Prince William County and Stafford County home sales

Prince William County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


Airedale Ct., 9904-Eric A. Standifer to William McCausland, $371,000.

Benton Lake Rd., 11954-Jose R. Calero to Jimmie L. Carr, $339,900.

Bristow Station Dr., 10630-Richard A. Filbey to Mark Kolbe, $345,000.

Coronation Lane, 8503-John D. Bronder to Brian D. Southerland, $270,000.

Crowning Pl., 13371-David A. Klaasse to Christopher D. Walters, $435,000.

Dawkins Ridge Lane, 11806-Ryland Group Inc. to Prashish P. Shrestha, $367,490.

Diver Ct., 8604-Juna M. Pabon Gomez to Robert I. Nunez, $280,000.

Erroll Lane, 12560-Oltar Quintanilla to Hasan Morshed, $350,000.

Haltwhistle Ct., 12530-Colin T. Smith Jr. to Daniel P. Smith, $447,000.

Indigo Springs Ct., 12325-Eric D. Blaylock to James C. Rogers, $526,000.

Lace Falls Loop, 12663-James H. Arp to James Stephens, $560,000.

Lawrence Lane, 13380-William D. Hamblen to Frances Y. Liu, $455,000.

Open Meadow Lane, 12134-Patrick C. Daugherty to Ryan G. Labranche, $425,000.

Poagues Battery Dr., 10632-Arnold J. Cowger II and Mark T. Schmidtke to Seyed-Hadi Mousavi, $524,900.

Runner Stone Pl., 9745-John H. McFalls and McFalls Family Trust to Davin J. Atoigue, $425,000.

Sidlaw Hills Lane, 13050-Jonathan Daniels to Poh K. Tang, $285,000.

Thorpe Park Ct., 13008-Michael T. Kendrick to Michael S. Presgraves, $524,900.

Zion Park Ct., 9055-Jon Hall to John Mairs, $473,000.


Ashdale Ave., 14617-Clayton R. Kloehn to Kent Hershberger, $275,000.

Bantry Ct., 5459-Timothy A. Parker to Michael Rasmussen, $506,000.

Barnabas Trail, 15293-Doris A.W. Whitfield to Anwer Sheikh, $260,000.

Bismark Ave., 14315-Tiffany Cooley to Jose S. Cuzco, $245,000.

Brahms Dr., 3418-Sherif M. Tantawy to Noor M. Akbari, $252,000.

Caloosa Way, 3488-HSBC Bank to MQF Corp., $258,000.

Cardinal Crest Dr., 4077-Preston L. Ward to Adam E. Claybaugh, $407,700.

Charlton Ct., 4673-Christina M. Duarte to Laura A. Palmer, $178,000.

Cuddy Loop, 14196-Daniel J. Schnieders and Schnieders Family Trust to Rachel E. Macauley, $154,950.

Delaney Rd., 13221-Ronald J. Carpenter Jr. to Azmat Jamalzai, $289,000.

Echo Ct., 4401-Peter D. Gvozdas to Roya M. Sterner, $273,000.

Evansdale Rd., 4502-Ryan S. Fincher to Jonathan Von Barron, $175,000.

Fontaine Ct., 14400-GMC Investments Corp. to Terry L. Rainge, $210,000.

Fullerton Rd., 14514-Harold G. Bean to Frank Agnos, $180,000.

Granby Rd., 4123-Andrea B. Crookston to Marcelino S. Veras, $239,975.

Guilford Lane, 4106-Diane I. Wallace to Santos Mateo Amaya, $260,000.

Josephine Ct., 3560-Federal National Mortgage Association to Muhammad Khalid, $427,000.

Kendall Dr., 4541-David A. Sigvaldsen to Jose Hernandez, $210,000.

Kingsman Rd., 13414-William L. Williams IV to Jordan Trecki, $250,000.

Kingston Rd., 4541-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Emery K. Gray to Sunrise Realty Corp., $184,000.

Langer Lane, 4872-Tracey M. Blakey to Jenny M. Castro, $255,000.

Madrigal Dr., 14134-Family First Homes Corp. to Nestor B. Garcia and Carmen A. Llanos, $280,000.

Maribelle Pl., 15284-Spriggs Neighborhoods Corp. to David Bolduc, $572,960.

Neabsco Overlook, 14995-Earl Nicks to Christopher D. Proch, $474,900.

Packard Dr., 13310-Victor Badami to Trent E. Christensen, $480,000.

Plumwood Lane, 5933-MMHH Investment Corp. to Tchakka S. Barrett, $321,900.

Quade Lane, 13156-Rameshkumar Patel to Benjamin E. Young II, $605,000.

Roundtree Dr., 5636-Roger Ford to Jason M. Eder, $283,000.

Sparrow Ct., 4506-Richard M. Reyes to Cathrin Reyes, $50,000.

Tango Lane, 12112-James M. Johnson to Benjamin Weymouth, $348,000.

Tobacco Way, 4864-Martin A. Griffin to Stone Financing Corp., $350,000.

Windflower Ct., 4188-Jonathan Moore to Jinzhong Liu and Ying Zhao, $300,000.


Cahill Lane, 3057-Re Properties Corp. to Saturnino S. Rodriguez, $239,000.

Hampstead Ridge Ct., 17672-Seila M. Applin to O.C. Darden, $270,100.

Morgan Ct., 3655-Federal National Mortgage Association to Agustin Bonilla, $171,000.

Sedgewick Pl., 2502-Jesue M. Ramirezock to Thuy Dung Truong, $155,000.

Toms River Loop, 16885-Robert Childs to Manuel Ojeda, $210,000.


Alderwood Way, 6595-Marilyn S. Valatka to George Nartsissov, $342,700.

Broadwinged Dr., 14312-Jeremy Clogston to William B. Harter, $365,000.

Catbird Dr., 14284-Leonard J. Layne II to Ryan A. Flohrs, $400,000.

Chelmsford Dr., 13891-Victor L. Johnson to Charlotte M. McElwee, $231,000.

Crescent Park Dr., 8031-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Nicholas F. Benedick, $225,000.

Gaffney Cir., 15106-Shannon and Erin Webber to Mark A. Pilegaard, $268,000.

Kylewood Way, 14552-Jonathan M. Robinson to Hong Yang II, $225,000.

Little Thames Dr., 7176-Brittany Degroat to Elizabeth D. Jones, $263,000.

Maidenhair Dr., 12132-James D. Schroeder to Palak Shah, $435,000.

Murphy Terr., 14223-Emmett A. Johnson to Juan A. Fernandez and Dora I. Fiaz, $484,000.

Robin Marie Pl., 8276-Ronald F. Spilman to Derek A. Wooten, $425,000.

Sabbarton Pl., 6815-David J. Brady to Robert P. O’Berry, $215,000.

Sharpshinned Dr., 14356-John Tran to Yan Zhao, $351,000.

Sudley Rd., 4428-Brian R. Donatelli to Manjit Singh, $450,000.

Sutton Oaks Way, 6729-Daniel R. Vanderwarker to Rosewinter Kodzwa, $375,000.

Wales Ct., 8684-Douglas A. Drewniak to Timothy C. Seaman, $490,000.

Zeeland Pl., 7808-Department of Veterans Affairs to Shannon Thomas, $440,000.


Aster Haven Cir., 6287-John P. McMillan to Ahmond E. Hill, $270,000.

Championship Dr., 15463-Thomas E. Mulleady to Thomas H. Catalano, $650,000.

Jackson Hollow Rd., 16310-Raymond J. Rafael to Scott D. Mras, $609,900.

Mackenzie Manor Dr., 15862-Philip H. Shingleton to James Barker, $282,000.

Misty Ridge Dr., 4212-Rebecca P. Schollenberger to John Arvanitis, $558,000.

Mountain Rd., 3698-Philip A. Hogan to Jayson D. Andersen, $419,000.

Rail Post Pl., 15008-Jeremy S. Farmer to Paul C. Priebe, $489,000.

Serengeti Ct., 5804-Michael S. Chicklo to Michael J. Moran, $620,000.

Thunder Rd., 16771-Mida Page Sheehan to Dallas Lee Van Schaik, $742,000.

Walking Stick Way, 15023-Lee A. Amuso to Rahim A. Hashimee, $647,500.


Ansley Ct., 6058-Joseph D. English to Timothy P. Smyser, $431,159.

Blue Gray Cir., 7915-Lawrence Snead to Luis A. Castillo Jr., $275,000.

Brandon Way, 10005-Dean M. Bateman to Rhina Elizabeth Rivera De Pacheco and Andres Espinal Canales, $321,000.

Calvary Ct., 7961-Jonathan L. Bullock to Brandon M. Branch, $162,000.

Cheshire Ridge Cir., 9733-Robert White to Abdullah Hashemi, $303,000.

Clematis St., 9549-Bank of New York Mellon to Daniel R. Zentz, $300,000.

Coral Berry Dr., 10557-Teresita T. Andres to Christopher Bukowski, $439,500.

Eckley Ct., 7707-Maxine E. Fields to Brandon Fields and Rhonda D. Amico, $285,000.

Falling Creek Dr., 11926-John T. White to Eric J. Depukat, $400,000.

Folksie Ct., 11021-Junius C. Staples to Jason R. Button, $172,000.

Genna Lane, 10465-Mirshad Shamsher to William A. Paz and Karla Melendez, $420,000.

Hanson Grove Ct., 8959-Devraj Popat to Dale H. Beckett, $355,000.

Hobsons Choice Loop, 5524-Debora O. Herndon to Timothy C. Lancaster, $339,900.

Idlebrook Ct., 14570-Bruce Bailey to Paul D. Eggie, $375,000.

Jamaica Lane, 10221-Jeff Yeutter to Richard W. Hildebrand, $250,000.

Lafayette Ave., 9620-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Keith M. Elliott Jr. to Federal National Mortgage Association, $291,668.

Lyre Ct., 12101-Cartus Financial Corp. to George D. Zamka, $700,000.

Mayfield Trace Pl., 10836-William A. Olson to George Zackschewski, $465,000.

Monterosa Pl., 10440-Matthew Solenberger to Phillip J. Menke, $434,900.

Paradise Ct., 10422-Nectar Projects Inc.and Paula Spencer to Venus Properties Corp., $164,000.

Pendragon Way, 12470-NVP Inc. to Edwin N. Salvador, $744,000.

Provincial Dr., 10622-John A. Rose to 10622 Provincial Corp., $65,000.

River Run Dr., 10747-Andrew J. Klug to Derek E. Chris, $424,900.

Salem St., 9521-William C. Hicks to Marcos D. Castro Lemus, $221,000.

Silent Wolf Dr., 12508-David E. Sizemore to Francis J. Fischer, $479,000.

Stagestone Way, 11240-Donald F. King to Yasna Azadikhah, $181,000.

Sunset Dr., 8412-John E. Barrett to Stanley Smith, $305,000.

Temple Loop, 11560-Nilgiri Ventures Corp. to Michelle Renee Matthews, $195,000.

Twin Rivers Dr., 5984-Roland L. Panneton to Milton Velasquez, $640,000.

Visionary Ct., 7715-Scott M. Tribolet to Jason M. Sigmon, $583,000.


Amelia Ct., 9205-Cesar J. Cantos to Shaun R. Kent, $249,000.

Birch St., 8221-Michael S. Presgraves to Bilal El Omari, $360,000.

Charnwood Ct., 8521-John W. Bouldin to Oscar A. Benitez, $221,450.

Esteppe Dr., 10032-Scott M. Beaumont to John R. Cox Jr., $699,900.

Jeremiah Ct., 6986-Ruth E. Thomas to Paul Collora, $595,000.

Leighlex Ct., 8346-Karen D. Mears to Mohamed L. Ould Khouya, $319,000.

Manassas Forge Dr., 9712-Bernard V. Faircloth III to Thomas Jacomo, $439,900.

Priya Ct., 7966-Don F. Lull to Loi H. Ta, $435,000.

Vermont Pl., 8252-Jose Roncal to Ghulam A. Khan, $230,000.

Wilcoxen Station Way, 8180-David Lail to John K. Moriarty, $350,000.


Allstadt Farm Loop, 4203-Russell Hughes to David B. Parker III, $305,000.

Avon Dr., 4228-Rowland A. Babcock to Travis L. Adams, $389,900.

Denali Pl., 17497-Guillermina M. Lucero to Aracelio Perez, $275,000.

Exeter Dr., 4295-Maurice L. Guyant to Michael J. Regner, $445,900.

Four Seasons Dr., 17459-Lowry L. Hundley Jr. and Hundley Family Trust to Thomas A. Saldarelli, $442,500.

Larkspur Lane, 15261-Cynthia J.C. Higgins to William D. Hill and Deanna M. Leabhart, $315,000.

Saltwater Dr., 4884-Sharon Lynch to Anthony D. Clark, $199,500.

Taconic Cir., 16177-Jorge M. Reyes to Deirdre R. Lehman, $215,000.

Whisperwood Ct., 14455-Dawn B. Quigley to Audrey D. Hooge, $265,000.


Fitzwater Dr., 13303-H. Frederick Reif Jr. to Ethan David Fadley, $260,000.

Vint Hill Rd., 12708-Forestdale Corp. to Dora Y. Lopez and Wagner O. Barrera, $310,000.


Aspen Trail Ct., 16305-Ian M. Mallory to Jonathan Goodrich, $282,000.

Buna St., 19200-Henry C. Osborne to Shawnte Morris Gray, $419,000.

Potomac Crest Dr., 19229-Tu M. Nguyen to Carolyn H. Merica, $480,000.


Aiden Dr., 1525-Darin O. Shields to Robert Reyes Jr., $265,000.

Anchorstone Dr., 5005-Maksim V. Mironenko to Charbel Khoury, $225,000.

Arabian Pl., 12282-Jaclyn B. Cunningham to Wissam Khoury, $255,000.

Basin View Lane, 2514-Phuong Huynh to Jose L. Lozada, $320,000.

Belfry Lane, 3429-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Elsy V. Cardenas, $189,900.

Bethel Church Dr., 3244-Linda A. George to Jose E. Mendoza, $340,000.

Bombay Way, 12756-Charles D. Andrews to Umer Naim, $325,000.

Brier Pond Cir., 2724-Alfonso F. Blanco to Jahanara Moshtary, $247,000.

Burning Ridge Ct., 4129-Mark L. Dinapoli to Gary W. Miller Jr., $492,500.

Cambridge Dr., 2936-Richard L. Inman to Clear Sky Properties Corp., $202,500.

Cardamom Dr., 11942-Louis Sarno to Angelika Bigelow, $173,990.

Chancellor Dr., 3264-Antonio Coder to Christopher L. Gunther, $528,000.

Chinkapin Oak Lane, 2949-Michael McCormack to Malinda Carpenter, $264,400.

Churchman Way, 4114-Heidi H. Fox to Randy L. Johnston, $182,450.

Colonial Dr., 1541, No. 204-Mahdi A.F. Asar to Behnam Shirvani, $90,800.

Colorado Ave., 15306-Jospeh F. Mulraney to Rudy E. Ventura, $251,100.

Cotton Mill Dr., 11963-Aimee C. Robeson to Christopher T. McDonald, $360,000.

Custis St., 13606-Michael P. Sullivan to Rolland T. Ellard, $430,000.

Devonwood Way, 4215-Jayne Sherman to William E. Crowson, $279,900.

Eagle Rock Ct., 3610-Billy R. Shepherd to Jahyna C. Miller, $242,000.

Eddystone Ct., 12182-Wanda L. Seward to Karen W. Buczek, $455,000.

Fish Hawk Ct., 1596-Ruben L. Albert Jr. to Hezekiah Barge Jr., $425,000.

Hedges Run Dr., 11991-Felix Mestey to Richard Thompson, $425,000.

Hopton Rd., 903-Monaco Exclusive Renovations Corp. to Lilian Del Carm Reyes, $210,000.

James St., 1507-Beeren and Barry Investments Corp. to Wilfredo Hernandez, $282,500.

Kentucky Ave., 1418-Rene H. Garcia to Jose M. Ramos, $230,000.

Madison Ct., 2223-Nazia Asghar and Zaheer Ahmad to Mohammad S. Anwar, $265,000.

Mary St., 1411-William B. Overholt to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $248,681.

Nuttal Oak Pl., 16847-Jimmy E. Bond to Tien Ho, $255,999.

Old Post Terr., 1905-David A. Kodner to Jose D. Perez, $184,000.

Partree Ct., 1987-Saidfarid Asim to Omar Nikzai, $160,000.

Pilgrim Dr., 2051-Commonwealth Trustees Corp. and Stephen J. McIntire to Saadat A. Rana, $200,000.

Plumage Eagle St., 16476-Surety Trustees Corp. and Melissa N. Ferrell to National Financial Corp., $374,671.

Port Potomac Ave., 2481-Cathleen B. English to Leo Bonner, $510,000.

Powder Horn Terr., 1783-Shagufta Shahzad to Ronald R. White, $200,000.

Radcliffe Lane, 16638-Stone Financing Corp. to Gracus Dunn, $575,000.

River Basin Lane, 2618-Kermit Santos to Nicholas Baker, $292,000.

Seminole Rd., 2931-Equity Trustees Corp. and Philippe Darcy to Metro Property Ventures Corp., $217,100.

Silvia Loop, 12836-Kyle Dennis to Kellye A. McKenzie, $319,000.

Stallion Ct., 12143-Gamaliel P. Feliciano Martinez and Lorna V. Ramos Zayas to Demelash Gebretsadik, $270,000.

Stone Lined Cir., 12753-Stephanie L. Cuellar to Christopher A. Gaida, $355,000.

Taverner Loop, 13053-Equity Trustees Corp. and Richard W. Shaw to FFC Properties Corp., $355,000.

Tiger Lily Cir., 1880-Alaina Bowen and estate of Roberto Bowen to Edy A. Arraya, $165,000.

Uppsala Ct., 15918-Victoria Neatrour to Christopher C. Searcy, $347,000.

Vineyard Way, 13114-Robert O. Tyler and Dawn R. Floyd to Info Tech RH Corp., $170,000.

William And Mary Cir., 11973-Randall L. Judkins to Daniel J. Payne, $399,900.

Winston Lane, 16821-Mary K. Brayley to Clement Darko, $290,000.

Wythe Ct., 2927-Lan A. Bui to Ihab S. Jaber, $165,000.


Charles St., 1404-Fahmey Abdelatey to William O. Burton, $293,000.

Forbes St., 206-Ian M. Buffington and Caitlin R. Davis to James McConkie, $200,000.

Normandy Ave., 3208-Micah Ecumenical Ministries to Kiran Chhetri, $186,600.

William St., 1711-Foundation Residential Corp. to Andrew D. Boyce, $380,000.


The following were among homes sold in the City of Manassas.


Adamson St., 8596-Robert G. Uda and Ora L. Pitts to Willis F. Albert, $193,000.

Branchview Lane, 9637-H. Jason Gold and estate of Barbara A. Runquist to Hector A. Rodriguez, $325,500.

Caspian Way, 9340, No. 101-Dominion Investment Management Corp. to Hyun W. Lee, $149,000.

Ellicott Lane, 9602-Roberto Preciado to Alfredo D. Lopez, $330,000.

George St., 9267-Juventino P. Martinez to Ana L. Cornejo, $140,000.

King Carter St., 8582-Grooms Properties Corp. to Maria Hernandez and Francisca Vazquez, $280,000.

Makelys Way, 10120-U.S. Bank to Thomas L. Sheppard II, $375,000.

New Britain Cir., 9034-Valerie L.R. Riley to David A.R. Ramos, $212,000.

Princeton Park Dr., 8949-Arthur W. Klassen to Mark Donaldson, $241,000.

Stevens Ct., 9140-John W. Terry to Douglas A.C. Rivera, $202,000.

Tudor Oaks Dr., 9524-Catherine Flores to Timothy W. Ellis, $225,000.

Waterford Dr., 9316-Sara M. Sutherland to Christopher J. Triana, $355,500.

Wilson Ave., 8911-Donna M. Murray to Pompilio Hernandez, $299,000.

Manassas Park

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


Alpine St., 119-William H. Hillmann to Ana Villarreal, $260,000.

Corbett Cir., 9769-James L. Lauver to Susan A. Lewey, $310,000.

Inyo Pl., 8684-Wittstadt Title and Escrow Co. and Ulises O. Mayen to Pennymac Corp., $115,000.

Paige Ct., 9403-Geoffrey Butler to Roman O. Trifonov, $415,000.

Pierce St., 126-Stephen A. Sherwood to German H. Flores, $212,000.

White Pine Dr., 8514-Mark G. Janczewski to Anne E. Strobeck, $196,000.

Stafford County

Amelia Ct., 18-Jose C. Bonilla to Roger Pinto, $170,000.

Aquia Dr., 2169-Ronald L. Nelson to Lawrence Quirindongo, $364,950.

Aster Lane, 5-Richmond American Homes of Virginia to Tanya Edwards, $529,999.

Autumn Dr., 122-Andrew Dickey Jr. to Glenn Raper and Sharon Stierle, $305,000.

Barley Corn Dr., 8-Christopher O. Frank to Amtulnoor Peterson and Munawar A. Malik, $230,350.

Beacon Cv., 205-Keith W. Smith to Steven R. Fisher, $381,900.

Bethel Church Rd., 499-Wells Fargo Bank to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $383,390.

Brighton Way, 16-David F. Wishert to Andrea R. Mason, $308,500.

Brooke Rd., 220-Faith A. and Charles F. Morgan to 220 Brooke Road Corp., $183,100.

Bush Hill Ct., 82-Stone Financing Corp. to Bahman Samimy, $338,000.

Carnaby St., 105-Matthew Cornett to Lynette Stapleton, $162,600.

Charleston Ct., 33-Ricky J. Cornelio to Michael S. Bragin, $350,000.

Cleremont Dr., 111-Larry K. Walker to Evan J. Broderick, $339,900.

Collingwood Dr., 400-Churchill Corp. to Huy A. Phan, $274,900.

Crossing Rd., 203-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Christopher H. McCoy, $166,000.

Custis Cir., 18-Rose M. Heflin to Peter D. Geyer, $173,000.

Dundee Pl., 100-Edward T. Paukert to John S. Penn Jr., $185,000.

Fairfax Cir., 12-Curry H. Brown and estate of Derval C. Brown to Andre C. Eglevsky III, $192,000.

Ficklen Rd., 903-Jeffrey T. Thomas to American Escrow and Closing Co., $375,000.

Flatford Rd., 94-Trustedway Financial Corp. to Fardin Shahbaz, $100,000.

Green Leaf Terr., 15-Jeffrey Stokes to David A. Hunter, $310,000.

Grosvenor Lane, 102, No. 101-Patrick J. Mahoney to Zhuohui Zhang, $102,000.

Harpoon Dr., 2468-Nicholas Harden to Kenneth J. Rutka Jr., $299,000.

Hartwood Rd., 1437-Robert N. Dingess and estate of James E. Dingess to Foundation Residential Corp., $177,000.

High St., 314-Joshua M. Ramirez to David Tavenner, $261,500.

Hunting Creek Lane, 106-Lolita S. Malamisura to Robert C. Cormier, $300,000.

Jane Ct., 7-Jonathan D. Raymond to Peter D. Houtz, $390,000.

Juggins Rd., 227-Marcus R. Barrus to Thomas E. Carlson, $549,500.

Kimberwick Lane, 29-U.S. Bank to Alfredo Carranza, $550,000.

Lancaster St., 609-Twayne R. Hickman to Christopher Cammack, $406,250.

Lawhorn Rd., 17-Michael J. Bender to Alex D. Howell, $359,900.

Little Oak Rd., 49-Kevin L. Trowbridge to Matthew D. Oberlin, $258,000.

Majestic Dr., 65-Jason D. Egan to Richard J. Bolin, $425,000.

Melchers Dr., 604-Robert W. Hensel Jr. to John A. Janney Jr., $183,500.

Morton Rd., 161-Robert T. Voskoyan Jr. to Lisa R. Self, $199,900.

Murray Cir., 6-James W. O’Brien to Andrew R. Sievanen, $374,900.

Noahs Ct., 8-Curtis A. Anderson Jr. to David J. Gingerich, $525,000.

Oliver Ct., 3-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Janett Fisher, $261,000.

Park Brook Ct., 205-Mihai Hriscu to Stepheny D. Jones, $230,000.

Perth Dr., 5-Gtis-Hov Leeland Station Corp. to Hca Model Fund 2013-2 Virginia Corp., $355,000.

Plymouth Dr., 1021-Cygnus Properties Corp. to Alan L. Paulas, $193,400.

Ram Lane, 25-Robert M. Taylor and Taylor Family Trust to Abdul Q. Shahzad and Jessica A. Brock, $470,000.

Randolph Rd., 34-Pamela M. Lowery and estate of Lucille B. Merritt to Steven L. Mitchell, $145,000.

Ringgold Rd., 109-Catherine E. McWhirt to Yendor Landing Corp., $190,000.

Rogers St., 408-Donald R. Shelton to Robert J. Friesner, $185,000.

Saint Albans Blvd., 40-George E. Lines to Christopher Pennington, $305,000.

Sandy Ridge Rd., 118-Foundation Residential Corp. to Vernon M. Galyen Jr., $239,900.

Scott Dr., 802-Christopher M. Lawson to Charles A. Kozloski, $90,000.

Sierra Dr., 2000-Travis W. Dusenberry to James Freeman, $329,900.

Snow Dr., 27-Francis D. Rochford to Carl D. Tucker, $435,000.

Spring Lake Dr., 30-Danny Dean Ramsey to Ronnie Wilburn Jr., $359,000.

Tally Ho Dr., 8-Tristan T. Berry to Peter D. Benning, $352,000.

Taylor St., 227-Deborah H. Spencer to Christopher T. Innocenti, $256,000.

Thornberry Lane, 14-Bradley M. Schinstock to Stone Financing Corp., $272,000.

Town And Country Dr., 110-Sidney D. Sorenson to Daniel L. Lowery, $405,000.

Via De Rosa Dr., 311-Cynthia R. Atkinson to Elar B. Duran, $197,900.

Walker Way, 42-Phyllis Marlowe to Ruth M. Blankenship, $50,000.

Wild Plum Ct., 19-Suk H. Nam to Christopher U. Heppler, $377,000.

Wythe Ct., 1117-Elmira L. Johnson to Home Investors of America Inc., $109,627.

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