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For what very specific purpose was Pepco founded?

What significance does the silent movie “Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford” have to Washington?

What was the Hot Shoppes triple-decker hamburger called the Mighty Mo named after?

Every other street in Arlington seems to be named “Glebe Road.” What is a glebe, anyway?

The Herbert Wadsworth House at 1801 P St. NW (now the Sulgrave Club) is distinctive for having one of Washington’s first whats?

Look at this photograph. What are these and where are they?

Scandal time: Who said, “Someone as intelligent as he is should have kept his lip buttoned when he unzipped his pants”?

On Dec. 8, 1982, a man named Norman Mayer drove a white van onto the grounds of the Washington Monument. He said it was filled with explosives. What did he want?

In 1971, a pathologist determined that 22 primates and 10 parrots that had died at the National Zoo in the previous three years all perished because of the same thing. What had killed them?

“Almost every man has a hobby,” noted The Washington Post in a March 1917 article about a pastime of John Philip Sousa, the D.C.-born “March King.” What was Sousa’s hobby?

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