January 9

These sales data recorded by the Alexandria Department of Real Estate Assessments were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Alexandria Ave. E., 8, No. A-John E. Wittmann to Caroline W. Waldner, $640,000.

Alfred St. S., 913-Frank E. Williams and Eva S. Poling Trust to Joseph B. Young, $625,000.

Barbour Dr., 5003-Mathew L. Herzberg to Joseph G. Thomas Jr., $699,000.

Bellefonte Ave. E., 317-Charles R. Dorrier IV to Amy R.F. Schachner, $534,000.

Brawner Pl., 5249-Robert K. Burkhardt to Kerry Purcell, $745,000.

Cameron St., 1115, No. 201-James S. Robbins to Peter L. Martin, $540,000.

Cameron Station Blvd., 315-Matthew J. Rodjom to Sonya Seccurro, $409,000.

Canterbury Sq., 20, No. 101-Federal National Mortgage Association to Rebuilding Together Alexandria, $162,500.

Circle Hill Rd., 3100-Edward A. Von Roemer to Richard A. Williams, $715,000.

Colfax Ave., 5426-Pamela S. Bennett and estate of Gloria C. Bennett to Binyam Kelile, $427,000.

Columbus St. N., 617-Carlton R. Penn to 617 N. Columbus St. Corp., $425,000.

Custis Ave. E., 8-Christopher J. Bellanca to Robert Yale, $895,500.

Del Ray Ave. E., 208-Julie A. Walters to Jennifer Cooper, $785,000.

Donovan Dr., 5120, No. 308-Locke Eldridge to Daniel J. Aguilar, $381,900.

Edison St., 3711-Yaneth Villatoro to Jennifer Burns, $285,000.

Eisenhower Ave., 4850, No. 223-David Lughermo to Tram Nguyen, $200,000.

Fairfax St. S., 308-William R. Phillippe to Thomas W. Spoehr, $1.3 million.

Fayette St. N., 525, No. 503-Fayette Street Condos Corp. to Aubrey E. Beachy, $420,000.

Fayette St. S., 418-John S. Fedor to Robert J. Shea Jr., $776,000.

Franklin St., 906-Frank W. Wilcoxon to Jane E. Rath, $525,000.

Gibbon St., 208-John H. Fontham to Maura M. Dunn, $1.23 million.

Goddard Way, 3551-Jordan G. Daud to Michael Y. Kim, $765,000.

Grimm Dr., 5076-Kathryne A. Damm to Rene L. Hope, $607,000.

Holland Lane, 309, No. 111-John C. Coleman to Joseph Asher, $434,900.

Holmes Run Pkwy., 5300, No. 1202-Lewis D. Crouch to Michele Spittler, $310,000.

Holmes Run Pkwy., 5500, No. 1003-Carmen M. Callan to Mark P. O’Connor, $173,000.

Howard St. N., 805, No. 123-B. Patrick Cox and Robert L. Passow Jr. to Patricia A. Binninger, $319,000.

Hunting Creek Dr., 1615, No. A-Ryan Kazanciyan to James A. Daniels, $472,000.

Ingram St. S., 4-Mohammad Siddik to Wilfredo D. Doydora Jr., $300,000.

Jamieson Ave., 2151, No. 1701-Rita Apter and Ira Apter Trust to Selene Dalton and Noel Kumins, $900,000.

John Ticer Dr., 5011-John V. Quigley to Rochelle L. Harris, $955,000.

La Salle Ave., 4524-Gordon E. Wood Jr. to George V. Root, $652,000.

Linden St. E., 22-Katharine W. Patterson to Jonathan E. Young, $545,500.

Madison St., 400, No. 709-John R. Trexler to Sarah Wang, $180,000.

Martin Lane, 206-Michelle C. Holley to Marc D. Gallant, $580,000.

Meadows Lane, 111-Doreen E. Jagodnik to Andrea M. Jacobs, $476,500.

Mount Ida Ave. W., 14-Lawrence L. Lowe Jr. and Melanie L. Radice to Patrick S. Weber, $595,000.

Norfolk Lane, 706, No. A-Donald G. Sweeney Jr. to Jeanne M. McGlynn, $438,065.

Oronoco St., 1111, No. 331-Fayette Street Condos Corp. to Michael Manuccia, $501,500.

Patrick St. N., 618-Richard Camaur and Kenneth P. Mergenthal to Michelle V. Court, $595,000.

Patrick St. N., 815-JB Condo IV Corp. to Michelle A. Saghafi, $339,000.

Patrick St. N., 815-JB Condo IV Corp. to James B. Lunnen and Lisa M. Brewer, $354,900.

Peacock Ave., 4500-MCM Properties Corp. to Jesse R.J. Derosales, $687,000.

Pitt St. N., 801, No. 219-Kathryn M. Rollins to Thomas C. Maffey, $163,500.

Pitt St. S., 402-Restored Properties Corp. to William B. Pasfield, $1.11 million.

Portner Rd., 1237-Tanya K. Hamilton to Elizabeth A. Kreft, $496,000.

Potomac Greens Dr., 1859-David D. Buman to Barry Bickford, $949,500.

Prince St., 1105-Miguel A. Estrada to Judith A. Sansalone, $1.14 million.

Quaker Hill Dr., 1264-Christopher Herndon to Jacqueline Mathews, $545,000.

Queen St., 1221-Kathleen Weldon to Darla Coffey, $835,000.

Reynolds St. S., 240, No. 207-Hazel S. Edwards to Hedieh Tabiban, $210,000.

Royal St. N., 1016-Herber T. Gerardi to Gene McBride, $530,000.

Russell Rd., 1005-Julie Kroviak and Claude Raphael to James G. Parks and David A. Lord, $1.2 million.

Saint Asaph St. S., 424-Charles W. Kershaw to Isaac Zaworski, $590,000.

Second St., 540, No. 203-William J. Oetgen to Claud V.S. Eley, $695,000.

Spring St. W., 24-Roy C. Worrell to William M. Jay, $636,000.

Strutfield Lane, 4550, No. 2119-Jennifer A. Dilley to Kevin G. Lee, $200,000.

Taney Ave., 3911-Kimberly L. Lawrence to Jonathan Holmes, $551,000.

Tennessee Ave., 216-Jennifer C.L. Larsen to Amanda M. Boertlein, $465,000.

Terry Pl., 3901-John B. Davies to Matthew R. Paulson, $900,000.

Uhler Ave. W., 23-Jonathan T. Lucier to Laurie L. Proctor, $574,000.

Van Dorn St. N., 1199-Joshua M. Eubank to Robert S. Brewer, $299,900.

Van Dorn St. N., 1541B-Sunnyside Properties One Corp. to Kathleen E. Burke, $350,000.

Vernon St., 1013-Sarah T. Erickson to Hyrum T. Brossard, $515,000.

West St. N., 235-Patricia Haley to Aaron R. Lipps, $460,000.

Woodlawn Ct., 3813-David C. Styers to Yuan Yuan, $510,000.

Yoakum Pkwy., 205, No. 322-Jeannine Pappas to Marsha L. Ward, $190,000.

Yoakum Pkwy., 205, No. 1216-Venus Properties Corp. to Mary A. Craddock, $162,721.

Yoakum Pkwy., 307, No. 226-Kevin M. Mulcahy to Suzy V. Massenhove, $290,000.


Armistead St. N., 431, No. 602-Futuri Real Estate Inc. to Rahel Fessahaie, $155,000.

Lincolnia Rd., 6014-Curtis D. Bell to Dallas L. McKoy, $450,000.


Columbus St. S., 2844-Charles R. Brantley Jr. to Helene S. Delaunay, $400,000.


These sales data recorded by the Arlington County Department of Real Estate Assessments were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Adams St. N., 1721-Timothy J. Wolf to Geoffrey T. Hart, $1.45 million.

Barton St. S., 1100, No. 291-Paul G. McQuillan and McQuillan Family Trust to Alissa M. Dolan, $312,800.

Barton St. S., 1649, No. 7-Matthew James Smith to Kate A. Cristol, $429,888.

Buchanan St. S., 121-Donald William Dwyer and estate of Elizabeth Ann Dwyer to Grei Corp., $460,000.

Clarendon Blvd., 2400, No. 214-Dale F. Means to Jutta Schubert, $525,000.

Columbia Pike., 5300, No. 907-Jennifer Elise Kanak to James I. Newman, $276,500.

Dinwiddie St. N., 2318-Amelia P. Edwards to Julie M. Wilkins, $490,000.

Edison St. N., 2111-American Signature Properties Corp. to Jessica Lobis Buckwalter, $1.08 million.

Fairfax Dr., 2522, No. 1CIII-Michael C. Barnes to Allison C. Henry and Andrew Y. Chang, $630,000.

Forest Dr. S., 1131-Julio H. Henriquez to Nicholas A. Oldham, $597,000.

Four Mile Run Dr. S., 4121, No. 302-Brooke Nicole Traynham to Anthony S. Barnes, $379,000.

Four Mile Run Dr. S., 4500, No. 314-Flora Djavadkhani to Saloumeh Jazayeri Nejad, $305,000.

Four Mile Run Dr. S., 4600, No. 520-Samuel Negussie to Stephen B. Symonds, $140,000.

Garfield St. N., 1021, No. 625-Roger A. Lindberg to Aegean Mare Corp., $388,500.

Garfield St. N., 1021, No. B27-Brent Jones to Michael T. O’Sullivan, $452,700.

Garfield St. N., 1201, No. 803-Selene F. Dalton Kumins to Timothy Jude Oliver, $649,900.

George Mason Dr. S., 1825-Jeffrey J. Vieira to Louis D. Gray, $427,500.

Glebe Rd. N., 851, No. 1904-Nora E. Gluth to Garrett B. Gluth, $585,000.

Greenbrier St. N., 2633-William W. Wilson to Michael Griffin, $475,000.

Highland St. N., 1020, No. 609-Matthew D. Houseknecht to Rachel Brown, $440,000.

Irving St. N., 301-Daniel Lashof to Andrew T. MacDonald, $1.08 million.

John Marshall Dr., 3501-Alexander Lee to Six Hundred 18th Street Corp., $715,000.

Lee Hwy., 2702, No. 3A-Gbi Lyon Pointe Corp. to Joseph Paul Edwards, $769,900.

Lexington St. N., 2523-Mary Ellen Dudar to Jonathan Alexander Habjan, $685,000.

Manchester St. N., 101-Michael K. Butler to Thomas Casagrande, $635,000.

Nelson St. N., 432-Lawrence E. Laub to Valeria D. Yandle, $967,100.

Nelson St. N., 2626-Roy D. Folsom to James R. Wombles Jr., $1.25 million.

Oakland St. N., 326-David Andrew John Robb to Kurt D. Eberly, $940,000.

Park Dr. S., 34-Perry L. Adams and Mary L. Blasco Trust to NVC Holdings Corp., $555,000.

Pollard St. N., 820, No. 908-Jihyon Kim to Lin Chen, $616,000.

Pollard St. N., 2229-Amy Gonzalez to Christopher R. Benson, $910,000.

Quebec St. N., 2738-Glen A. Landis to Christopher T. Dong, $950,000.

Quincy St. N., 888, No. 505-Benjamin S. Lu to Aaron Trout, $412,000.

Randolph Ct. N., 4109-John Grayson Rothrock to Elizabeth A. Donohue, $2.52 million.

Randolph St. S., 2250, No. 1-Armand Ky to Andrew C. Stanislaw, $405,000.

Stafford St. N., 1202-Steven H. Feder to William Devereaux Jr., $612,000.

Stuart St. N., 1029, No. 107-Robert M. Nelson to Kerrie La Fleur and Reed Smollar, $483,000.

Stuart St. N., 1050, No. 300-Matthew S. Han to Mark T. and Holly M. Stancil, $538,000.

Taylor St. N., 900, No. 2016-Herbert L. and Murray Cole trusts to Patricia Schamber, $210,000.

Taylor St. N., 1304-Christopher A. St. Pierre to Catherine R. Finnerty, $650,000.

Utah St. N., 1024, No. 815-Deborah Roseman to Nadim Owais, $365,000.

Vernon St. N., 2058-Anthony J. Orlando to Eric Yttri, $616,000.

Washington Blvd., 2611-Marios Sarreas to Mohammad Aslam, $685,000.

Wayne St. S., 1016, No. 209-Virginia A. Cooper to Leonard Cheshire and Alejandro Oporto, $565,000.

Wilson Blvd., 1800, No. 121-Kelley Belmont to Ryan L. Wong, $421,112.

Wilson Blvd., 4724-Joseph Giljum to Marc J. Hitzig, $655,000.

First Rd. N., 3206-Stephen T. Antosh to Dean A. Halfacre, $1.47 million.

Sixth St. N., 3200-Michael L. Henning to Matthew B. Hall, $850,000.

Eighth St. N., 3509-Sarah Teich to Leslie M. Baldino, $913,000.

Eighth St. S., 5415-Carlson Family Corp. to Value Homes 4 Corp., $210,000.

Ninth St. N., 3830, No. 103W-Kurt Krueger to Evan M. Weiner, $493,000.

10th St. N., 3625, No. 310-Thomas C. Martin to Manuel Garcia, $605,000.

13th Ct. N., 2424-Charles David Joesten and Adrienne Y. Denysyk to Christopher B. Schumm, $915,000.

15th St. N., 2001, No. 808-Dawn Marie Hunt to Neil G. Berkman, $689,700.

17th St. S., 3402-Duetsche Bank to Marissa Solis, $425,799.

21st Ave. N., 3606-Geoffrey A. Hobbs to Sean Cogley, $719,000.

25th Rd. N., 4573-Harold P. Straus III to Steven P. McGovern, $994,000.

25th St. N., 5728-Linda Sue Crouch to Luis Romero, $650,000.

26th St. N., 5631-Sarah and Alfonso Pastoriza to John Rovinski, $765,000.

27th Rd. N., 5116-Charles M. Seeger to Alexander E. Henry, $1.47 million.

30th St. N., 6331-Matthew V. Skowronski to Altin Ilirjani and Etleva Koka, $575,000.

40th St. N., 4214-Edmund J. Ryan to Harry J. Conaway, $955,000.


Arlington Ridge Rd. S., 1515, No. 20-Matthew V. Nearhoof to Maria Del Pilar Barrera Rey, $491,000.

Army Navy Dr., 1300, No. 714-James L. Rogers to Robert Rinaldi, $390,000.

Eads St. S., 1211, No. 1311-Jingge Wu and Yiping Liu to Jennifer Ann Haberkorn, $342,000.

Glebe Rd. S., 3600, No. 201W-Deborah N. Reifer to Huda Etushani, $340,000.

Glebe Rd. S., 3650, No. 363-Comstock Potomac Yard Corp. to Thomas L. Johnson, $530,000.

Glebe Rd. S., 3650, No. 951-Comstock Potomac Yard Corp. to Rolel Mbaidjol-Kabra, $600,000.

19th St. S., 822-Donald E. Fleming Jr. to Hossein Valizadeh Takanloo, $980,000.

26th Pl. S., 911-Mary H. Pendel to John Peter Soukenik and Rebecca Sue Orlich, $940,000.


Edison St. N., 828-River Bend Partners Corp. to John M. Robert, $629,000.

Illinois St. N., 2232-Kenneth S. McGuire to Y. Lang Nguyen and Phillip Ross, $790,000.

Livingston St. N., 1206-Sherri E. Woodle to Matthew Ramos, $611,000.

Nottingham St. N., 2257-Floyd G. Close to Hanna Ezzat Achour, $661,000.

Tuckahoe St. N., 2215-Adam R. Hinsdale to Hsin Chi Kao, $730,000.

Washington Blvd., 5535-Denis M. Srernyi to Thewee Ellis, $745,000.

10th St. N., 5010-Donna J. McDonald and Marion S. Holst Trust to Charles Garber III and Kathryn Luke, $637,000.

19th St. N., 5638-Jeffrey Taylor Connor Linton to Keith Davis, $775,000.


Clarendon Blvd., 1600, No. W402-Shafer W. Minnick to Leonidas Marin, $725,000.

Colonial Terr. N., 1574-Aaron Hall and Kristen M. Carter to Morgana Colombo, $920,000.

Nash St. N., 1881, No. 810-Anne Blakeman to Catherine L. Heron and Heron Schneider Family Trust, $1.28 million.

Oak St. N., 1326-Nader Ayish to Janet Haley, $1.18 million.

Ode St. N., 1309, No. 511-Philip Mahoney to Dennies Varughese, $255,000.

Rhodes St. N., 1423, No. 202-Eric C. Jeschke to Richard James Romano, $707,000.


Abingdon St. S., 2820, No. B1-Andrea Archer to Mary Tang, $322,000.

Arlington Mill Dr. S., 2502A, No. 1-Gregory M. McCarthy to Meagan E. Brown, $525,000.

Arlington Mill Dr. S., 2720, No. 212-Sean Christopher Sobieraj to Cory S. Surber, $376,000.

Buchanan St. S., 3049, No. C2-Eleanor R. Levi to Darryl P. Hobbs, $215,000.

Kemper Rd., 3405-Jasmine Singh to Christopher A. Bellas, $565,000.

Oakland St. S., 2447-June D. and Kenneth L. Green to Scott F. Jenkins, $331,091.

Utah St. S., 3526-Robert M. Lewandowski to Amy H. Greene, $430,000.

Wakefield St. S., 3445-Robert Wesley Williams to Adam J. Green, $475,000.

Walter Reed Dr. S., 2503C, No. C-Ashleigh C. Ingram to Garari E. Mikel, $382,500.

28th Rd. S., 4523, No. 3-11-Michael Jeff to David L. Arnold, $255,000.

28th Rd. S., 4635B, No. B-William Michael Schwartz to John Stout, $315,000.

30th St. S., 4710, No. B1-Mickey Tveter to Stephanie L. Hussey, $327,000.

34th St. S., 4611-Dennis W. Barnes to Rayburn Hanzlik, $350,000.

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