedy St., 9-Linda Colomo to Steven M. Ly, $395,593.

Langley St. N., 309-Keith E. Kruse to Charles P. Ziegler, $535,000.

Lee St. S., 433-S. Kitty McDonough to John L. Kane, $780,000.

Mansfield St. N., 504-Marie Ann Riebe to Jennifer A. Miller, $335,000.

Martha Custis Dr., 1437-Jamil A. Wohabe to James H. Derzon, $236,500.

Massey Lane, 707A-Meghan Welch to David C. Von Damm, $455,000.

Mount Vernon Ave., 700-Jonathan I. Katz to Shane Thomas, $566,000.

Oronoco St., 1111, No. 325-Fayette Street Condos Corp. to Shane J. Parker, $340,000.

Patrick St. N., 304-Timothy P. Riordan to Jared Kaprove, $479,000.

Pickett St. S., 339-Heather A. Pigman to Daniel Canales, $410,000.

Pitt St. N., 1182-Stuart E. Perry to Gregory O. Block, $745,000.

Pitt St. S., 801, No. 124-Shannon Meade to Jacqueline R. Berry, $379,000.

Princess St., 119-Donald Templeman to Stacy Flax, $815,000.

Rolfe Pl., 918-Matthew P. Malvaso to Nishant Mehta, $610,000.

Roosevelt St., 1310-Richard H. McKay to Christopher D. Cobb, $530,000.

St. Asaph St. N., 346-David A. Ringberg to Lee Ann Wadsworth, $485,000.

Slaters Lane, 501, No. 206-Marcella J. Wilson to Cora D. Neelon, $254,000.

Stevenson Ave., 6300, No. 1015-Robert Naismith to Naiscot Corp., $133,000.

Strutfield Lane, 4560, No. 1307-Jennifer Reiley and Shannon R. Moore to Bulbul A. Khan, $300,000.

Van Dorn St. N., 1433A-William M. Coughlan to Jeffrey R. Simpson and Tara Parekh, $294,000.

Washington St. S., 715, No. B20-Delena D. Bratton to Jeffrey C. Halsaver, $203,000.

Wesmond Dr., 307-Lynn F. Michaels to Matthew Van Tine, $380,000.

Woodland Terr., 405-Alabama Avenue Corp. to Nicholas P. Wagner Jr., $1.32 million.

Yoakum Pkwy., 205, No. 202-Edgar H. Han to Yong M. Yoon, $145,000.

Yoakum Pkwy., 309, No. 1512-Kevin C. Hutcheson to Gebremeskel Tesfai, $195,000.

First St., 635, No. 102-Abby E. Owen to Jack Spears Jr., $749,500.


These sales data were recorded by the Arlington County Department of Real Estate Assessments.


Barton St. N., 205-Richard S. Silvester and Rebecca J. Manning to Mark R. and Kimberly L. Bassotti, $675,000.

Bedford St. N., 27-Robert P. Holman to Gregory A. and Elizabeth B. Bramham, $559,500.

Clarendon Blvd., 2400, No. 510-Elizabeth Madelon Chisholm to Yi Kang, $399,900.

Columbus St. N., 10-Jose Eduardo Marques to Claire Bedat and Viktoria Lopatkiewicz, $615,000.

Courthouse Rd. N., 1301, No. 1111-Robert Rinaldi to Denise Ryan, $370,000.

Edgewood St. S., 1400, No. 528-Joseph R. and Amanda L. Kasper to Erik S. Cornell, $352,000.

Fairfax Dr., 6961-Angela Yuin Yuk Ting to Laura G. Hertzman and Nathaniel Fraser, $539,900.

Four Mile Run Dr. S., 4163, No. 301-Emily Boyd Wilson to Stone Financing Corp., $306,000.

Four Mile Run Dr. S., 4500, No. 1202-Jeremy Gatbonton to Michael J. Newman, $260,000.

Garfield St. N., 1021, No. 505-Brian F. Dean and Franki L. Miller to Joshua F. Sirkin, $690,000.

Garfield St. N., 1201, No. 216-Christopher W. and Kelly J. Oliver to Nassir Barekzi, $587,500.

George Mason Dr. S., 1529, No. 1-Gregory F. Mariano to Barbara Jane Mariano, $130,000.

Glebe Rd. N., 851, No. 6-Grant H. Lewis to Kristin N. and Jeff M. Gillig, $301,000.

Harrison St. N., 2834-Barry and Joan Conway to Michael and Heather Ness, $635,000.

Highland St. N., 1020, No. 711-Thomas F. Lombardi to Rebecca A. Rider, $418,000.

Jackson St. S., 210-Richard and Catherine Neperud Bolczak to Alfred Stolle and Hendrien Beukema, $600,900.

Lincoln St. N., 2500-Tenley Moon and Rouyan Vassei Jones to Crest Development Corp., $1.12 million.

Madison St. N., 7-Edward L. and Louise C. Bumgardner to Christopher J. and Anne A. Strope, $460,000.

Monroe St. S., 1333-Janet G. and Carole M. Gates to Jonathan and Marie Keiko Breyan, $467,500.

Ohio St. N., 3400-Robert J. Pivetta and Anita M. Hinders to Minor Hill Properties Corp., $650,000.

Pollard St. N., 820, No. 904-Sandra S. Cho to Milani Tekle, $495,000.

Quincy St. N., 888, No. 805-Anthony D. Marsico to Brandon David Wolf, $418,000.

Randolph St. N., 1000, No. 802-Dynamic Capital Corp. to Longmei Zhang, $392,000.

Randolph St. N., 1001, No. 911-Andrew D. and Kateryna P. Vogt to Robert M. Campellone, $467,500.

Stuart St. N., 1029, No. 511-Waleed Amin Ramadan to Richard and Joanne Thornton, $325,000.

Taylor St. N., 1308-Evan M. and Tabitha R. Liddiard to Matthew Day, $550,000.

Thomas St. N., 226, No. 226-1-Stephen Patrick Cota to Rendi McCoy, $205,000.

Utah St. N., 1045, No. 2-403-Rohit Gupta and Shivaprasad Kuncham to Vinod and Usha Chaudhary, $340,000.

Vernon St. N., 2054-Judith K. Steffens to David Stephen Hicks and Rachel Claire Kenney, $579,900.

Washington Blvd., 3515, No. 207-Jason J. Paar to K. George and Carolann S. Najarian, $275,000.

Wayne St. S., 507-Ivan Eric Raiklin to David P. and Alison H. Deboer, $370,000.

Yorktown Blvd., 5305-Thomas Richard and Anne F. Bisset to Sameer Anand, $650,000.

Fourth Rd. N., 4531-Jane M. McCarthy to Jessica E. Inskeep, $680,000.

Eighth Rd. S., 5226, No. 6-Rahmari Subedi to Marco Fuentes, $109,180.

Ninth St. N., 3835, No. 4E-Philip Ng to Chunwah P. Yu and Yingfung L. Lam, $390,000.

13th Ct. N., 2437-Daniel W. and Amy M. Hardwick to Sheldon and Doris F. Yuspeh, $905,000.

16th Rd. N., 4831-Kathleen A. Abel to Ellen Farrell and Robert Patrick Sharpe, $570,000.

25th Pl. N., 4112-Aaron and Jennifer Nye to Neel and Marian A. Saxena, $867,500.

28th St. N., 6543-Michael Richard and Karen Sue Pence to David Raymon and Renee Hoyt Atkinson, $725,000.

34th Rd. N., 4942-William A. and Jane Anderson to Adam P. Childers, $770,000.


Arlington Ridge Rd. S., 1301, No. 401-Robert Cheng and Sharin Choy to Alexander Jordan, $283,500.

Army Navy Dr., 1300, No. 1002-David L. Faison and Denna C. Barlish to Rufus L. and Sheila M. Harris, $253,450.

Glebe Rd. S., 3650, No. 942-Comstock Potomac Yard Corp. to John P. Fitzpatrick, $560,000.

21st St. S., 1313-John A. and Jenelle M. Hatch to David K. and Christine D. Mason, $1.02 million.


Kentucky St. N., 886-Timothy W. and Christine Stute to Wendin Davis Smith, $897,000.

Madison St. N., 951-Devlan R. and Kathleen D. Islas to Ricardo F. and Christina M. Zuniga, $650,000.

Eighth St. N., 5623-James M. and Mary A. Donnelly to John P. and Sarah V. Andrade, $777,000.

16th St. N., 4841-Kathryn N. Jergovich to Thomas Andrew Gillespie, $625,000.


Clarendon Blvd., 1700-Abdo Quinn Corp. to Brian Robert McCarthy, $1.5 million.

Nash St. N., 1881, No. 1706-1881 Rosslyn Corp. to Louis Edwin and Tracey Hoppe Statzer, $900,000.

Oak St. N., 1600, No. 414-Leland D. Stanglin and Ruth Robbins to Howard and Mary Wactlar, $850,000.

Ode St. N., 1336, No. 4-Jeffrey A. Breinholt to Nrupa and Hema Jani, $315,000.

Rhodes St. N., 1418, No. 426-Waterford Arlington Corp. to Leslie L. Riegle, $750,000.


Arlington Mill Dr. S., 2602D, No. 4-Molly M. Nolan to Angelo Terrana, $325,000.

Columbus St. S., 2813-Jonathan C. Yuen and Benji Y. Paradewelai to Kevin M. and Ashley L. McDonald, $374,900.

Garfield St. S., 2260, No. 9-2249 Shirlington Road Corp. to Tamanna S. Salikuddin, $460,000.

Stafford St. S., 3281, No. B1-Kristin Mearini to Jonathan Mark and Shannon R. Mills, $364,900.

Walter Reed Dr. S., 2420, No. 1-Paul B. and Gretchen V. Lester to Jonathan William and Celina Haeyoung Ladyga, $513,500.

Walter Reed Dr. S., 2665C-Travis A. Sloane to Marvel C. Church, $317,000.

36th St. S., 4439, No. A2-Cedric F. and Zoe G. Onsruth to John R. Hiltz, $345,000.

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