December 18, 2013
Montgomery County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Westlawn Dr., 317-Bahar Corp. to Henry H. Tang, Yee Kit Tang, May K. Tam and Samuel W. Wong, $625,000.


Bartram St., 4717-Jadefield Investment Corp. to Ora S. Zeira, $350,000.

Congress Dr., 14009-Robert K. and H.J. Harwood to Henok Melke and Regbe Issac, $421,000.

Elizabeth St., 4204-Federal National Mortgage Association to Marco Arreaga and Irama Contreras, $315,000.

Grenoble Dr., 12904-Donald E. and Kathrin L. Peebles to Mikhail A. and Anatoliy Kozlov, $315,000.

Jilrick St., 16501-Estebana Mejia Larios to Cary and Molly Greene, $400,000.

Narcissus Way, 15400-George K. and Catherine C. Sourk to Mark J. and Rosemary McCabe, $642,500.

Parkvale Rd., 14416, No. 14416-4-Mike G. Chepurin to Christopher and Lisa L. Hendricks, $192,000.

Russett Rd., 5110-Taisheng Zhou and Zizhen Liu to Jennifer and Adam Stonemeier, $440,000.


Cherry Hill Rd., 11404, No. 204-Jose H. Franco Melgar and Aurelina Velasquez to Federal National Mortgage Association, $168,000.


Arrowood Terr., 3-Elaine E. and Jerome Snider to Rachel K. Valentino and Michael A. Chatterelli, $999,900.

Bradley Blvd., 5613-Cynthia A. Davis to Michael J. and Katie M. Applebaum, $825,000.

Bradmoor Dr., 8930-Elvio and Eleanor Levri to 8930 Bradmoor Drive Corp., $525,000.

Brookes Lane, 6414-Peter G. and Maureen W. Pelham to Max Maccoby and Ashlie Hubbard, $879,275.

Buttermere Lane, 6807-Brooks C. and June L. Goldman to Pari Marsha Alavi, $645,000.

Cedar Croft Lane, 5010-Harold C. and Lynda J. Teubner to YBEM Properties Corp., $1.88 million.

Chestnut St., 4508-Wendy C. Etkind to Dakanreps Corp., $830,000.

Clarden Rd., 7106-Robert B. Shepard and Julie Black to SSB 7106 Clarden Corp., $1 million.

Cromwell Dr., 5712-Derek W. Hunt and William C. Hunt Revocable Trust to Hazem Moakkit and Rana Nimer, $905,000.

Fairfax Rd., 7802-Anthony and Bridget Diaz to Richard Miron and Lysette Cohen, $1.06 million.

Fenway Rd., 8012-Mildred Pettipaw to Jose Masjuan and Maria E. Uthurralt, $900,000.

Harwick Rd., 5606-Martinus D. Westermann and Michelle K. Westermann Behaylo to Jon W. Burd and Jean L. Limpert, $982,500.

Herkos Ct., 6310-Stephen H. Leppla and Ulrike Lichti to Lisa Finn, $875,000.

Jensen Pl., 7900-Eric D. Roston and Karen J. Yourish to Bahareh Asadi, $643,000.

Kittery Lane, 9100-Janet Miller Murchison to Peter A. and Jennifer S. Kavounas, $1.35 million.

Lone Oak Dr., 5913-BankUnited and Green River Capital Corp. to Seed Homes Inc., $89,000.

Maiden Lane, 6121-Frederick L. and Kathleen Farmer to Robert J. and Kristen Jones Sandler, $1.28 million.

Meadowlark Lane, 8501-David M. Hilbert and Jan M. Casadei to Andrea Personeni and Federica Ranghieri, $1.65 million.

Mohawk Lane, 9008-Agatha Andrews and Julia Andrews to Donald L. De Voe and Cassandra Michaud, $719,000.

Newbold Pl., 9508-David N. Friedman and Bibi Beverly Lamborn to Preston and Tiffany C. Foulger, $870,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 8407-Justin C. Duffie to Dean Frohlich and Caroline Jochems, $999,000.

Persimmon Tree Rd., 6917-Patrick M. and Katherine L. Flanagan to Angad and Jasmine Singh, $900,200.

Ramsgate Rd., 5916-Robert J. and Kristen S. Sandler to Kenneth Kirkpatrick and Chani Vines, $775,000.

Ridge Rd., 8737-Michael F. and Ellen R. Finn to Fahim and Anjum H. Malik, $1.25 million.

River Rd., 6630-Pratibha Arora and Raj K. Boveja to Nitin Gogtay and Kiran Dixit, $890,000.

Rudyard Dr., 6109-Harold H. Schmitz and Elizabeth K. Parle Schmitz to Weichert Relocation Resources Inc., $1.1 million.

Sentinel Dr., 4986, No. 15-203-Libra Investments Corp. to Elaine Soffer, $500,000.

Southwick St., 5601-Ki Pyo and Soon Jin Hong to Sara Petrillo and Edward A. Hulten, $1.1 million.

Stoneham Rd., 6506-Kevin and Rachel L. Yang to Soosan Mehrani and Makon Fardis, $700,000.

Walhonding Rd., 6023-Otto G. and Erzsebet I. Czifra to Pedro Luis Rodriguez and Sandra Kelly Barreto, $1.02 million.

Weymouth St., 10601-Megan A. Wurm/Torpey to Hoon and Imshin Kim, $178,000.

Woodhaven Blvd., 8302-Calvin S. Yu and Autumn J. Hwang to John and Caroline A. Gregg, $850,000.

Woodmont Ave., 7710, No. 1008-Peter Doolan and Angela E.M. Doolan to Paul Intrarakha, $739,900.


Broken Oak Rd., 18712-Xiaoyan Yin and Hongda Chen to Fabian Souza, $698,000.

Slidell Rd., 24121-Gregory Bittner to Dustin Lewis, $325,000.


Gold Mine Rd., 3333-Norma J. and Edgar E. Hanna to Kristen S. Bouve and Janet S. Bouve, $390,000.

Starkey Terr., 19015-Gary M. Hoffman and Gail S. Mitkoff to Richard June and Su Ping Lee, $633,000.


Bigelow Ct., 3305-Lakhbir Singh to Kenneth B. Fearon and Mary Colette Suntum, $560,000.

Isleswood Terr., 4330-Housing Opportunities Commission to Godwin and Emem Archilbong, $205,000.

Van Horn Way, 3625-Ashwin N. and Prafullika A. Pathak to Shirley Barnwell, $275,000.


75th Pl., 6510-Richard Samit to John and Crista Gibbons, $1.38 million.


Bellevue St., 13120-Julian S. and Norma Fraser to James M. Willard, $341,500.

Brahms Terr., 13005-Theresa A. Emmell to Girma K. Issa, $290,000.

Crimson Lane, 12063, No. 195-Velma Bates Koen to Mulugeta D. Mengistie, $205,000.

Gentry Ridge Ct., 3506-Zlia E. Simpson to Marlene Saez, $288,000.

Marlow Rd., 2924-Anthony I. and Rena Paopao to Harpal Singh and Sunit Sethi Grover, $248,000.

Nora Dr., 1102-Nicolas and Carmen Laverde to Tran Nhu Nguyen, $360,000.

Palermo Dr., 12536-Helen Jenets and Jenets Family Trust to Damon Mercadante, $315,000.

Tourmaline Terr., 12927-Linda M. Edwards and John Kupper to Fokam Ouambo Maglore and Diane Mefo Fogue, $305,000.


Altimont Lane, 8803-Shari Weaver to Chad E. Charowhas and Abigail B. Callaway, $780,000.

Bradley Blvd., 5130-Alexander N. Bru to Carolyn N. Sappenfield, $625,000.

Chevy Chase Dr., 4818, No. 4818-203-Soraya R. Chamanian to Ron Shahram Shiri, $275,000.

East-West Hwy., 4242, No. 619-Bernice R. Sadler to Arif Ansari and Rana Khan, $351,000.

Glendale Rd., 7610-Thomas W. and Zoe H. Myers to Sally Johnson Fogarty, $1.45 million.

Inverness Dr., 3600-Robert C. Thompson and Amy M. Britt to Adam D. Kirschner and Pritha T. Ghosh, $825,000.

Leland St., 3806-Henry Lee Clark Jr. and Nancy Heiskell Clark to Charles H. and Carlotte Day Halsey, $1.35 million.

Montgomery Ave., 8904-Joan M. Hill and the Mae Ann Henry Revocable Trust to Kevin E. and Grace E. Weisser, $660,000.

Park Ave. N., 4601, No. 409J-Angela J. Palumbo to Drucilla R. Hopper, $340,000.

Spencer Rd., 2614-Susan W. Johnson to Probal Gupta, $615,000.

Walnut Hill Rd., 8812-David Brian Kacedon and Ryan S. Wechsler to Joost J. De Laat and Caroline S. Archambault, $680,000.

Willard Ave., 4515, No. 1804S-Dorian and Ines Guttmann Bauman to Sunil Sharma and Ann M. Florini, $650,000.


Arora Hills Dr., 22824, No. 115-Clarksburg V Corp. to Marya Norayo Wilson, $151,172.

Autumn Breeze Ave., 22746-NVR Inc. to Kamaldeep Kaur, Prabhdeep Singh and Amarjeet Singh, $404,000.

Clarks Crossing Dr., 12919-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Hung Ngoc and Ha Thu Nguyen, $349,000.

Comus Rd., 15123-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Courtney Rae Farnsworth, $193,000.

Foreman Blvd., 12551-NVR Inc. to Hwee Goh and Lin Tzeng, $573,535.

Little Seneca Pkwy., 11876, No. 1301-Clarksburg Skylark Corp. to Carol E. Clark, $270,395.

Meadow Mist Rd., 22937, No. 3312-Clarksburg Skylark Corp. to Matthew C. and Michelle Camp, $135,332.

Observation Dr., 23205, No. 3283-Magda C. and Jason E. Brown to Abraham Varghese, $285,000.

Winding Woods Way, 22547-Clarksburg Village Corp. to Nilesh Sudhakar Rawool and Nutan Ramakant Pandit, $639,992.


Briggs Chaney Rd., 1925-Sean Michael Hand to Claire A. and Robert Serabian, $125,000.

Nees Lane, 2200-Brett and Catherine Davis to American Signature Properties Corp., $319,900.

Notley Rd., 15019-William L. Wilson Jr. and Kimberly Minor Wilson to Robert D. and Jessica L.K. Garrett, $640,000.

Southview Ct., 20-Quentin and Melanie Sahly to Nicole Ames and Peter A. Brzuchalski, $440,000.

Twig Rd., 14336-Huijeong and Dong Chul Hahm to Fikre Yohannes, $365,000.


Founders Way, 9907-Hurst R. Hessey and estate of Alvin C. Hammer to Sean M. and Bridget M. Patton, $458,500.

Kings Valley Rd., 24610-Barbara C. and John W. Lippiatt to Naveen and Pallavi Gogineni, $549,000.

Ridge Rd., 24719-Robin W. and Mary K. Robertson to Glenn Hall and Kim E. Newsom, $630,000.

Show Pony Pl., 10908-Sean M. and Bridget M. Patton to Ruben Martinez, $417,000.


Barnstable Pl., 7757-Neville and Anna Mathews to Movser E. Ngai and Suk Ching Au Yeung, $484,900.

Camberford St., 16823-Chiu T. and Connie S. Yu to Huifeng Yu and Wenjun Li, $480,000.

Epsilon Dr., 7758-Alex Echeandia and Haydee Huaman to Haifeng He, $210,000.

Havenside Terr., 7810-Zachary W. and Virginia E. Rhyne to Xianbin Wu and Xiaohe Hao, $345,000.

Muncaster Mill Rd., 5301-Celeste Gabrielle McGee to Gurdeep Singh Deol, $262,500.

Rolling Dr., 5825-Clare Marie Rowland and Flynn Family Trust to 5309 Iroquois Corp., $700,000.

Weatherby Dr., 7520-Katrena Odessa Askew and Steven Edgar to Huaping Xu, $294,950.


Old Hundred Rd., 24120-Joseph P. and Bonnie D. Allen to David H. and Cynthia S. Langstaff, $665,000.


Bristol Ave., 9614-Adrian Shepelavey and Judith Szypa to Elise L. Ayers, $434,500.

Colesville Rd., 9313-Lai Thi Jacobs to Joaquin Asian, $530,000.

Dallas Ave., 10119-Michael J. and Virginia P. Connor to PRH Corp., $329,000.

Encore Dr., 11414-Yolanda D. Small and the estate of Debra D. Small to Amy K. Wong, $345,000.

Harding Dr., 513-Ideal House Corp. to Jason S. and Dana L. Kunzman, $435,000.

Indian Spring Dr. E., 413-William Matthews and Deborah Louise Milam to Mulatu K. Erga and Ayane Alabe, $351,000.

Loxford Terr., 1133-Thomas M. and Merle I. Rosenblatt to Demelash Ayalew and Heldana T. Mandefro, $380,000.

Mintwood St., 9203-Eric R. Benschotter and Delila Khaled to David Shay, $640,000.

Pierce Dr., 10112-Wen Hui Gao and Cheng Tao Lu to Jason W. Walton and Meredith Keyse, $495,000.

Southwest Dr., 501-Robert L. Clark Jr. to Deborah L. Jacobs, $335,000.

Tenbrook Dr., 10117-Jeffrey L. Shaw and Theresa K. Grove to Deborah P. Beebe, $315,000.


Bell Bluff Rd., 20604-William Mather Bolles Mullett Jr. to Anthony F. Freeman, $485,000.

Billingsgate Lane, 114-Robert Matthew and Moira Goff Taylor to Shawn and Haleh B. Saremi, $441,550.

Cedar Spring St., 517-Jon Lee and Stephanie Kunkle to Kwong Yuen Wong and Chun Wa Chan, $407,000.

Cherry Laurel Lane, 18406-Manuel Deschambault and Louise Perreault to Andrew R. Caporaso, $300,000.

Coriander Dr., 7909, No. 7909-303-Ana Liza M. Mata to Itamar E. Simhony, $100,000.

Gingerbread Lane, 18511-Joanne Ai Choo Teh to Jai K. Nayar, $368,000.

Girard St., 529-Margaret Chu Dufour to David Han and Haiyan Chen, $400,000.

Kilcreggan Way, 19500-Than Tan Nguyen to James A. Goldsby, $258,000.

Lions Crest Way, 8021-Tovy J. and Emily G. Nudelman to Ollie and Allan Ncube, $625,000.

Mineral Springs Dr., 7717-Onyel Gibson to Elizabeth Y. Lopez and Dilber R. Quintalla, $319,000.

Tanyard Hill Rd., 1530-Renee Roth to Kaeti Stocking Brasacchio and Pascal Courville, $280,000.

Water St., 136-Kevin J. and Christine M. Meuer to Thomas S. Nessinger, $360,000.


Antigone Dr., 14512-Frank J. and Lee Caporusso to Prakash M. and Vaishali S. Sesha, $779,000.

Barnsfield Ct., 121, No. 236-Larue F. Hamman to Brett M. Johnson, $269,900.

Chestertown St., 206-Andrew P.D. Aloisio and Linda R.D. Aloisio to Brian K. and Kari L. Conklin, $770,000.

Clayhall St., 437-Michael Joseph and Bevin Mary Caporusso to Yalin Evren Sagduva and Ariunaa Batbold, $530,000.

Dufief Ct., 5-Norman Lacey P. Meade to Fengyan Chang, $355,100.

Frances Green Dr., 11441-Gaye M. Borrelli to Nabanita Nag and Abhik Das, $670,000.

Glenhurst Ct., 13-David A. and Anne Gross to Christopher M. and Melissa J. Hamlin, $935,000.

Grey Colt Dr., 13840-Frank Delaglio to Teresa Huang, $370,000.

Hyacinth Ct., 12, No. 8-6-Mayra D. Sucre Valdes to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $181,340.

Joshua Tree Rd., 15040-Igor and Valeria Paskhal to Paola Diaz Torres and Rolando R. Siles, $540,000.

Lake Breeze Dr., 11217-Alan C. and Lauren B. Shulman to Manish K. and Monisha R. Sharma, $755,000.

Main St., 969-Stacey Deorzio to Aaron and Amanda Mushro, $590,000.

Orchard Dr., 91-Yaolin Zhou and Wenqin Zhu to Chi Feng Huang and Hui Chen Hsieh, $265,000.

Pebble Hill Lane, 14445-Li Cai and Qiu F. Cheng to Mahdi Soudkhah and Maryam Kabiri, $337,500.

Platinum Dr., 14221-Chi Yu Hsieh and Shih Mei Lin to Zhiliang Wu and Hao Wang, $779,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 724-Rhoda Taylor and Jo A. Hubert to Neeraj and Snorma Arora, $77,500.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 886, No. 886-P1-Candida and Carlie Ortiz to Seeku Cleland, $85,000.

Shadow Glen Ct., 123-Gary A. Rafiq Revocable Trust and Wanda M. Rafiq Revocable Trust to Mark W. and Nadia Tanaly Menkis, $586,000.

Suffield Dr., 702-Wells Fargo Bank to Robert and Iwona Piotrowska, $290,299.

Timberbrook Lane, 105, No. 203-Jacqueline Gearhart to Rachel Marie Kunz, $265,000.

Tschiffely Square Rd., 454-Amir D. Assili to Curtis J. Weidler and Jennifer L. Powers, $631,000.

Winter Walk Dr., 345-Andrew M. Clements to David C. Preiss and Elyse A. Kaplan, $523,500.


Alderleaf Ct., 4-Marvin Kelley Mamaril to Oscar Almicar Carranza, $270,000.

Arminio Ct., 15205-David M. and Meredith P. Meyers to Wynne S. Amick, $1 million.

Bonniebank Terr., 16037-Felipe Gonzalez to Domus Capital Corp., $300,000.

Carlson Farm Dr., 13904-Anshu and Reena Vij to Keda Gan and Wendy Qianwen Pan, $822,000.

Chatterly Ct., 1-Tao Wang and Zhongqing Liu to Chong Wang, $400,000.

Coachmans Rd., 18006-Bryan S. and Niyada I. Elie to Xiaoqin Chen and Xiaoqin Deng, $635,000.

Duck Pond Pl., 20611, No. 606-Howard G. Hutton to Hector and Moritziana Carrillo, $317,000.

Flagstone Ct., 1-Regina N. Dowling to Marta C. Paredes and Juan C. Argueta Martinez, $315,000.

Golf Course Dr., 20548, No. 1301-Pamela S. Beltowski to Housing Opportunities Commission, $85,200.

Highstream Dr., 19001, No. 850-Edgardo and Elizabeth P. Martinez to Peyman Karimi Marandloui, $229,000.

Jump Dr., 14045-Jiang Chen to Diana P. Vazquez and Mauricio J. Zapata, $334,000.

Marble Hill Pl., 17804-Michael S. Fink to Rence S. Orleans and Stephen Gittelman, $615,000.

Metz Dr., 18275-Andrea Robin Frye/Eisch to Cogent Resources Inc., $185,000.

Perrone Dr., 18908-Ebru Roberts to Ying Ma and Lin Qi, $265,000.

Pioneer Hills Terr., 15801-Covel A. and John Alvin Thornton to Hangmin Xu and Zhihui Xie, $650,000.

Pumpkin Seed Ct., 12713-Elmer Hernandez to Joan Bonilla, $140,000.

Schaeffer Rd., 14206-Ming Zhan and Ping Huang to Hetal S. Joshi and Chandreshu Dave, $560,000.

Spinning Wheel Ct., 17-Steven P. Weber to David K. and Aviva R. Watson, $376,000.

Steeple Ct., 76-Lisa R. Itkin to Angela L. Fuertes, $340,000.

Summer Oak Dr., 11582-Charlie L. and Liane M. Wilson to Vera Oberg, $290,000.

Swiss Cir., 18233, No. 1-41-Kenneth V. Furneaux to Linah Tallam, $165,000.

Waters Row Terr., 20233-William D. and Madeline S. Reynolds to Jonathan Regeimbal, $295,000.

Wonderland Way, 13106, No. 183-Jay B. Carr II to Crystal Armeida Conward, $119,900.


Decatur Ave., 3815-Anthony D. Paul and Laura J. Kuttler to Ethan L. Bernardi, $480,000.

Findley Rd., 3008-Jason M.D. Antonio and Katherine D. Antonio to Charles and Jan Delee, $506,000.

Orleans Terr., 3-Igor and Katarina Stacho to Steven Ira and Amy Beth Geller, $680,000.

Rokeby Ct., 5-Kristin Lee Hunnicutt and James M. Hunnicutt Trust to Daniel and Thereza Sherman, $535,000.

University Blvd. W., 3141, No. 3141C-3-Albert I. and Michelle M. Barcilon to Hector O. Castellanos, $117,000.

Waycross Way, 11005-Hilda Ayala Vigurs and Elle Siguenza Ayala to Kevin P. Peters, $535,000.


Fairway View Dr., 20809-Jonathan A. and Kathy L. Russell to Patrick Ramsey and Sarah M. Page Ramsey, $880,000.

Hickory Spring Lane, 9707-John B. Tippett Jr. and the Licia C. Tippett Revocable Trust to Madelyn S. Harp, $399,000.

Warfield Rd., 8323-Paul M. Johnson and Joyce Jackson to Robert J. and India W. Mattia, $335,000.

Woodfield School Rd., 25217-Javier and Roxana Privado to Christian E. Ruffer, $500,000.


Battleridge Pl., 10333-Ishrat M. and Shanana I. Qureshi to Pegasus Home Corp., $160,000.

Briar Glenn Way, 9511-Ian Jeffrey and Deborah Ann King to Marie Louise Nguza, $310,000.

Cambridge Ct., 10511-Frank B. Lanor and Patrick B. Jumah to Eric S. Walton, $250,000.

Club House Rd., 19301, No. 19301-202-Federal National Mortgage Association to Auristela Alferez, $83,000.

Drexel Hill Cir., 19901-Stephen A. Urich to Brian Werth, $234,900.

Gentle Cir., 9416-Anne Lehman Toffey to Isabella P. Nunez, $230,000.

Little Pond Pl., 10106, No. 10106-5-Susan J. Kemerer to Anwarul Hoque, $80,000.

Ridgeline Dr., 10209-Mehdi Lahuti to Jose S. Chicas Villatoro, $200,000.

Transhire Rd., 19308-Aileen M. Murphy to Firoz Alam, $220,000.

Walker House Rd., 9912, No. 9912-6-Mohamed A. Meshal to Joseph A. Manna, $95,000.


Cresthaven Dr., 1000-Tade Group Corp. to Sharafdeen and Leora Ibraheem, $392,000.

Oaklawn Ct., 1621-June C. and John P. Williams to Edmond O. and Amy S. Russell, $315,000.

Piney Branch Rd., 8830, No. 1008-Torin K. Andrews to Pineway Towers Condominium Inc., $5,000.


Barbara Rd., 12413-Karen Ann Nold and Max M. Nold Trust to Luder A. Quico, $350,000.

Bel Pre Rd., 3754, No. 3754-13-Matthew T. Nick to Gideon and Natalia Wasserberg, $66,500.

Blair Stone Lane, 13804-Robert M. Cohn to Aung Z. Oo and Julia Suchanek, $396,654.

Chesterwood Dr., 3926-Kui Soon Kim to Honghai Mu and Junzhuo Deng, $157,000.

Copperstrip Lane, 16517-Andrea L. Shannon to William H. and Victoria R. Henley, $750,000.

Eardley Ct., 15028, No. 280G-Hester Jones to Mildred Lee Pflieger, $50,000.

Epping Terr., 12718, No. 10B-Ruben Reyes and Benjamin Reyes to Aaron D. Slaughter, $225,000.

Farnell Dr., 12613-Grace N. Carmouze Cunningham to Deena Al Mohamed and Nicole Renee Brown, $320,000.

Fiske Terr., 3500, No. 154A-Bruce Andrew Schumm and the Richard H. Schumm Trust to Theresa A. Emmell and Joan M. Emmell, $290,000.

Foxhall Dr., 13308-FV Reo Corp. to Mary and Frederic Snead, $335,000.

Habersham Cir., 14916-Temesgen Mukuria and Elias Assefa to Carlos A. Baez Mora, $260,000.

Holdridge Rd., 12703-C. Paul Smith and Claudia J. Hill to Ileana D. Vasquez and Audelino D. Giron, $321,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15115, No. 3-414-Robert Morgenstein and Sam A. Morgenstein Revocable Trust to Jose Luis Frenk and Diane Elizabeth Cornish, $315,000.

Isbell St., 4224-Richard L. and Janet M. Shinnick to Teringo Wagaw, $295,000.

Ladymeade Cir., 14929-Justin and Jennifer Edgar to Latoya Livingston, $301,600.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3210, No. 101-Esther and Abe M. Brauner to Andrea Levy Kirsch, $274,500.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3330, No. 5-329-Joan Delovitch and Sandra Shooman to Edgar D. and L.M. Siguenza, $91,000.

Leisure World Blvd. S., 3005, No. 3005-712-Daniel N. and Ada Ann Schmoker to Joan E. Beerweiler, $259,900.

Matey Rd., 12920-Manuel Q. Goncalves and Lidia S. Carvalho to Kalpana Pandey and Projwal Kharel, $340,000.

Pennfield Cir., 14805, No. 206-Federal National Mortgage Association to George J. Stoklas, $190,000.

Rippling Brook Dr., 13409-Sae Kon and Yun Ja Koh to William P. Roberts III, $559,000.

Sampson Rd., 4002-Lynne Marie Kovach to Mackenzie Morgan, $284,000.


Brightwood Rd., 4702-Robert C. and Shuhua D. Bell to Christopher E. and Robin E. White, $700,000.

Evangeline Lane, 17433-Richard Sterling and Judith Kay Hyatt to Russell N. and Melorie L. Cotten, $578,000.

Mehrens Terr., 18225-James Michael Sdao to James E. Riedford Jr., $383,000.

Olney Mill Rd., 18905-Cynthia B. Malament and estate of Eileen N. Horgan to Jonathan and Shannon Resop, $430,000.

Prince David Dr., 17617-Barbara Payton King and Cheryl King Hall to DPG Properties Corp., $320,000.

Spartan Rd., 3204, No. 2-G-6-Shelley L. Greatorex /Thompson to Jessica M. Greene, $157,000.

Tidewater Ct., 3327, No. C-Dovid A. and Rebecca H. Weingot to Micah Katz, $169,161.


Hackett Ct., 9-Gary R. and Ann M. Miehe to Joseph and Shannon Helfert, $649,900.

Jonesville Ct., 6-Bradley and Shannon A. Rhoderick to Mark R. Annis, $412,000.

Soper St., 17313-Steven W. and Donna K. Crist to Andrew Thomas Gerhart Bowers and Caroline Elise Gilfrich, $361,000.


Ansin Circle Dr., 12418-Bradley D. Duty to John Waterston, $1.32 million.

Bacall Lane, 12432-Steven Walter Rose to Bing Wang and Xianfeng Gao, $1.24 million.

Bells Ridge Terr., 8523-Sherri Ferdowski/Rhim to Jewan Bae and Jongeun Lee, $390,000.

Bentridge Ct., 15-David John and Stella Stiggers to John Furgerson, $655,000.

Buckhannon Dr., 8402-John and Josephine Choi to Sarah B. and Philip K. Klein, $755,000.

Cedar Ridge Dr., 11400-Robert L. Harvey and Stephanie Y. Wilson to Tao Wang and Zhongqing Liu, $820,000.

Chartwell Manor Ct., 10019-Abdessatar Ouanes and Aliona Cebotari to Anthony Meni, $1.24 million.

Conestoga Way, 9829-Lewis F. and Erica R. Morse to Laju Satchithanandam and Ravindan Kolandaivelu, $1.08 million.

Democracy Lane, 10405-Gary P. and Sheryl S. Blitz to Guocheng Jin and Zhen Zhao, $1.18 million.

Farnsworth Dr., 9209-Susan E. and Stephen C. Thronson to W.G. and Janice G. Dubyak, $1.27 million.

Glen Mill Rd., 12000-Mindy Blonder to Xiaowu Pang and Qi Cai, $733,000.

Greenleaf Ave., 12250-Cynthia A. Mial/Krug to Sang Tae Nam and Sam Bong Ju, $500,000.

Hemswell Pl., 9501-Alvaro C. and Jeanette S. Cifuentes to Loeffler Properties Corp., $1.55 million.

Hurdle Hill Dr., 11120-Yimin Yang and Yingjie Dong to Zhiyun Xue and Peng Zhao, $761,000.

Lamplighter Lane, 11110-Molly K. Cline to Lauren R. and Lawrence J. Ramos, $780,000.

Newbridge Dr., 9450-Mahmoud Elyassi and Maliheh A. Dilmaghani to Shixun Qiu and Xuemei Shen, $2.2 million.

Pinkney Ct., 9617-Justin and Chesley Nonemaker to David A. Steffes and Janet H. Lin, $1.14 million.

St. James Rd., 12301-James T. Fleming and Cynthia Eyring to Robert Maman, $620,000.

Stallion Ct., 12909-James H. Chessen and Patricia C. Brennan to Glen E. and Danielle M. Cox, $780,500.

Sundance Ct., 10217-Gary S. and Jennifer L. Davidson to Yunhong Chen and Wei Qiu, $915,000.

Sycamore View Dr., 12506-Linda R. Gooden to Rui Mi, $2.33 million.

Tulip Lane, 10525-Peggy C. Jones to Custom Elegant Homes Corp., $562,500.

Victory Lane, 8513-Chih Jen Wei and Yi Ling Hsu to National Residential Nominee Services, $780,000.

Windcroft Way, 9612-Michele A. Petrillo to Paul and Kimberly Meshanko, $1.22 million.


Antigua Terr., 10818, No. 164-Trevor Kuttler to Thomas Feola and Phil T. Feola, $350,000.

Auburn Ave., 1517-Mark J. and Debra J. Gorbey to John Mosely Hayes, $655,000.

Bou Ave., 5750, No. 1001-Ramesh G. Venkataraman and Lisa Ding On Venkataraman to Denise L. Russo, $512,000.

Brentford Dr., 5117-Karen Lynn Rose and estate of Seymour Weber to Hien Minh Vu, $405,000.

Calabash Ct., 33-Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Bin and Emily Xu Wang, $670,000.

Clemson Ct., 18-Raymond Schwartz to Tairan Wang and Min Wu, $550,000.

Dale Dr., 105-Sharon E. Stente to Frederick W. Newton, $382,000.

Dundee Rd., 1928-Richard Thomas Cassidy to Marcin and Agnes Rusiecki, $465,000.

Farmland Dr., 11714-Robert B. Thompson II and Joan F. Cartier to David L. and Karen S. Davis McKay, $754,000.

Grand Champion Dr., 955-Gretina J. Brown to Catherine Gouarne and Julie Gouarne, $350,000.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 1404-Karandeep Gill to Alexander Podpaly, $282,000.

Grove Ridge Ct., 24, No. 84-Howard and Karyn Mann to Anjali Kamani, $590,000.

Hounds Way, 11414-Mohamed K. Shams and Ariela Wolfensohn to Jason and Cheryl Berkowitz, $781,875.

King Farm Blvd., 327, No. 309-Heidi Murphy and Michele D. Morris to Gordon B. Fields, $450,000.

Lambertina Pl., 13774-Bing Wang and Xianfeng Gao to Zhong Li and Xuemei Liu, $690,000.

Lincoln St., 514-Sandra M. Chiedi and Max H. Monge Barlow to Hector Armando Mayorga Ramirez, $160,000.

Maple Ave., 721-Susan M. Shaffer to Marcela Buss, $357,000.

Monroe St., 118, No. 118-502-Wallace K. Davis Jr. to Dipak and Elsa Maria Mukherjee, $275,000.

Mount Vernon Pl., 306-Mary B. Satterfield and Thomas J. Doerr to K. Ferguson and M.B. Vendemio, $440,000.

New Mark Esplanade, 108-Dolores A. Farrell to Arjang and Wendy Roshan, $350,000.

Northcliffe Dr., 602-Nancy A. Allmang to Ana Maria Renjel Gonzales and William Genaro Torrez Armas, $428,000.

Old Gate Pl., 11807-Brian L. Rubin and Jodi L. Siff to Daniel Markey and Robyn Strauss, $832,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 1114-CapitalOne Bank to Siamal Aalemansour and Farnoush Jamali, $455,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11800, No. 1314-Toll MD IX Partnership to Xuequn Hou, $465,500.

Prettyman Dr., 309, No. 82-Christopher A. Rasa and Hannah H. Porter to David Gerhold, $360,000.

Reserve Champion Dr., 1113-Scott N. Bergman and Marie Ringvik to Gregory H. Smith and Michele A. Petrillo, $769,000.

Rockville Pike, 10500, No. 1409-Anna Sue Unger to Kiyoto and Kazuyo Kondo, $288,000.

Rollins Ave., 206-John and Barbara Rodriguez to Farid Siyavush Oglu Talishli and Liudmila Mazai, $632,000.

Seth Pl., 324-Federal National Mortgage Association to Chih Chung Han and Jianing Hu, $230,000.

Strathmore Ave., 5250-Jeffrey B. and Amber R. Werbitt to Robert B. Shepard and Julie A. Black, $1.25 million.

Tilden Lane, 6505-Ronald H. and Lori L. Scherr to 6505 Tilden Lane Corp., $1.05 million.

Van Buren St. N., 208-Scott and Heather Cameron to Robert G. Guise and Ashley B. Rice, $512,500.

Waddington Ct., 32-Douglas D. and Melissa B. Guidorizzi to Steven C. Kaufman, $619,000.

Wickshire Way, 10900, No. F-Timothy J. Ragen and Wendy L. Tada to Lie Cao and Haijia Zhang, $675,000.


Brooke Rd., 18601-Timothy Cornell Sr. and Mildred Windsor to Joseph D. Ziegenbein, $285,000.


Breezedale Lane, 19430-Alexander and Rosa Arbaiza to Federal National Mortgage Association, $413,000.

Canterfield Terr., 12209-Timothy J. and Anita M. Young to Sai Ganesh and Thamizharasi Narayanaswamy, $515,000.

Golden Meadow Ct., 11207-Raghunathan Rajesh and Jayasri Rajesh to Minggang Wang, $385,000.

Locustdale Dr., 20159, No. 261-Lafaye Burris to Wengang Liu, $130,750.

Ridge Rd., 22222-CLKBG Corp. to Britten T. and Marta P. Musser, $499,100.

Vaden Terr., 13025, No. 221-Najam and Erum Siddiqui to Iftikhar A. Awan and Shahida Sadiqa, $335,000.

Watkins Meadow Dr., 20341-Patrick A. and Denee G. Ferguson to Nicholas David and Paola Lancaster, $450,000.


Cameron Hill Ct., 1321-Katherine Y. and Steve E. Short to Shipra G. and Edward K. Wells, $629,900.

Eastern Ave., 7981, No. 202-Michael H. Coaklin to Christopher Madison, $210,000.

East-West Hwy., 1828-Denise Y. Mainville to Towako Yamada, $260,000.

Glen Ross Rd., 2021-Andrew C. and Marjorie Burger to Patrick G. Brosnan and Jadwiga E. Furdyna, $671,000.

Hankin St., 712-Thomas J. Martin and Donna L. Harshman to Jeffrey R. Galvin and Teri J. Franks, $771,000.

Holman Ave., 2569, No. 2584-Bernadette L.H. Moss to Christopher J.A. Bruno, Alfio Bruno and Mary Leah Bruno, $267,499.

Mississippi Ave., 418-Katherine Killberg and Stephen Rahaim to Janet L. Shriberg, $515,000.

Peggy Lane, 2307-Michael L. and Gayle C. Stamler to Jonathan D. Levine and Risa F. Weinstein, $566,100.

Pratt Pl., 10029-John A. Williamson to Satya Corp., $292,000.

Schuyler Rd., 409-Aaron A. and Katharina Johansen to Michael Kerr, $555,000.


Batson Rd., 16500-Albert W. Woodfield to Kidist Yacob Abire, $145,000.


Cedar Ave., 7212-Jeanne Feeney to Marcos J.H. Vaena and Kelly Vaena, $1.17 million.

Flower Ave., 7312-Roberta Valente and Neil Goldsman to Dorothy Ann Compton, $375,000.

Kennebec Ave., 646-Stuart H. and Laurie A. Maynard to Marsha M. Leboeuf, $315,000.

Maple Ave., 7611, No. 311-Julie Taylor to Alberto Valverde, $112,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 319-Tenacity 7333 New Hampshire Avenue Corp. to Diane M. Robbins, $281,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 715-Tenacity 7333 New Hampshire Avenue Corp. to Lisa M. Mays, $182,500.

New York Ave., 507-Mary C. Wancheck and Robert Frank Coffman Jr. to Jason Charles Lange and Caroline Rachel Mackinnon, $519,000.

Willow Ave., 7326-Ethan L. and Sarah F. Bernardi to Shannon Coe, $647,000.


Ardennes Ave., 13116-Patricia L. McDonald and Susan Janney to Caroline D. Black, $324,900.

Lewis Ave., 1500-Anh Minh T. Nguyen to Felipe Garcia Sesnich, $255,000.

Veirs Mill Rd., 1702-Akshai Prakash and Komal Malhotra to Jonathen W. Facemire, $355,000.


Amherst Ave., 10823, No. 10823B-Maryland Community Development Administration to Donaldo T. Fong, $187,000.

Amherst Ave., 11518-Batchellors Forest Corp. to Mamadou Saidou Ba, $529,100.

Blueridge Ave., 2702-Anna Feliza and Johnny O. Sy to Shirley A. and Martin John Raymundo, $279,000.

Charlton Ct., 302-Mohammad Taghi Mohammad and Shamsi Tehrani to Robert and Kathryn Mahar, $375,000.

Cody Dr., 1622-Charles Corrado to Daniel E. and Beth R. Winkowski, $493,000.

Conover Dr., 10314-Jonathan M. and Rachel B. Pittman to Lisa R. Itkin, $445,000.

Evans Dr., 2422-George R. Zerdian to Melany L. Smith, $370,000.

Gardiner Ave., 9914-Scott and Leah Shepherd to Akobuije Chijioke and Sumeeya Chishty Mujahid, $362,500.

Henderson Ave., 2105-Paul and Raquel Seydewitz to Mark E. Zimmermann and Paulette Dickerson, $399,500.

Huntley Ave., 10709-Antonio Coia Trust and John Panetta to Martin Reto Buehler, $420,000.

Leslie St., 10210-Claudio and Rosilda M. Delima to David J. and Rebecca M. Smolar, $475,000.

Ravenwood Ct., 12106-Israel M. Barbash to Ted Carl Rosenbaum and Rebecca Faye Weiser, $330,000.

Tilton Dr., 1603-Thomas Todd and Sheila Phelps Johns to Charles L. McCarter and Kenneth D. Derby, $540,000.

University Blvd. W., 2054, No. 1-Doris V.C. Sadang to Zhiyong Wang, $252,500.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Doubs Rd., 5138-Ryan T. and Danielle Pike to Murray Lee Newman, $273,900.

Paprika Ct., 3321-Edward and Ruth Harrell to Justin and Jena Redmond, $300,000.


Brunswick St., 723-Chastity L. Beauharnois to William P. Auch, $260,000.

G St. E., 206-Nicholas W. Keating and Melanie B. Gordon to Joan Teagle, $224,000.

Scheer St., 1418-Brunswick Crossing Corp. to Stephen G. and Lisa V. Anderson, $295,263.

Sixth Ave., 606-Hannelore and Martin W. Lang to S&N Investment Corp., $77,000.


Cherry Lane, 4026-Robert E. and Patricia A. Cribbs to Shawn D. and Jessica A. Murphy, $369,900.

Shadywood Dr., 3856, No. 1C-Frances Louise Hahn to David W. and Brenda K. Swiger, $120,000.


Pheasant Dr., 10704-James M. and Dale Lapointe to Michael R. and Heather Gorman, $907,000.


Mountaineers Way, 342-Michael A. and Linda T. Hakkarinen to Sarah E. and Michael D. Bryson, $300,000.


Bamburg Ct., 5209-Christopher D. and Christine A. Anderson to Macayn Enterprises Corp., $264,000.

Bob White Ct., 5002-Pamela S. Young to Olga Bondarchuk, $265,000.

Canvasback Ct., 4999-Jason R. and Lori Ann Finafrock to C. Robert and Sue A. Sanbower, $212,500.

Cawley Dr., 634-Jason and Christy Linzi to Mary Ellen Long, $295,000.

Edgeware Terr., 4903-AMNDS Corp. to Elyssa K. Klopfenstein and David Cole, $225,000.

Hastings Ct., 6219-Carmine J. Vignola and Marcy E. McGeorge to D. R. Pfister and Valerie M. Pozzuto, $219,000.

Mount Zion Rd., 4915-Robert W. Fox Sr. and estate of Norman W. Fox Sr. to Rebecca L. Wright, $282,500.

Pintail Ct., 4972-Shirley Gregory to Biak Kung and Cing Dim, $185,000.

Rivendell Pl., 5554-Richard G. and Debra J. Gibson to Jose S. and Mary J. Mancao, $256,000.

Small Gains Way, 4949-NVR Inc. to Steven C. and Jessi D. Barmoy, $295,870.


Apple Ave., 614-Monica A. Balmaz and Deborah Ann Chesnick to Renee M. Hokanson, $185,000.

Church St. W., 127-Frederick JYC Properties Corp. to Robert C. and Catherine A. Jones, $397,000.

Dill Ave., 204-Robert J. and Betty A. Winchester to Mark A. Hobbs, $142,000.

Fairview Ave., 514-Gail Ann Kelley to Constance A. Bell, $411,000.

Fleetwood Way, 9714-Timothy G. and Kimberly D. Lawrence to Charles Hontz and Shirley Ahalt, $315,000.

Horseshoe Dr., 10988-Robert Reynolds to Bryan Lee Waters and Samantha Lynn Shipley, $244,000.

Maxwell Ave. N., 706-Jeffrey C. Glumac to Rachell I. Shapiro, $370,000.

Old Line Dr., 8203-Karen A. Demeza and Theodore L. Welp to Mark and Melanie Elias, $259,000.

Pinewood Dr., 1205-John Olmstead and Carol Lee Wagner to Edward L. Cochran and Wendy C. Miller Cochran, $340,000.

Seminole Rd., 909-Michael and Meredith Gusman to Denise Lyn Tatro, $235,000.

Springwater Ct., 6513, No. 5302-Patricia Lynn Dorio to Jill Janava, $167,000.

Second St. E., 19-17 East Second Street Corp. to James McSherry Jr., $426,000.

Fourth St. E., 20-Gale S. Appleton to Waies M. and Alia Belle Noorzai, $208,000.

16th St. E., 605-Devon L. Moore to Daniel C. Barnhouse, $199,000.


Bethel Rd., 9542-Edward Perry and Deborah E. Ellington to Anthony M. and Abigail S. Brusco, $699,999.

Calloway Ct., 2401-John A. and Valerie J. Hartman to Shawn D. Pulford, $500,000.

Fairfield Dr., 149-Gene R. Shuldes to Jose V. Ayala, $170,000.

Heather Ridge Dr., 701G, No. 16G-J&D Properties Corp. to 749 South Potomac Corp., $60,000.

Infantry Dr., 2157-NVR Inc. to Ryan Rohr, $327,665.

Moran Dr., 1958-Ausherman Homes Inc. to Kwasi Obeng Adofo, $443,530.

Poole Jones Rd., 7113-Edward H. and Marvelle H. Rau to William J. Moriarty, $389,500.

Regiment Way, 1805-NVR Inc. to Brandley Cheng, $407,270.

Shookstown Rd., 5838-Shirley M. Coblentz and Helen M. Blank to Lori L. Evans, $240,500.

Sunlight Dr., 102-Dat T. Phan to Daniel C. Brown, $445,000.

Wilson Pl., 614-Eric A. and Jeanne B. Rhodes to Janice R. Badoud, $405,000.


Hillside Ct., 2701-Charles E. and Carol A. Eirkson to Brent Marth and Derrick Marth, $339,900.


Jeffrey Lane, 7-Scott M. Eade to Lance R. and Wendy Cary, $300,000.


Amethyst Ct., 4398-Susan J. Mount to Robert G. and Audrey G. Nutter, $260,000.

Geaslin Dr., 8066-Daniel T. and Sharon E. Field to Tyler G. and Rachel V. Hansberger, $345,000.

Locust Blvd., 5-Harry R. Jenkins III to Brian K. and Ashley B. Andrews, $229,000.

Old Hagerstown Rd., 8920-Mary Helen and Arlington W. Cramer to Oman A. Sorto, $207,000.

Station Rd., 2704-Roger E. Gibson to Byron E. and Leslie A. Moser, $505,000.

Tulip Tree Lane, 4487-Richard W. and Eileen H. Stanzione to G.W. and Terry L. Heffner, $318,000.


Fingerboard Rd., 10911-Lawrence E. Heffner Jr. and estate of Betty R. Auton to Joseph P. McCann, $259,000.

Tommy Ct., 11804-Donald A. Carlson to Javier A. Baquero, $339,900.


Contour Rd., 201-John David Kelley and estate of Terrie L. Kelley to Michelle M. Cokinos, $215,000.

Rising Ridge Rd., 1616-George I. and Laura H. Ivanov to John and Denise Ingram, $439,900.

Village Gate Ct., 1106-Lynda Ellis to Casey R. Friske, $405,000.


Coxey Brown Rd., 4315-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Todd and Lisa Gerwig, $160,000.


Accipiter Dr., 6727-Oakdale Investments Corp. to Richard W. Ishihara, $592,635.

Country Club Terr., 7027-Tyler Wormald Westwinds Corp. to William B. Kline, $322,828.

Dewey Way E., 10820-Brian M. and Erin F. Kane to David T. Curtis, $274,000.

Edwardian Lane, 10594, No. 219-Daniel E. and Lynne E. Gottleib to S.E. and Barbara B. Davis, $450,000.

Masters Rd., 7159-Robert Henry and Cheryl A. Leigh to Timothy Ford, $324,000.

Rimrock Pl., 6508-Questar Development Corp. to Justin T. and Laura A. Hagan, $379,900.

Whistling Swan Way, 6869-Jeffrey K. Grove and Mary C. Rhine to Nicholas A. and Kathleen E. McGinnis, $340,000.


Rileys Ct. S., 1804-PVI Corp. and Insignia Inc. to Scott R. and Jill M. Mohler, $381,605.


Black Rd., 7923-Todd D. and Claire Y. Bennett to Michael Allen and Rebecca E. Henderson, $610,000.

Easy St., 11-Raymond N. and Denise A. Spencer to Thomas J. Harrigan, $183,000.

Salem Ave., 10683-Michael L. and Denise Getzandanner to Dustin R. Besemer and Danielle R. Flook, $168,900.


Addison Woods Rd., 3916-Douglas C. Campbell and Margaret A. Holley to Alice Carter and Bruce Larson, $470,000.

Bothwell Lane, 9609-Brian P. and Britany L. Burrow to Khalid and Sara Mekki, $415,500.

Charterhouse Rd., 9222-Joseph John and Jennifer Kelley Reese to Christian R. and Courtney J. Menjivar, $575,000.

Lew Wallace Rd., 8801-Lara M. Blake to David C. Clipson and Heather Yvonne Larson Clipson, $360,000.

Singleton Terr., 3734-Mariah K. Wilcher/Steigner to Karishma Narang, $316,000.

Sprigg St. S., 3579-Monocacy Land Corp. to Hui and Shunbao Du, $334,465.

Worthington Blvd., 3641-Christian R. and Courtney Jill Menjivar to Brian C. and Jamie G. Carr, $368,500.


Frederick St. E., 14-William M. Castle to Kathryn L. Sheckels, $224,900.


Rosewood Ct., 11, No. 206-Nannie C. Woodward and Ann W. Kienzie to Doris J. Rippeon, $160,000.

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