Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bay Ridge Ave., 936-Michael and Deborah Owen to Gregory Peter Dion, $151,000.

Boucher Ave., 1002-Larry V. and Linda A. Schultz to Mark D. and Tracye Carter Turner, $845,000.

Chesapeake Ave., 318-Rosemary Williams to Pauline Rodriguez, Emily Marie Kornstein and Johanna Ann Rodriguez, $365,000.

Ervin Ct., 3104-Brian P. and Susan B. Kyhos to Louise G. Scrivener, $465,000.

Gentry Ct., 31-Kevin and Colleen Manning Zelenakas to John C. Neville, $280,000.

Hyde Park Dr., 1010-Mountain Properties Corp. to Rene A. Velado and Sarah G. Carelock, $335,000.

Lockwood Ct., 204-Granstan Properties Corp. to Richard C. Roeser, $400,000.

Newport Ave., 3405-Philip C. and Laura E. Harty to Kristopher K. O’Neil and Gretchen A. Krimmel, $430,000.

Ridge Dr., 601-Anne Marie Roberts to Federal National Mortgage Association, $335,000.

Spindrift Way, 9-Krista K. Hunter and estate of Gretchen Williamson Carlquist to Alfons and Denise Menke, $405,000.


Admiral Dr., 605, No. 108-Robert J. and Cynthia Davis Sbaschnig to David J. and Linda A. Basara, $235,000.

Burgundy Lane, 205-Christian L. and Jennifer D. Mims to Mark D. Kavanaugh, $525,000.

Charles Carroll Way, 2013-Whitney S. Faust to Sean A. Wynkoop, $403,000.

Compass Dr., 2682-Kathryn C. Strand and the Strand Living Trust to Diana K. Davis, $273,000.

Crisfield Way, 717-Alison T. Gunard and Elizabeth S. Thune Trust to Bradley Rebinovitz, $575,000.

Gingerview Lane, 2726, No. 27-Clifton D. and Mary P. Mitchell to Mark B. McDaniel, $439,900.

Gov. Thomas Bladen Way, 2014, No. 204-Jeffrey Herzig to John A. and Donna H. Spencer, $224,900.

Honeysuckle Lane, 1119-Henry W. Taft and Sylvia B. Weaver to Justin Blanco and Bethany Boivest, $445,000.

Louis Dr., 100-John K. Gardner to Jeffrey and S. Lewis, $120,500.

Mathias Hammond Way, 502-Westford Properties Corp. to James W. Burton, $115,600.

Quaker Way, 2060, No. 12-Kendall R. Hopkins and Jane Pennington Smith Hopkins to William Joseph Gatens and Christina Maria Hucik, $235,000.

Samuel Chase Way, 531-Carl Radespiel to Kyle A. and Jennifer L. Sponaugle, $376,000.

South Ct., 2925-Ernest P. and Phyllis B. Bilhuber to Thomas J. and Ann Scanlon, $800,000.

Steele Ave., 24B-Jean E. and David Pope to Glendon Barbon Diehl, $575,000.

Wye Island Ct., 611-Beneficial Financial Inc. to Andrejs J. and Meghan Elizabeth Fraifelds, $150,000.


Brent Rd., 135-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and McCabe Weisberg & Conway Corp. to Abodes Well Properties Corp., $209,000.

Carronade Way, 338-Douglas G. and Pamela J. Waters to Justin and Sara McKeen, $220,000.

Colonial Ridge Lane, 453-Helen M. Fergeson to Andrew J. and Laura A. Payne, $240,000.

Golf Cir., 503-Jeffrey R. and Kristin P. Jackson to Christopher Cory Cosgrove, $432,000.

Shore Rd., 124-Jerry J. and Evelyn Shilow Donaldson to William G. Charlton III, $294,000.


Cedar Hill Rd. W., 609-Lauren J. Brumbaugh to Elizabeth Kwak, $196,000.

Meadow Rd. W., 223-Joseph F. Vavra and PNC Bank to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, $147,487.

Park Rd., 5802-Emily R. Eiermann to Lisa M. Airey, $200,000.

Sunnyfield Lane, 808-Daniel E. and Norma D. Ditzel to Paris Michelle and Steven Austin Boyd, $270,000.


Commanders Way S., 1105-HSBC Bank USA to Tyler B. Wing, $159,900.

Deep Creek View, 547-NVR Inc. to Andrew C. Smith and Pamela J. Luby, $477,107.

Mulberry Hill Rd., 2222-Grafton Johnson Living Trust and Clara Johnson to Ralph E. and Gwendolyn B. Johnson, $228,000.

Winchester Rd., 1515-Mitchell V. and Jennifer S. Davis to Christine Braathen, $822,000.


Crofton Colony Dr., 7506-John A. and Mildred E. Steinkamp to Richard D. and Linda N. Childs, $447,450.

Foxdale Ct., 1707, No. 174-Department of Veterans Affairs to Virginia Goodrich, $175,000.

Jasper Ct., 1114-Matthew Brafford Aaron and Maria Kathleen Gardiner to Joseph M. and Beth Ivey, $540,000.

Lizbec Ct., 2416-Tracy Lynn Powelson to Megan E. Hull, $225,000.

Montauk Dr., 2228-Thomas L. Clemence to Carl Julius Parran and Melissa Jean King, $320,000.

Sharwood Pl., 1758, No. 21-Eugene C. Fohner to Boryana Efremova and Valentin Staney, $240,000.

Wilkshire Dr., 1658-Eleanor Cregger and Anna C. Hedrick Living Trust to Angela C. Kurtz, $200,000.


Maynadier Lane, 565-Charles S. and Margaret S. Tuten to Edward B. and Erin B. Lemere, $478,000.

Ripley Ct., 779-Thomas J. and Ann Margaret Scanlon to Marc J. Kauchner and Jennifer B. Nuzzo, $525,000.


Birdsville Rd., 3804-David L. Herzog Jr. to Mark E. and Sandra C. Smith, $1.25 million.


Joshuas Way, 707-Robert R. and Arlene K. Hruby to Paul and Christine McIntyre, $580,000.


Beach Drive Blvd., 3726-Federal National Mortgage Association and the Fisher Law Group to Karen Richardson and Frank Weber, $225,000.

Cedar Lane, 1209-1204 Canvasback Lane Corp. to Jon and Bethany Mahoney, $402,000.

Elliott Pl., 102-Jeremy Young to Federal National Mortgage Association, $401,000.

Glebe Meadow Way, 3721-William and Maria Greenwell to Christina and Ryan Patrick Appleman, $408,000.

Oak Bluff Rd., 1432-Donald and Jane Halliwell Green to Erroll and Heather Ann Laumann, $468,805.

River Rd., 108-Linda M. and David W. Carmack to Thomas Gregory and Miriam Gisele Gorman, $374,500.

Torran Ct., 23-Daniel J. and Julia L. Collins to Dong Ying Chen, $375,000.


Defense Hwy., 1593-Madeline Eliff Lindfors and Reginald Clarke Eliff Jr. to 1593 Defense Highway Corp., $235,900.

Highland Farms Cir., 638-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Michelle Hackett, $416,990.

Wigeon Way, 1410-Centex Homes to Clark D. and Kim P. Carr, $295,490.


Braden Loop, 1444-Jessica Brantley and Demarco Daniels to Mary Ann Mawn, $270,000.

Braden Loop, 1482-NVR Inc. to Tanya M. Wachter, $264,860.

Gordon Dr., 1453-Eric S. and Patrice M. Hamilton to Pegasus Home Corp., $124,000.

Heritage Hill Dr., 6447-Mahaman Lawan Oumaru Malam to Segun Moses and Iyabo Abiola Lana, $71,250.

Little Fox Ct., 8035-Richard C. and Sheila A. Fish to Ryan D. Lewis, $338,000.

Mystic View Turn, 435, No. 126-Keith Forkosh and Susanne Goldstein to Zachary J. Covington and Emily M. Hannum, $178,300.

Oakwood Rd., 7820-Lillian M. Glaser and estate of Elsie L. Sheckells to Carr Property Holdings Corp., $1.04 million.

Phirne Rd. E., 8080-Gerald T. and Kathryn J. Phillips to Kevin L. Coleman, Mary M. Coleman and James H. Philyaw, $257,500.

Fourth Ave. N., 390-Gilliand Corp. to Evan M. and Malaika Tyler, $283,000.


Barbara Ct., 801-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Triple L. Construction Corp., $125,200.

Blue Water Ct., 310, No. 301-Ronda Richert to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $130,500.

Coulbourn Cor., 1123-Leslie Elmore to Cheryl L. Pittman, $221,000.

Glenside Way, 810-Michael D. Foster Sr. to Yanique Stewart, $322,000.

Hollins Chapel Ct., 7718-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Maurice and Angela Anderson, $388,990.

Jilran Way, 3-Cedar Square Homes Inc. to Anthony D. Talley and Stephanie J. Magnus Talley, $361,170.

Meadow Ct. S., 14-Utz Enterprises Inc. to Towanda Moses, $336,900.

Overhill Rd., 7829-Thuc Van Vu to Jerry E. and Jacqueline A. Shupe, $215,000.

Stonehouse Run Dr., 7525-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Leslie Elmore, $292,990.

Timbercross Lane, 7618-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Jeffrey C. and Karen M. Schouweiler, $339,990.

Warfield St., 6860-Ryan Lewis to David R. Faul, $225,000.


Amber Crest Rd., 2702-M.I. Homes of D.C. Corp. to B. James Hiller, $430,540.

Amber Crest Rd., 2712-M.I. Homes of D.C. Corp. to Ion Calin Constantinescu, $397,561.

Bear Paw Lane, 1634-Dawn N. and Y. Tarek Delavallade to Christiana Trust, $435,200.

Dorchester Woods Lane, 7256-NVR Inc. to Janette M. Sakanga, $388,160.

Hill Born Dr., 1320-George Moisoff to Marcus M. Mola, $296,200.

Maple Ave., 1713-Ameri Star Homes Inc. to Kristopher and Erin Betz, $527,782.

Thames River Dr., 7426-J. Kathleen Tracy and Ashley B. Edmunds to Qing Yin, $510,000.


Cherry Blossom Crossing, 3510-Seong Kuk and Hyun Hwa Kim to Aaron and Bettina Clamage, $427,500.

Moss Bank Dr., 8013-Robert T. and Angela R. Cook to David B. Destefano and Tanya Williams, $435,000.

Sagebrush Lane, 8702-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Sharon Kearns Jamison, $381,000.

Woodland Manor Dr., 8609-Florence E. Tataw and Wells Fargo Bank to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, $253,298.


Chestnut Rd., 343-Ameri Star Homes, Collins Woods Inc. to Zorica Ambrose, $498,577.


Dawn Dr., 5101-Jordan M. Spivik and Philip J. Collins to SASR Holdings Corp., $200,000.


Ahearn Ct., 333-National Transfer Services Corp. to Shannon E. Higgins, $275,000.

Bodon Ct., 1-George H. and Pamela J. Bussom to Michael and Victoria Dameron, $340,000.

Caracle Ct., 625-KHI Shipleys Crossing North Corp. to David P. and Janice A. McQuinn, $394,820.

Lazywood Ct., 331-Ronald L. and Julie T. Siefert to Michael K. Moore, $600,000.


Alabama Ave., 632-Kimberly Gartland Keller and James F. Gartland III to Adam L. and Melanie Kennedy, $244,900.


Barred Owl Way, 2605-Brian C. and Susan M. Morgan to Jonathan H. Mansfield and Michael O. Ellis, $331,000.

Deerberry Ct., 941-Richard A. and Lauren C. Schneider to Eric M. and Diane J. Becker, $325,000.

Harvest Run Dr., 705, No. 303-Natasha G. Facey to Tia Meyers, $215,000.

Meadows Ct., 2320-Richmond American Homes to Audrey D. Roland, $476,122.

Orchard Knoll Way, 2519-Kevin Campbell and Jacqueline Bannigan to Matthew J. and Stephanie L. Thomasson, $258,000.

Rita Dr., 548-Alex B. and Mary A. Close to Tammy Scott, $245,000.

Tea Island Ct., 2010-Rebecca A. Snyder to Clarissa N. Whatley, $225,000.


Altona Ave., 100-Martin G. and Mary C. Karopchinsky to Federal National Mortgage Association, $193,766.

Bayside Dr., 8199-Barry W. and Julie Willis to Brian A. and Donna K. Gragnolati, $1.29 million.

Deering Rd., 839, No. 8H-Adam H. Blankenship to Cindy M. Jackson, $167,000.

Forest Glen Dr., 8122-James and Mary Griffith to Timothy P. and Patricia M. Hafner, $440,000.

Greengate Way, 7848-Deutsche Bank Co. and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Melena Basnet, $170,299.

Logan Ct., 4008-Pamela J. Querio to Robert E. and Nannette N. Trudo, $312,000.

Marble Arch Dr., 3452-Egadd Corp. to Martin C. and Kim L. Weaver, $287,500.

Mountain Rd., 3906-Rodney A. and Susan D. Gillum to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $359,086.

Oyster Bay Harbour, 848-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Baltimore Renovations Corp., $152,250.

Railroad Ave., 8280-Dorothy J. King and estate of Henry J. King Jr. to Ryan and Emily Soll, $142,500.

Seneca Terr., 252-Justin M. and Courtney E. Freimuth to Jason C. and Sandra M. Lui, $287,000.

Solley Rd., 8100-Bateman Builders Inc. to Dolores C. Beeman and Colleen M. Messenger, $328,000.

Wileys Lane, 133-Gail P. Kerfoot to Barry J. and Hannelore Jurich, $353,000.

10th St., 236-Lynnea A. Spinnenweber and Joshua M. Thomas to Henry Anderson and Heather Bell, $229,000.

209th St., 712-Dorothy Mae Smeck to Louis S. and Donna Golis, $85,000.


Carriage Lamp Ct., 1708-Federal National Mortgage Association to Lawrence Alvin Brown, $225,000.

Consett Ct., 8207-Umar A. Rabbil to Liang Kang Huang and Xiao Jin, $60,000.

Durness Ct., 8219-Dawn Pettit to Matthew Edward Arndt, $98,000.

Napa Ct., 1315-Kinder Development Corp. and DRP Homes Inc. to Sydney S. and Sonja M. Lasry, $532,208.

Robin Ct., 1873-Housing Commission of Anne Arundel County to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $206,722.

Winter Pine Trail, 1403-Ryland Group Inc. to Gregory L. and Janilda Azusano Smith, $539,031.


Arleigh Rd., 670-Utz Enterprises Inc. to Ellen Yanek Lewis, $470,000.

Bellehahn Ct., 104-Stanley A. and Terri L. Feinblum to Christopher D. and Jacqueline D. Amico, $760,000.

Charita Way, 243-William M. Hugel and Ellen Marie McMann to Ronald J. and Mary Joy Lowman, $359,900.

Drexel Dr., 138-Robert C. and Jacqueline A. Nielsen to Kevin A. and Stephanie L. Ross, $645,000.

Grinstead Rd., 380-Anne Darley Todd to Delphin E. and Kimberly L. Thebaud, $559,000.

Magothy Rd., 323-Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. to Sandra Dutra and Scott John Dudash, $532,500.

McKinsey Rd., 143-Mary E. Esau to John S. and Linda N. Schindler, $205,000.

Persimmon Ct., 604-Anne Kirsten Mittrick and estate of Barbara K. Mittrick to Craig Allen and Beth Kelly Gillespie, $410,000.

Sherburn Rd., 108-Linda H. Haller to James V. and Patricia Brazill, $505,000.

Windham Ct., 516-Ronald W. and Karen W. Lowman to Fiona Lok, $455,000.


Juniper St., 1233-Washington Savings Bank to Michael and Jamie Perkins, $272,500.

Snug Harbor Rd., 1466-William B. Holt and Rebecca H. Lowe to Roy E. and Deborah L. Jackson, $350,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Brookmede Ct., 9422-Patro Randitsas and Konstantin Esermpekoglou to John R. and Barbara Svanson Szefc, $440,000.

Camelford Ct., 10209-LNV Corp. and Kent Twitchell to Qin Qin and Wei Zheng, $540,000.

Columbia Rd., 4689-John L. and Sarah R. Cooper to Zhi Wang and Jing Zhang, $342,000.

Debra Ct., 3315-Kimberly Ellicott Properties Corp. to Muhammad Ali Abbas, $770,000.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4770, No. 1-Community Development Administration to Clara H. Kim, $210,500.

Eagles Mere Ct., 2830-Robert J. and Jennifer A. Smith to Michael J. and Tracy A. Blanchard, $726,000.

Foxspur Ct., 11722-Guckenburh Realty Inc. to Myun Ki and Yeon Oak Han, $725,000.

High Point Rd., 4050-Russell L. and Kristin A. Janusz to Sameer Ahirrao, $443,000.

Kings Ct., 3115-David K. and Yolanda B. Charon to Joseph Giordano, Barbara Giordano and Diane B. Deiters 2010 Trust, $580,000.

Liter Ct., 2613-Andrew E. and Wendy M. Berry to Prem Lata Dua, $475,000.

Meadowvale Rd., 3676-Barbara G. Whitney to Mircea Todor, $565,000.

Paul Mill Rd., 3834-John Tucker and Diane Lemaitre McEver to Stacie J. and Matthew L. Bell, $660,000.

Portsmouth Rd., 4812-Christopher and Allison Eatough to Hallie E. Brokowsky, $395,000.

Triadelphia Rd., 12100-Scott T. Tydings to Brinton B. and Mary L. Jackson, $570,000.

Wilrick Overlook, 9207-Harmony Builders Inc. to Karthik Gopalakrishna and Saraswathi Bangalore Ramanna, $669,900.


Woodscape Dr., 7000-Clarence Wooten Jr. to A. Nayab and Janet Siddiqui, $400,000.


Blade Green Lane, 8847-Mario A. and Makria Cestoni to Yolanda Galicia Aguirre and Thelma Galicia, $248,000.

Carriage House Lane, 9175-Ganesh Raman and Suganthi A. Veerappan to Brandon M. Golatt and Kelly T. Thomas, $310,000.

Gales Lane, 5943-Barbara V. Stanley to Gee Gee K. Bean and Tamara R. Bean, $420,000.

Lambskin Lane, 9005-LNV Corp. to Amy Woodall, $172,000.

Leafy Screen, 6291-Thomas Ferris Murphy to Matthew and Suzanne F. Castner, $265,000.

Night Street Hill, 6157-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Natasha A. Onochie, $230,000.

Raritan Ct., 6318-Scott and Joanne Stevens to Keith A. and Sarah E. Krempel, $300,000.

Stag Horn Path, 7168-Pegasus Home Corp. to Linh Ngoc Diep, $224,000.

Tamar Dr., 8796-Diana Leigh Broemsen to Shannon Mitchell, $199,900.

Thunder Hill Rd., 5635-Bertram P. and C. Mussman to Justin Woishnis, $360,000.

Whiteacre Rd., 9645-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Mohamed Abdelmomin, $84,900.


April Journey, 5579-Peter G. Agustin to Mary Lynn Keimig, $295,000.

Bucksaw Ct., 5409-Wady C. and Veronica C. Williams to Tory L. and Erin Mitchell, $525,500.

Chase Lions Way, 5329-Patrick F. and Diana M. Toronto to Craig E. Lebro and Jennifer A. Nathan, $369,000.

Harpers Farm Rd., 5661, No. E-Stephanie Martin and Robert McFayden to Thomas W. Martz, $130,000.

Liquid Laughter Lane, 6413-Nalin K. and Sajini W. Yogasundram to Barry Johnson and Beth Cohen, $594,500.

Morning Glory Ct., 5408-Adele M. Crago to Thomas Drummer Corp., $100,000.

River Run, 6522-Jean F. Amerault to Mitchell R. and Rhonda J. Chitwood, $575,000.

Tolling Clock Way, 10569-Kathleen Littleton to Sarah A. Clark Mitchell, $225,000.

Windstream Dr., 10001, No. 402-Fleurette A. Carleen to Gershom Bassey and Chioma O. Gershom, $315,000.

Woodenhawk Cir., 5471-Anne M. Everly to Wennan Wu and Yuankai Jiang, $145,000.


Triadelphia Mill Rd., 14610-Robert A. and Rochelle A. Volpi to Matthew J. and Elizabeth H. Buckley, $775,000.


Bee Ct., 6008-Patrick A. Jackson to ASF Renovations Corp., $435,000.

Claremont Dr., 5842-NVR Inc. to Eric S. Vinyard and Mark Christian Y. Ranin, $529,420.

English Oak Cir., 7718-S&N Investments Corp. to Gurbax Sagar, $267,000.

Hearthside Way, 7501-NVR Inc. to Doval T. Keaton, $333,815.

Hearthside Way, 7509-NVR Inc. to Thomas Sochaki, $311,924.

Magnolia Ave., 6961-NVR Inc. to Alexander and Nadine Lyubushin, $423,951.

Oak Grove Way, 7054-Melissa Buckmiller and Daniel W. Riley to Young A. Ro, $273,000.

Setter Dr., 5965-Crystal and Kurt Muehleisen to Sandrea L. and Gregory P. Miller, $309,000.


Avoca Ave., 5034-Edgar W. and Angelina R. Zepp to Mark D. Dempsey and Elisabeth B. Wakeman, $450,000.

Chapel Hill Dr., 8718-Charlotte Powel Healy and Michael N. Schleupner Jr. to Krishnakumar Sarma and Priyadarshini Nair, $741,736.

Falls Run Rd., 8503, No. J-Meta L. Lankford to Su Cha Kang, $195,000.

Falls Run Rd., 8589, No. I-Justin James Wells to Zhimin Deng, $185,000.

Goldfinch Ct., 5753-Kristen F. Corbett to Chaoqi Su, $335,000.

Kensington Gardens, 2510, No. 207-Mary P. McCaffrey to Joan Marie Schwartz, $240,000.

Logans Way, 5972-BA Waterloo Townhomes Corp. to Hyun W. Pyun and Yeon J. Yoon, $440,678.

Lois Lane, 5807-BA Waterloo Townhomes Corp. to Deep A. Desal and Hiral Shah, $442,201.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8341, No. J-Melissa J. Gidlund to Adam C. Smith and Sarah A. Quinn, $199,900.

Rosemar Dr., 2885-Paul C. Miller to Keith L. and Tomiko Wilson Coe, $413,000.

Stockbridge Overlook Ct., 6250-Muralikrishnan Balathandapani and Umamaheswari Balasubramanian to Denise and Jeffrey R. Cohn, $340,000.

Trail View Dr., 8552-William Joseph and Barbara Jean Wise to Kevin Devilbiss and Lauren McCray, $518,552.


Carpenter St., 7503-MS Maple Lawn Corp. to Ryan E. and Caroline C. Silva, $601,220.

Chase St., 11234-1, No. 7A-BA Maple Lawn Corp. to Michael J. and Regina H. Mulligan, $377,944.

Chase St., 11250, No. 1-BA Maple Lawn Corp. to Valerie E. McConoughey and Kenneth Cassara, $374,911.

Iager Blvd., 11414-Jacqueline V. Richardson to Robert and Deborah Greenberger, $490,000.

Trappe St., 7313-NVR Inc. to Daniel H. Kodan and Greta B. Ostheller, $525,762.


Meriwether Dr., 14849-Toll MD VII Partnership to Thomas G. and Kathryn A. Cormier, $939,460.

Michele Dr., 14951-NVR Inc. to Prasanna and Veena Gaddam, $737,445.


Shadow Roll Ct., 2828-Philip A. Manglitz to Chang Woo Lee, $445,000.


Mary Theresa Ct., 6311-David T. and Silvia Nicholson to Brookfield Global Relocation Services, $473,000.


Deer Valley Rd., 7025-Kevin J. and Julianne W. Hancock to Curtis E. Jewell and Julia A. Beaver, $730,000.


Dorsey Cove, 8610-Dorsey Family Homes Inc. to Shanita Chase, $433,958.

Sharewood Dr., 7747-Muriel G. Davidson and Charles E. Wehland to Susan Finamore, $191,500.


Constant Course, 9062-Daniel J. and Karina Carr to Eric Frazier, $349,900.

Hurstborne Rd., 9649-Daniel and Meron Zewdu Shiferaw to Patrick C. and Karen A. McKenzie, $304,730.

Single Bird Lane, 9462-Saverio and Anna Ferraro to Jeffrey M. and Alexandra B. Hann, $375,000.

Stirling Bridge Dr., 9670-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Maria Pizarro, $195,000.


Adam David Way, 2330-NVR Inc. to Thomas and Jenny Burtzlaff, $421,887.

Adam David Way, 2338-NVR Inc. to Jane and Kevin Grenzig, $402,430.


Watersville Rd. W., 671-Earle Michael Dubois to Edgar W. and Angelina Renee Zepp, $539,900.


Ashberry Ct., 8815-Tina Langley to Devon Furnari, $245,000.

Canterbury Riding, 9448-Chaunta L. Taylor to Jerry H. and Song Y. Choe, $128,000.

Evermore Ct., 8807-David Malcolm to Murina Ohie, Vicku Ghneim and Kim Ghneim, $267,500.

Hitching Post Lane, 9170-Beneficial Financial Inc. to Meixia Deng, $110,000.

Millies Manor, 9913-Harmony Builders Inc. and Harmony All Saints Corp. to Marlon and April Terrell, $436,000.

Northern Lakes Lane, 9732-KB Home Maryland Corp. to Tin Yau Kam and Suk On Fion Kam, $450,000.

Pembrook Woods, 8915-David C. Fleming and Shelena Ann Smith to Joshua I. McCave and Courtney D. Wilson, $260,000.

Rock Ripple Lane, 9358-CS Riverwalk Corp. to Oladapo M. and Jelilat O. Onijala, $439,189.


Day Rd., 1100-Linda Lee Chaffman and estate of John Jacob Noyes to John Mitchell and Lind M. Gaske, $275,000.


Boka Valley Ct., 1810-Wells Fargo Bank to Gary J. Della Zanna and Jennifer Della Zanna, $615,000.

Kenwood Ct., 15032-Olive M. Goetz to Alison J. and Michael J. Roth, $620,000.

Woodbine Rd., 2998-First United Bank & Trust and Eleanor James Testamentary Trust to Forever a Farm Corp., $545,861.


Woodstock Rd., 1704-S. Patrick Costello and Fort West Homes Inc. to Stephen M. and Jessica Lynn Smith, $515,000.


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